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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Mexico City: The Tactics Of The Crash Vehicle Scammers

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

A video was disseminated on social networks. And in it you will see clearly how, I think we hadn’t seen this before, it shows how the so-called crash vehicle scammers operate. This happened on Eje 3 Oriente in the Iztacalco district. 

The persecution began at the corner of Avenida del Recreo and Eje 3 Oriente in the Itzacalco neighborhood of Mexico City.

The motorist turns and his camera captures the moment when a gray vehicle of the so-called crash vehicle scammers blocks his path to cause a collision. 

The driver notices and slows down. But once he’s nearing the Coyuya Metro, he passes them. They now start chasing him and are trying to hit him from behind. The driver turns into Calle Canela to try to lose them.

But there is a vehicle that doesn’t allow him to accelerate at the insistence of the crash vehicle scammers behind who accelerate their car towards him. He lets them pass and they slow down. It is there where 4 individuals initially descend from their vehicle, including a woman.

And they strike his car. Again the motorist reacts and goes into reverse to escape. As he backs away, it’s possible to see that in total there were 7 people who were trying to intimidate him.

The way these criminals operate is to simulate an accident. Braking sharply, crashing into the car to bring the driver to a stop. Once he descends, they intimidate and extort him for money. Demanding payments that according to the authorities range from fifteen hundred to thirty five thousand pesos.

Azucena Uresti


  1. If the Cartels don't get you, it's groups of people crashing your car for money.

  2. Criminals on the Nuevo Laredo -MTY route are also using this tactic.

  3. Those were some creepy ass individuals. Could have easily went from insurance scam to a kidnapping. I bet those poor kids are trained to say their necks and backs hurt.

  4. Run them over once they got out...

  5. I don’t think Farmers have seen a thing or two in Mexico. Lol

  6. or from india, they scam the hell out of americans.

  7. Anything goes in old mexico ­čç▓­čçŻ. Really funny

    1. Wow Kool is that how the Mexican flag looks like, how great, man I love the colors.

  8. Watch when they do this to the wrong one and get lit up

    1. YEP I agree and all this does is giving the people of Mexico more power to ask to carry guns
      Big guns with out the red tape

  9. YEARS Ago in the states insurance scammers caused crashs for Money from insurence

    BUT in Mexico Do they even have insured drivers ? So they kiddnapp you or demand money
    Not from insurance companys

  10. Why is Mexico the most dangerous country in the world? Because that's where the most Mexicans are.

  11. Just what you need after a hard day at work.

  12. Lessons to learn about mexicoa? Dont go there.......preiod!!!!

    Im so glad my niece listens to me with her friends going to Cancun. I told her dont go and I sent her this website to educate herself about how bad Mexico is. Thank god she listens this time.


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