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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Mexican Navy Offers Public Apology to Missing Persons in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas

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The t-shirt reads: "Victim of the Navy". REUTERS/Daniel Becerril
The Mexican Navy offered a rare public apology on Tuesday for its potential role in the abductions of dozens of people who went missing from a northern border town in 2018 during operations against drug cartels.

As many as 40 people disappeared between February and May in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, across from Texas, which has long been a flashpoint in turf wars between drug cartels.

In April, Mexican authorities charged 30 marines for allegedly participating in the forced disappearances there and said they would carry out the investigations within six months. About two dozen family members of victims of the missing attended an outdoor ceremony in a small park in the center of Nuevo Laredo.

“This institution of the Mexican state deeply regrets the situation,” Navy Rear Admiral Ramiro Lobato told the ceremony. He added that the navy would keep collaborating with officials to seek justice for the victims. During the event, family members called out the names of their disappeared loved ones and responded in unison, “Present.”

Along with the army, the navy for years assumed a central role in the government’s military-led crackdown on drug cartels, which was launched in 2006. Their deployment led to frequent complaints of rights abuses by the armed forces, including forced disappearances.

“We are asking the marines for justice,” said Leticia Martínez Borjas at the ceremony. Her husband, Gabriel Gasper Vazquez, disappeared on March 26, 2018.

“No one deserves to live with this uncertainty of whether their loved one is alive or whether he’s no longer in this world,” she said.

The charges against the marines marked the first high-profile move against military personnel by President López Obrador. The U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights had denounced the disappearances, including those of at least five minors, as “horrific.”

A relative of a victim reacts as members of the Mexican Marines offer an apology to family members of victims for their role in the 2018 forced disappearances, according to Attorney General's Office in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico July 13, 2021. REUTERS/Daniel Becerril
Sources: Reuters


  1. Calderon should be the one giving the Mexican Public an apology. Instead he is in his million dollar home in Massachusetts.

    1. He didn't start the war. Cartels did. Its a lot easier to judge in retrospect... what would you have done? let cartels fight each other and do nothing about it...?

    2. How about go after corrupt politicians....

      Problem solver Kathi

    3. Calderon did start it for the Mexican people.
      Yes their was problems between DTOs in Mexico but having the government go against it made it worse!

      Where are those Mexican patriots ?
      This proves that even those Marinas are sell outs !

      So those 30 marines got convicted? Once they come out , they will join organized crime…

      Fuxk the US for being the puppeteer and Mexico for being the puppet!

    4. compa pues el día 1ro de agosto estará la consulta para que los expresidentes puedan ser juzgados. hay que hacer saber a toda la gente para ir a votar para que los encarcelen y paguen lo que se robaron

  2. Any thoughts if these 30 marinas were

    1 disappearing people for a cartel OR

    2 disappearing cartel members because the Marinas know the Justice System is broken?


    1. I think your spot on
      Plus this is CDN stronghold. Military acting like Zetas

    2. They would kidnapped ,torture and kill young halcones even thru the frequencies the cdnZ were challenged by marines to come out for support of the halcones but most didn't cause it's better to fight and die another day.those Marinos even raped those halcones and that's a fact. T cojen t Sakan la informacion y t quebran.

  3. A little to late, but better than nothing.


  4. Apologies? They need justice and peace! All the manpower and weapons the military has but they keep selling out for a order of tacos. Mexico is going to regret not taking action when U.S has boots on the ground watch

    1. It would be nice Mister, but enpt Obrador does not want US help, nor does he want his Army to kill Cartels, otherwise his bribes would dry up. Remember he was sending 1,500 Army troops to Michoacan, but then Heather Herrera said he cancelled, instead has them playing cards and watching Rambo videos at the barracks.


    Michoacan authorities meeting up with c.u leaders.

  6. Military acting like Zetas

  7. Most of this so called innocent victims could be seen in FB sporting military gear along with long rifles.

  8. Oh thank god its all better now the Competent Authorities have apologized for their lack of anything that could help . I feel so nuch better now. im certain the families are feeling so much better now that an apology has been issued . Because thats as good as closure as they'll ever get . And its good to see that the Mex Govt is doing everything they can . Im sure the citizens feel much safer . Its like a slap in the face after being kicked in the balls it is unbelievable how the people sworn to protect have no concept of what it means to protect and serve the public at large its like a huge inconvenience for these people to just do the basic requirements for the job they are responsible for . I feel these people need to be taken around back and shot with survivors being shot again . My heart goes out to the people who are living this night mare although Im not religious my thoughts and what good energy i have i give to you .


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