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Friday, July 23, 2021

Nearly 7 Tons of Marijuana Seized from Suspected Cartel Grow Sites in Monterey County, California

 "Socalj" for Borderland Beat

Just a week after Monterey County drug agents confiscated 3.5 tons of illegal pot plants, the same agents hauled in another 3-tons of illegal plants Wednesday. Law enforcement officers say they uncovered two unlicensed grow operations off Jolon road near Fort Hunter Liggett.

More than two-tons were confiscated on a property and another ton was found in a pot grow hidden in a mountainside. Investigators say that pot grow was being operated by a drug cartel. “Yeah we do believe it was a cartel grow, just by their very nature are more dangerous to officers often times there are firearms present on these grows, and then law enforcement is essentially sitting targets so it is incredibly dangerous for law enforcement to respond to these grows,” said Greg Peterson, a prosecutor with the Monterey County district attorney’s office.

The illegal pot grows operated by drug cartels aren't new to the central coast, in fact, last year's Dolan fire may have been started by one such grow in Big Sur. But Wednesday's bust comes just a week after drug agents led by the Monterey County district attorney's office hauled in 3 and a half tons of illegal cannabis from a grow operation in Chualar canyon. Also at that location was an illegal Butane lab that required the bomb squad to be called in. Law enforcement said they target these illegal, unlicensed operations in large part to protect consumers. Harvest season is ramping up and so is enforcement.

“Law enforcement is on the ground trying to find the product and trying to eradicate it things have picked up we believe things will continue to pick up and enforcement operations will continue for the better part of the year,” said Peterson. Law enforcement going after these illegal unregulated grows for several reasons: to protect consumers from marijuana that may be tainted with pesticides; to level the playing field for licensed grow operators who are regulated and pay large sums for permits, and to protect the environment.

“When you go to one of these illegal grows and you see what's been left behind the litter the trash when you see the pesticides that are being used destroying the ecosystems and the environment and you see the waterways that are diverted you understand why enforcement is so important,” Peterson said.

Prosecutors say Wednesday’s pot bust along with last week's are still very active investigations that may lead to arrests and/or hefty civil penalties.

Recently, Los Angeles County recorded its largest drug bust in history and seized over $1.19 billion worth of marijuana during month-long raids as reported by Borderland Beat.



  1. Excellent 👍 catch glad more will be burnt in a special incinderator, that does not pollute it creates co-2 at the end.

  2. 7 Tons wow there will be some heads rolling in Mexico 5 sicarios will be taken out, by 6 new hires,

  3. figure 1k a lb for good shit.
    Zaza like 14-16

  4. My backyard this ain’t cartel this is white people
    Ik a bunch of pot farmers int the area but there white so law enforcement goes easy on them

    1. stfu, it is their country retard

  5. The Cartel... what Cartel !!!!
    It’s not you BB, it’s the main stream media,
    The Cartel...
    you know, the Mexican one !!! SMH

    1. Yeah, the ones that are caught year after year out there. they dont speak english and some are kidnapped from their families to do this.. this isnt imaginary world

    2. So can we get the names and pics of the arrested ?!
      No, they’re AMERICANS, From Merica!!!

  6. thank god...

    those weights and street price estimations are actual dried manicured bud and not the weight of fresh plants seeds stems leaves and dirt still clinging to a very wet root base, even more thankfully that there isnt an incentive to inflate street value seized, our system ensures that these agencys get rewarded based on honesty and rely on actual feedback from the community they 'work' in, such as said community actually requesting these agencys exist in the first no way does an inflated $$$ amount from a raid/seizure become a crucial varible and determining factor when the tax allocation boards decide how and whom to dish n' divvy up next years budget..

    nobody wants drugs the demand must be a minority of inidviduals, and in no way does the government created prohibition and decrees of what health & who's safety violations for virtues programs create the super sized whoper value meals and thus profit potentials. and in no way are the various law enforcement appartus akin to the SEC of the stock market, or what might well be referred to as market regulators that also happen to have guns and a horse or five in the very race its been created to fight and the law to justify their every action just for good measure...

    war on drugs is a success. did you know that the USS has the highest prison population of any country in the world? if a footlocker nation doesnt just scream business opportunity, next thing that will be said is that private for profit prisons are somehow a 'conflict of interest'...yeah right...hokay...

    my kid asked michael jordan to sign a ball, mj laughed and said sign it yourself you broke hassss biotch.

    empathy is over rated, keep the drug war going with all its ruthlessness savagery and ratchet tasss mentality. if we don't allow ourselves to be led by the least among us, then what? do we really even need to go there? the effort in trying to imagine alone hurts my noggin, my lymph nodes swell up, see thats the body telling us that legalization is cancer. prohibition is the only way, you can rest uneasy knowing thats true because in the states we have a drug czar, an official not voted in by the public but put into place every few years just to ensure the federal government stays the course and that no public offcial ever is able to even debate the merits of what we are doing....ain't that neet? alright its been fun chatting america but all this noise is starting to borderline on calls for a debate, and since we can't have none of that, lets change the channel here for you, american gladiators ok? no american idol? bachelorette married who got fired shame of thrones? pick a channel it all serves the same purpose...whats that some of you might bravely ask(internally god heavens not aloud of course, i said brave not superman)? ...why its to help you sleep my dear.

    heres to hoping the admins see some value in what ive taken time to write and share with yal and might allow it to be posted after seeing beyond the sarcasm and the satire, honestly i wrote it with love, sometimes the satire has a better way of getting people to think differently about something then if you i were to just flood them with statements supporting my opinion. idk hope somebody out there digs it and helps start more honest and much needed debate & discussion.

  7. Is not the cartel in the 831. Is the sureños from king city just some dry snitching.


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