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Sunday, July 25, 2021

Notable Figures: Cárteles Unidos Part I - Los Viagras and La Nueva Familia Michoacana

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Cárteles Unidos
The 2017 formation of United Cartels (Cárteles Unidos, CU) is detailed in the article The Security Strategy in Michoacán, which was published by Nexos and written by Eduardo Guerrero, a partner at Lantia Intelligence. 

The article reports the Sinaloa Cartel (Cártel de Sinaloa, CDS) formed Cárteles Unidos, which is an alliance of local cartel organizations and supposed self-defense groups, with the express purpose of utilizing them to confronting their rival, the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG). In exchange for fighting their rivals on their behalf, the CU would be promoted and financed by CDS families such as the Zambadas and the Coronels. The degree to which the Sinaloa Cartel is still actively involved in the CU in 2021 is unclear although there are persistent social media rumors of CDS funding certain elements of the CU. 

Developing the List of Groups and Subgroups
The list of CU groups derives from the article The Security Strategy in Michoacán where Eduardo Guerrero details that Lantia Intelligence registered, as of the first quarter of 2021, four major groups which fall under the Cárteles Unidos umbrella in the state of  Michoacán, which are:

1) La Nueva Familia Michoacana (LNFM)

1a. Los Viagras
1b. Los Blancos de Troya
1c. Cártel del Camaleón
1d. Guardia Michoacana

2) Cártel del Abuelo

2a. Los Reyes

3) Cártel de la Virgen 

4) The families associated with Los Tena and Los Pulido

For Notable Figures purposes we will expand on Lantia’s list. La Silla Rota reports that according to the Attorney General's Office (FGR) there are two groups of Knights Templars (CT) operating in Michoacán currently: one group centered around El Tena and one group centered around El Gallito called "Guardia Michoacana", a part of the CU. Los Tenas group also appears to be a part of the CU. (Source, Source)

Los Pulidos group that Lantia Intelligence refers to is based out of Huahua in Aquila municipality. But of note, in addition to fighting the CJNG, Los Pulidos has also been known to fight against other CU groups such as CT Los Tenas, allegedly killing Tena’s brother El Chuy Playa. They now appear to be protected and/or merged with a group led by Germán Ramírez Sánchez, alias “El Toro”. (Source, Source, Source)  

Other groups such as the LFM group associated with José Pineda González “Don José” and Medardo Hernández Vera “El Mantecas”, as well as the LFM group associated with El Pez appear to be in an alliance with the CU but whether they belong within the CU is unclear. (Source) The Don José La Familia Michoacana (LFM) group appears to still have a presence in Michoacán; however, El Pez group appears to largely hold power in areas outside of the state of Michoacán, in places like the State of Mexico. (Source, Source, Source) So for now only the Don José group will be added to the Michoacán CU category. 

Another CU group not mentioned in Lantia’s report that is known to be active in Michoacán is Los Revueltas, a group led by El Chirrius (Source). This group notably was said to have issues with Adalberto Fructuoso Comparán Rodríguez alias “El Fruto”, who frustratingly is described by almost every publication ambiguously as “the leader of the Carteles Unidos” with no further specificity to group or subgroup. (Source, Source)

This leaves us with the work in progress list below. Only the last three groups have been given a specific shade of green due to their history fighting against other groups within the CU and therefore there is a need to distinguish them.

"Carteles Unidos Part I" will only cover "La Nueva Familia Michoacana" and "Los Viagras". Other groups will be covered in articles to follow. 

1. GROUP: La Nueva Familia Michoacana (LNFM)

DESCRIPTION: For many cartel figures, publications will vary wildly as to whether they belong to LFM or LNFM. Take for example the cartel leadership figure Don José. La Opinión, La Voz de Puebla, Julio Astillero will say Don José. is a part of LNFM. Meanwhile El UniversalLa Silla Rota and Noventa Grados will say Don José is LFM. [*1] 

POSITION: Leader of LNFM (Source)
ALIAS: El Zarco
NAME: Salvador Navarro Peñaloza and / or Luis Navarro Peñaloza
OTHER ALIASES: El 01, El Sarco (Source)
STATUS: Active as of May 2020 
PROFILE: He is described in multiple publications as the leader of LNFM. (Source, Source, Source) While some only describe him as the LNFM leader of Tierrre Caliente area within Guerrero state. (SourceEl Zarco was a Knights Templar member prior to joining LNFM. La Voz describes him as the current leader of the LNFM in Michoacán, Guerrero and the State of Mexico.

He allegedly agreed to create an alliance between his group La Nueva Familia Michoacana, the group La Familia Michoacana de Arcelia, and the La Familia Michoacana group led by Don José. All three organizations reportedly began to support Cartel del Abuelo. (Source) La Familia Michoacana de Arcelia is based in Guerrero and the State of Mexico. It is led by Johnny Hurtado Olascoaga, alias “El Pez” and José Alfredo Hurtado Olascoaga, alias “El Fresa”. (Source, Source) La Familia Michoacana group led by José González Pineda alias “Don José” has a presence in both Guerrero and Michoacán. (Source

In August 2019, El Zarco along with El Borrego posed with their group of sicarios and challenged the CJNG, saying they were the real men of Michoacan. (Source, Source) The CJNG responded with two videos of their own, in one they announced they had arrived with a 50 truck convoy in Cochoapa El Grande, Guerrero where LNFM is also present. In another video they threaten El Zarco and El Médico, saying they are coming for him and he better not hide from them. (Source, Source

In January 2020, the group Los Tequileros led by La Mula announced their alliance with the CJNG and threatened El Zarco and El Médico. (Source) In May 2020, the CJNG executed three cartel members (either LFM or LNFM) and desecrated their bodies on video while threatening El Zarco and El Médico. (Source


POSITION: Plaza Boss of Tiquicheo, Lieutenant

ALIAS: El Chacal (The Jackal) 

NAME: Rigoberto Reyes Tinoco

OTHER ALIASES: Comandante Huerta

STATUS: Inactive, killed April 2020 

PROFILE: El Chacal was described as a plaza boss and lieutenant of LNFM. On April 27 2020, El Chacal was killed by military elements after an alleged shootout in El Llano (San Miguel Canario) in Tiquicheo municipality. (Source, Source) The CJNG’s new allies in the Tiquicheo area called “La Gente del Chaparro” claimed responsibility for the death of El Chacal on video, which could be baseless claims or could suggest the military elements responsible for his death were working on their behalf. (Source, Source, Source


1a.) SUBGROUP: Los Viagras


LOCATIONS: Zamora, Jacona, Tangancicuaro and Sahuayo region according to Gente del Balasas in 2018 

DESCRIPTION: According to Lantia Intelligence and Mexico Daily News, Los Viagras is a group that is currently believed to be a subgroup or armed wing under La Nueva Familia Michoacana, which is part of the Carteles Unidos (CU) alliance. They are the most currently visible CU group, so some publications are quick to misattribute any CU related crime to Los Viagras. 

Los Viagras were first formed in Pinzándaro, Buenavista Tomatlán. (Source) They are a familial based group which centers around the Sierra Santana brothers, although a few publications claim some of the Sierra Santana sisters are involved as well. Two to three of the brothers are believed to be the godsons of José de Jesús Méndez Vargas alias “El Chango Méndez”, the leader of La Familia Michoacana at the time. According to Nicolas Sierra Santana, the group name “Los Viagras” derives from a joke made by one of the brothers about another how his brother Carlos used to comb his hair with spikes facing upwards that he fixed with an excessive amount of gel. (Source

They reportedly began working under the Knights Templars but later left the organization and joined the autodefensa movement that was largely centered around eliminating the Knights Templars. There are accusations that the Sierra Santana brothers never stopped being a criminal enterprise, involved in either drug trafficking or extortion, and that they simply took on the ruse of being an autodefensa during this time period. (Source)

While under the guise of the self defense movement, they worked under the leadership of Estanislao Beltrán alias "Papá Pitufo" or "Papa Smurf". In 2014, when the government gave legitimacy and authority to the autodefensa groups by creating Fuerza Rural (Rural Defense Forces). The group led by Papá Pitufo including the Sierra Santana brothers joined the Fuerza Rural. (Source, Source, Source)

In 2014, Michoacán security commissioner Alfredo Castillo Cervantes asked the Sierra Santana brothers for help with tracking down and capturing Knights Templar leader Servando Gómez Martínez, alias "El Tuta". The brothers reportedly agreed and they created the special unit G250 in order to hunt down La Tuta. (Source)  La Tuta later famously warned on video that "The Viagras are worse offenders than me, they don't even support their mother and have no loyalty or honor." At the very end of 2014, the government tried to disarm and dissolve the Fuerza Rural and other autodefensa groups however Los Viagras refused to be disarmed, ending their brief collaboration with the Michoacan government. 

By 2015, Milenio newspaper wrote that an intelligence report from the national security cabinet stated that Los Viagras were currently dedicated to drug trafficking working under or in an alliance with Cartel H3 (there was an iniative where areas in Michoacán were divided between groups called H1, H2, H3). It also detailed that they have maintained ties with La Familia, Los Caballeros Templarios and now the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). 

The CJNG reportedly came to this alliance with the Sierra Santana brothers through Yordín Oseguera Villa alias “El H”, who is the son of Nora Elia Villa Patricio and Adrián Mendoza Oseguera. Adrián Mendoza Oseguera is the brother of El Mencho, leader of the CJNG, making Mencho his uncle. In 2014, at 14 years old, El H reportedly was hired as a hitman by Nicolás Sierra Santana and told to monitor Pinzándaro. At 15 years old in 2015, El H brokered an introduction between the Los Viagras group and the CJNG which would later lead to an alliance and business agreement. (Source, Source, Source

At some point in 2017, the CJNG and Los Viagras had a falling out. Some versions allege the Sierra Santana brothers felt threatened by how much government protection Mencho was able to have while operating in Michoacán. Other versions claim Mencho was behind the killing of Carlos Sierra Santana. (Source, Source) Regardless of the cause, Los Viagras and the CJNG have been in a fierce battle ever since. 

POSITION: Second in Command Los Viagras - Former

ALIAS: La Sopa (The Soup)

NAME: José Carlos Sierra Santana

OTHER ALIASES: El Greñas (Source

STATUS: Inactive, killed March 2017  

PROFILE: La Sopa was one of the Sierra Santana brothers. Notivideo and Noventa Grados described El Sapo’s position as being the second in command in Los Viagras, under El Gordo who they say was the leader, in their 2017 article. Contramuro and Noventa Grados described his position as “the leader of the group known as La Nueva Familia Michoacana, the criminal arm of Los Viagras” in a 2017 article. Of note, this contradicts Lantia Intelligence’s description of Los Viagras as being a subgroup of LNFM and acting as an armed wing on its behalf. State authorities have confirmed that in March 2017, La Sopa was killed in a shootout with a rival cartel group, near Peña Colorada, which is close to El Aguaje, Aguililla municipality, Michoacán. (Source, Source, Source)

POSITION: Leader - Current (Source, Source 

ALIAS: El Tronado 

NAME: Rodolfo Sierra Santana[*2] (Please see note about photo used at bottom) 

OTHER ALIASES: La Teresa (Source), El Rodo, El Barbón (Source 

STATUS: Active 

PROFILE: El Tronado is one of the Sierra Santana brothers. Previously the oldest brother, Nicolás Sierra Santana “El Gordo” was believed to have been the boss of Los Viagras and La Sopa was believed to have been his second-in-command, at least up until his death in 2017. However most current reporting alleges Rodolfo “El Tronado” is the leader of Los Viagras whereas El Gordo takes more of a spokesperson role under him. (Source, Source, Source

El Tronado was said to have been captured by authorities in November 2018 by multiple publications. (Source, Source) However it later emerged that the only Sierra brother Daniel “El Chaco” was arrested in that operation. (Source) La Jornada newspaper reports that El Tronado was injured in the explosion resulting from bomb construction that also killed La Güera China in July 2021. 

POSITION: Lieutenant, Spokesperson

ALIAS: El Gordo (The Fat One)

NAME: Nicolás Sierra Santana

OTHER ALIASES: El Coruco (Source

STATUS: Active 

PROFILE: El Gordo is one of the Sierra Santana brothers. In 2015, Milenio described him as someone who “operated as secretary or spokesperson for the organization”.  In 2018, Excelsior described him as “the top leader of the criminal group known as Los Viagras”.  In 2014, at 14 years old, Mencho’s nephew Yordín Oseguera Villa reportedly was hired as a hitman by Nicolás Sierra Santana and told to monitor Pinzándaro. This later led to the temporary alliance between the CJNG and the Viagras, which dissolved in 2017. (Source)

He famously gave an interview to the Daily Beast in 2017 where he boasted that he commands about a thousand Viagras foot soldiers and that his men maintain a sophisticated surveillance system that includes monitoring police and military radio frequencies. He’s quoted as saying “The authorities know where I am, but they’re afraid to come after me because of the scandal I could make by talking [about the government’s links to organized crime].” He showed off his chrome-plated 9 mm pistol and claimed he could stabilize the state in under two months if the government allowed him to. (Source)  

POSITION: Lieutenant, Leader of Sangre Nueva Guerrerense

ALIAS: El Ingeniero (The Engineer)

NAME: Gabino Sierra Santana


STATUS: Active  

PROFILE:  El Ingeniero is one of the Sierra Santana brothers. He was described as the leader of the criminal cell identified as Sangre Nueva Guerrerense by Contramuro in 2019.  He was later reportedly arrested in March 2018, causing a wave of road cartel blockades across the state according to Aristegui Noticias, PrensaLibre, La Razon and Mexico News Daily. He allegedly escaped after. (Source) Then he was reportedly arrested again in July 2019, leading to another series of roadblocks. (Source, Source) He is believed to have been released from prison in April 2020, as part of a federal initiative to reintegrate prisoners back into society which was compounded by concerns over the rapid infection potential in prisons during the COVID19 pandemic.


POSITION: “Operator”, unspecified (Source

ALIAS: El Panchito (The Fried Peanut)

NAME: Francisco Sierra Santana


STATUS: Active 

PROFILE: El Panchito is one of the Sierra Santana brothers. He is said to be an operator within Los Viagras but he tends to keep a low profile. He is the least well known of all the Sierra Santana brothers and as such, few details are available on him. (Source, Source 



ALIAS: El Negro (The Black)

NAME: Mariano Sierra Santana


STATUS: Active 

PROFILE: El Negro is one of the Sierra Santana brothers and a member of Los Viargas. El Negro is described as one of the founding members of Los Viagras. In 2015, El Negro was arrested alongside Adrian  Reyes alias "El Tigre", a leader of Guardia Guerrerense (or Guerreros Unidos?). The two men were found in possession of nine firearms, according to Mexico's interior ministry. (SourceEl Negro was reportedly working under Reyes's protection in Guerrero after having to flee Michoacan due to a dispute with Luis  Torres alias "El Americano". (Source) He was reportedly imprisoned in Zihuatanejo, Guerrero in 2015. (Source) Some report he is another Sierra Santana brother who was freed in April 2020 by the federal initiative. 

POSITION: Regional Operator 

ALIAS: El Chaco

NAME: Daniel Sierra Santana

OTHER ALIASES: El Chako, El Dany (Source)  

STATUS: Active 

PROFILE: El Chaco is one of the Sierra Santana brothers and Gente del Balasas describes him as the youngest of the brothers. In addition to belonging to Los Viagras, some publications say he belongs to Guerreros Unidos as well. (Source 

El Universal described El Chaco as a regional operator  in Zamora for Los Viagras in a 2018 article. He was arrested alongside El Harry in 2018 after they shot at a group of ministerial agents who were participating in investigative tasks in the town of Santa Ana, Buenavista according to the State Attorney General’s Office. (Source, Source, Source)  El Chaco was released from prison in April 2020, as part of a federal initiative to reintegrate prisoners back into society which was compounded by concerns over the rapid infection potential in prisons during the COVID19 pandemic. A social media user claimed El Chaco was injured in the August 2020 confrontation in Zamora between Los Viagras and members of the National Guard. (Source)

POSITION: Regional Head of Hitmen (Source

Financial Operator (Source

ALIAS: El Harry

NAME: José Roberto Padilla González



PROFILE: El Harry’s position with Los Viagras is described differently across news publications. In a 2018 article, El Universal described El Harry as a regional operator  in Zamora for Los Viagras, adding that he is one of the 12 regional lieutenants of Los Viagras. Gente del Balasas describes El Harry as the regional head of hitmen. Noventa Grados writes he is a financial operator.   

He was arrested alongside El Chaco in 2018 after they shot at a group of ministerial agents who were participating in investigative tasks in the town of Santa Ana, Buenavista according to the State Attorney General’s Office. (Source




* Some states in Mexico have well established news publications that have a record of credibility and a history of reliably covering cartel news. For example Chihuahua has El Diario de Chihuahua, Diario, and El Heraldo. Baja California has Zeta Tijuana and Sinaloa has Riodoce, as just some of many more examples. Some states however lack news publications like these. For example Sonora, Tamaulipas, and Zacatecas seem to have less news outlets that cover cartel news in detail. For Michoacán, La Voz de Michoacán and the local edition of El Sol newspapers are quite credible when it comes to reporting the barebones facts of criminal events however they rarely venture into ascribing cartel affiliations or naming cartel figures. Outlets that are willing to do this, such as Noventa Grados, Infobae and Contro Muro have stories that are sometimes based on social media user reports and subsequently, their track record on credibility is not consistent. As such, please take all of the above information with a grain of salt as many of these sources had to be used. 

[*1] Even more confusingly, La Silla Rota will one year later repeatedly refer to him as a current, active Knights Templar member (and not in reference to his background in CT) despite reporting him as a member of LFM the year before. This would be a plausible switch as there was a great migration when many LFM members became CT back around 2010. However, the switch in La Silla Rota's reporting occurred between 2019 to 2020 (in 2019 saying he was LFM and in 2020 saying he was CT) with no acknowledgement that this switch in affiliation even occurred.

[*2] Previously on Borderland Beat, there were claims that the man seen in the 2013 La Tuta video was José Carlos Sierra Santana. However based on the photos available of José Carlos Sierra Santana taken while he was alive that have been published by Cuarto Poder, Almomento, Notivideo, Contramuro, the man in the video appears to not match. The photo of him alive also seems to be taken from the leaked Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado (PJGE) intelligence report published by Contramuro in 2017, which lends the photo further credibility and brings into question the Borderland Beat video identification. Post mortem photos of José Carlos also appear to depict someone other than the man featured in the video but do appear to match the aforementioned photo. Based on this, there may have been a misidentification and the man featured in the La Tuta video is not José Carlos. Sources like Valor Por Tamaulipas and even the Borderland Beat twitter account have featured charts which claim the man in the La Tuta video is in fact Rodolfo Sierra Santana. Until further evidence emerges, the man seen in the video is being used as Rodolfo’s image.


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7/26/2021 7:00AM CST: Revised wording around H3 to be more clear on the intended meaning. 

8/4/2021 6:00AM CST: Removed El Yogurt and La Guera China from post, will likely be placed under a different Michoacán section later on. Clarification that El Gallito's Templars group is the same as Guardia Michoacana.


  1. Hey guys, sorry for the long sections of writing and that so few cartel figures are profiled this week. Now that all the tedious explanation of the CU group and subgroup classifications is done, next week will be more focused on the actual cartel figures and regions, I promise.

    1. Just wanna say u made a great article Hearst, it was a good read 👍🏻 Cant wait for the next part.

  2. Gosh, Michoacan criminal landscape is so confusing... and I thought Golfos/Tamaulipas was bad with all their factions. Hearst, Thank you and I look forward to the rest. I'm gunna have to read this again...

    1. It is so confusing! Trying to figure out which CU figure belongs to each group is driving me a little mad. I started to count how many publications said “This guy belongs to Group X” and how many publications said “This guy belongs to Group Y” in order to make a decision on where to put people. And then I started thinking that the more reputable sources like Milenio, Proceso and La Jornada should get double points and I needed to develop a reliability scale. And then I realized I was starting to feel like this: And realized this level of detail is something that is probably only interesting to me so I should calm down. Haha

    2. You need to wake up and smell the horse's ass, there are many political and police/ military connections to all the cartels, cocoa the sister of FECAL, the brother of Margara Zavala FECAL, his girlfriend owner of corrupt PROCESO, leonel godoy, Arcelor-Mittal, el Migueladas, milenio also has been dabbling in chayote...
      Remember the 30 judiciales federales killed while the criminals yelled not to shoot at the greens because they were in on it? Those greens were army soldiers, the blues were federales.
      There is also the "rurales" chosen by Castillo's cuban sexo-therapist that put the Auto-Defensas out of business for good after the CT leadership got taken down, of course, who gave giniral oscar naranjas from Culombia the contract to organize the mexican michoacana AutoDefensas??? Looks like killing El Kike and EL Chayo was "The Goal", job #1, and it got done remember the shit rolls down hill, FECAL people had to go when EPN came in.

  3. H3 was totally separated from viagras, that was migueladas group headed by americano.

    That group had partially been assigned the mission of protecting areas they already had under influence in, from viagras and others. After the C.T was noticeably weakened that's when H3, Viagras and the rest of A.D started fighting themselves for control, killing eachother and blaming everything on C.T my Michoacan people have no loyalty and are deceivers.

    1. Negative chief.

    2. Is there anyway you could give me some sources? I want to check out what you are saying but I have got to weigh them against Milenio newspaper's intelligence report they say is from the national security cabinet.

    3. I meant seperate under the same umbrella, but tension were always high since everyone always knew there was something "fishy" with H3 and I'm not talking about dr. mireles underage female toys.
      @Hearts, 🤦🏾‍♂️ those outlets put out whatever they want YOU to believe.
      Just like they're doing now, were they call viagras/c.u - autodefensas? Specially outlets like milenio and sillarota.

      Plus these arent days of our lives episodes, theres no records maybe mantas and narco messages articles here and there from back in the day but ultimately, All that im saying unfolded right before our eyes back in the 2013-2017 era, the comment section here at BB was filled with informational jewels, also grillonautas2 had alot of videos on the subject and also jose ulises lara.
      Valorxmichoacan was what some of these propaganda pages are today.

      Do your own research its out there.

    4. 3:23 - Keep in mind that EVERY source has a bias and may also be incomplete. Hearst is just citing what she was able to find and piece together, don't shoot the messenger.

      None of this is an absolute statement of fact about the things happening in Michoacan... many people here in the comment sections claim to have the "truth" about things but in reality the fact is we just don't know. Most of this stuff can't even be verified in the traditional way. Its a he said, she said game...

    5. Seems like every time something is posted about Michoacan, there is an idiot who has a different reality in their head. When asked to provide sources about each and every claim, they cannot. #323 🤦

      Logical Kathi

    6. We can all agree that the Autodefensa movement was a Narcodefensa movement. Financed and fought by Cartel members orenemies of the Templarios and eventuality traitors that used to belong to the Templarios. CJNG, El PRI played a massive part in the whole plan the weapons were provided by CJNG the strategy was provided by El PRI the muscle by EL PRI and CJNG and media did their thing on orders from EL PRI. Then we have outliners like El Sargy and those few who came from the US thinking the Autodefenas movement was real believing the lies being told by Mireles, Hipolito and Papa Pitufo.

    7. #3:45pm they're out there. I apologize for not having time to lecture you, but if you use your search engine and brain. I'm sure you'll come up with something useful.

      When hipolitos son was killed it was A.D VS A.D 🤦🏾‍♂️....

    8. @3:23PM
      Well, we are all entitled to our own opinions on what is and isn't worthy of being cited as a source. And I think that is a beautiful thing, that we can all differ on our opinions but still respect each other just the same. :)

    9. 3:59 that the beautiful difference. You have opinions, I know facts. ;)

      I dont really care to tell you guys about my personal life but I'm a deportee from California who returned to Michoacan in 2016 I've been keeping up with BB since early 2010s so I've got to experience it from a far and now up close as I'm now here in Zamora Michoacan. And trust its horrible, I have to delete my internet history everytime I go out, out of fear i might get my phone checked. I frequent alot of the Michoacan pages and comment on information and situations were currently under, so that in itself is a no-no.
      But like I've stated, the world outside of Michoacan thinks one thing, while those of us actually living here know and live the total contrary.

    10. 323 has a point silla rota and millenio have called carteles Unidos autodefensas in the past and very often and never have they categorized them for what they truly are it's not rocket science

    11. what @3:23 saying is true. H3 got blamed for killing manuel mora and hipolito got arrested for the murder of rafael Sanchez(high ranking a.d member ex c.t) and his bodyguard but later released

    12. 4:06 - Another Michoacano with no proof other than personal experience. You are justified in your beliefs if you want but you cannot expect for anyone else to believe you unless you can prove your stories and versions of the story… I can literally just say the exact opposite and claim I’m from there too and we would prove nothing. It’s embarrassing to read you when you don’t understand that… 🤡

    13. “ You have opinions, I know facts. ;) ”


      (Provides no facts in his entire comment)


    14. @529 another lousy American who doesnt know how to use his search engine. 🤭
      People like comandante sargy are always showing prove of the ongoing situations in Michoacan and you people still doubt him? we can I expect for me. Whats the point? I'm definitely not here tryna convince anyone thats for damn sure. I'm just talking from experience. Plus I havent stated anything that's been a lie or made any false accusations? Articles about A.D and they're difference are out they're, your just to lazy to do your own research.

    15. @532 the links are posted above, put the effort in to read a little.


      The last link, if anyone knows anything. Theyll connect the dots. And it has to do with comandante sargy.

      Smartphones arent only for tiktok and pornhub son @5:32

    17. 5:40 --- I like Sargy do follow him. he has bias just like any other source out there and I don't blindly trust everything he says. not sure what this has to do with Sargy. all i asked you was for proof since you said you had "facts". still waiting. you can't expect to claim that then call someone lazy when they ask you to provide them.

    18. What are the odds 5:29/5:32 is "secret_management"?

    19. Take a pick theres several links posted @6:12.
      Enjoy your day!

    20. 6:19 pretty high

    21. 6:01 - Don't shoot me for asking you. You should have provided these in the first ask. You were the one making the claim, after all.

      These links are good. What are you trying to prove is true?


      Source credit; Comandante sargy.

      Ex military who worked for la sirena/C.U.
      Captured by CJNG.

    23. Secret management step dad is from CJNG

    24. 7:01 got his ass handed to him and asks the other poster what he's trying to prove. You wanted journalistic links to prove what Zamora was writing besides personal anecdotes regarding the past and present events and possible future outcomes in Michoacán. Ponte trucha "secret_management"

    25. Dr Mireles went to prison, Hipolito Mora lost his son in a shootout with el Americano who later disappeared, got killed etc but nobody saw his dead, dead DEAD! body, also, what happened to Comandante Cinco?

  4. El Yogurt isn't with Carteles Unidos anymore he had a falling out with his Father in Law El Boto who wanted to take away all his loan sharking operation and drug trafficking routes. El Boto ended up killing most of the boys he couldn't get out. He was the Plaza boss of San Juan de Los Platanos. He is in Apatazingan right now.

    Here is his interview where he talks about his break up with his father in Law and Carteles Unidos.

    1. Thank you. So he was with Blancos de Troya (by nature of his connection with Boto) and then had a falling out? I'll watch and update when I can.

    2. what minute does it say? I know poquito espanol so its hard to keep track.

    3. 2:48 PM El Sargy has an interview from El M2 or El Delta El M2 being the commander of Aguillila and El Delta being the commander of all the groups in that region. In the video one of those two interviews an Ex Sedena member who discloses the Sedena, GN, State Police relation, pay and everything else between them and Carteles Unidos.

      They pay the GN commander based in Buenavista 500,000 pesos bi weekly. I think the video was taken down or he took it down. That was a really good audio. Carteles Unidos have active or ex military working for them right now they are the link between the Sedena, GN, State Police and Carteles Unidos they are the reason they are supported so well. The other reason is Silvano Aurelous is 100% with Cartels Unidos he is the one that sends the support. Abuelo Farais and all Carteles Unidos are freaked out they don't want to fight CJNG so they are doing everything in their power to use the government and human shields to prevent them from advancing.

    4. @3:42 he takes down the videos to check them for YT "compliance" but yeah that was a Sargent of communications that was a bodyguard of La Sirena

    5. El Yogurt called his group "los negros de troya" you'll learn alot of things when tuning into sargies channel @HEARTS I strongly suggest you do, if you wanna keep touching the Michoacan subjects.

    6. 2:48 PM El Yogurt group was called Los Negros De Troya, Botos group is called los blancos de Troya, Botos nephew La Fresa or El Handos group are Los Espartanos and then you have the Viagras who have people in La Ruana where Hipolito Mora lives in Pinzandaro, Urupan, and a few other locations. The groups are between 20 to 100 gunmen. Here is the video of the Ex Sedena member talking about Carteles Unidos government support.

  5. Estan bien revueltos esos mafiosos en michoaca

  6. what happened to El Negro? did they beat him up before the picture?

    1. It's been said that goofy looking POS raped a very young girl and look at that sad looking SOB. That injury to his left eye area looks very much like he got hit with something hard, perhaps getting pistol whipped or hit with a rifle buttstock. I've read some Boss of LFM was going to kill him but El Chango sent them to La Tuta since he's from SW Michoacán and the Sierra Santanas are from NW Guerrero.
      Cuáles Michoacános esos lacras. SARGY has the best info regarding Michoacán even if some readers won't accept that fact, his military intelligence background, the amount of information he receives from sources within the cartels and civilians in Michoacán and the government contacts he has is beyond anybody including Carteles Unidos own "secret_management".

  7. El Cartel del Camaleón aka El 14 is no longer in his known towns of influence. He had a falling-out with Los Viagra leaders and he left town immediately.
    *GOOD INFO***

    1. I'll definitely look into that for the next part. Thanks.

    2. Off topic ya se metieron a madgdalena sonora

    3. Oh! I see the story! Third day of armed attacks? Wow. Someone from BB will work on the story, thanks for the tip.

    4. I think el camaleon is actually "el 15" ... but hes definitely not C.U anymore.

    5. Chapitos vs la gente del yiyo(mz)

    6. 6:21 but its just low level guys fighting….

    7. @647
      Those are no low level guys.
      El gigio is a top lieutenant for MZ in la nogalera, he pushed into magdalena to take over el cazador territory(chapitos faction)

    8. All this infighting, makes you wonder. What if MZ is dead? Chapo kept peace, Esparagoza kept peace so did MZ, chapos gone so is azul, cant MZ keep the peace or is his absence provoking the ongoing internal war???? Just thinking.

    9. @ 11:55 El Azul is not dead , he is the ultimate go between. It's all just like a game , the real powers to be don't allow any cartel to dominate for a long time , shifting the help ,while milking them as much as possible ,just like the cartels milk the regular folks. With each year passing the people are poorer and the elite is richer and more powerful. And there's no end in sight.

    10. 10:28
      Sadly, I'd hate to burst your bubble, but el azul(father) and el azulito(son) are dead.

      The mystery remains, how azul(father) died? Some say natural causes? Who knows. But el azulito(son) died of health complications due to covid19,
      Some corridos tell us the stories(the authorized ones) in "la despedida del azul"- song, they talk about how azulito(son) is now reunited with his father, and how he died.
      I dont think that information would be put out they're unless it was authorized, being how secretive the Esparagozas are.

      Heres a verse,

      "Después de haber pasado
      Su vida peligrando
      Lo acabaría infectado
      El virus tan mentado
      Buscaron por el mundo
      Los mejores aparatos
      Tecnología de punta
      Le instalaron en su cuarto
      Y aun que no escatimaron
      En su intento por salvarlo
      """Lo llamaba su viejo
      Qué ya lo estaba esperando"""
      Hoy se despide de sus allegados
      Qué Aquí los mencionaremos


    11. Thats koo foo

    12. @10:28 Stfu Azul died long ago.

    13. El azul? More like el purple lol

  8. Hearst is on fire! Grear work dude.

    1. Hearst is a CHINGONA

    2. I agree, thanks Hearst! I know it is hard to navigate this information because there's so much contradictory info about Michoacan. You have Sargy-zombies, and you also have people who blindly follow CU propaganda. And then you also have outsider sources with no info on whats going on. I wonder what the next article will look like. Saludos from Houston, Tx.

    3. Who besides their own familia and the sicarios tecatillos follow the Culos Unidos propaganda? LMFAO

    4. The week before Dr.Sol was on fire, churning article after article coming from Mexico, then it was MX, he seem to Mellow down.

    5. 8:39 - I've been incredibly busy outside of BB, unfortunately. But Sol and Hearst have done an excellent job at churning articles for us. Thanks for reading!

    6. Ahhh 8:43 I did not know you were juggling extra curricular activities, on assignment covering the Tokyo Olympics lol.

    7. 😂 2:18 - Haven’t watched a single Olympic match this time around.

  9. Let lousy Michoacan stew in its own shit!

  10. Does El Chango Mendez have influence in Michoacan still?

    1. 9:54 his son does.

    2. @9:54 His son has made appearances here and there with the narco-defensas.

    3. Well El Chango Mendez did Try to join Los Zetas reason because all of his people were getting killed. His son was also captured so I'm sure he got very little influence there

    4. Very little influence. His son was locked up a while back and I don’t think he was let out. He was with the viagras

    5. @10:40 These "no influence" comments show the ignorance of the foreigner readers, and every capo has many more than 1 son.

    6. You should enlighten us with your knowledge then captain dip shit. What plaza do they control? Who’s side are they on? Not every capo has more than one son that sounds pretty ignorant to me. @10:58

  11. Hi hearst yogurt si no longer carteles unidos he is now cjng, you shoukd try to work with jose ulises lara also known as sargy that guy has all the info from carteles unidos and their leadership with proof and facts that guy knows his stuff.


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