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Sunday, July 18, 2021

La Misión, Baja California: Armed Criminal Cell Torches Several Homes

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Residents of the Ursulo Galvan community, on the borders between the municipality of Ensenada and Playas de Rosarito, reported that a group of armed people set fire to two homes.

This Sunday, July 18 at 2:29 p.m. via radio a phone call was received to the C4 in Rosarito where they reported that in the Ursulo Galván community a group of armed people set fire to homes and these turned into forest fires.

The forestry division of the Espinoza Fire Station, in the downtown area of Ensenada, went to kilometer 73.5 of the mission delegation, as did the fighters of the Francisco Zarco station. Moments later they managed to control the fire.

The information was provided by units of Francisco Zarco's group of the State Investigation Agency in coordination with units of the Municipal Police of the La Misión community and units of the National Guard went to the place to collect more data and initiate an investigation.

Videos translation is as follows:

Male: Just so you know how things will be done here.

Zeta Tijuana


  1. Mexico is probably the only country in good terms with the rest of the world. A country with good and powerful allies. A country with no enemies, no desire to get involved in the problems of other countries and faces no external or foreign threat from any nation and opposes military intervention anywhere in the world. Yet it's also a country that has been at war for a while, a war against it self, fighting an enemy within it self facing threats from within. Mexicans killing Mexicans, Mexicans are being killed in a high and alarming rate probably more than any other nationality in the world, and they're not being killed by cops in the USA, racist people, crops and bloods, NOOO, they're being killed by other Mexicans in Mexico making Mexico the country with the most murders. Like they say a Mexicans worst enemy is another Mexican. Sad situation

    1. Thanks for bringing everyone up to speed.

    2. Glad you have been awake, you did not mention, that the government, cabinet of Almo, has been doing nothing to lower the high homicides occurring yearly.
      Some people are in denial that Mexico tops 1 Homicides in the world.
      Furthermore tops 1 Curuption.
      No one wants a solution to the ongoing issues of Mexico.

    3. 5:00 mexican cartels wouldn't exist without the drug addicted 🇺🇸..
      Let's not forget that was the reason they formed..

    4. 9:26 what a dorky answer let's blame it in another country.

    5. 9:26 They woukd be killing each other regardless but lets face it Narco Culture is the template most mexicans that are involved in this illegal bullshit follow and that is where the bloodlust is derived from and Mexico has its own retail drug problem that has people killing for turf to sell drugs .If the USA went away tomorrow nothing would change . You would just have to start blaming Europe . lol

  2. Zetas like to prey on women and children

    1. The worst of the worst. Animals like easy prey.

  3. Oh wow, that's crazy. That's right at the start of the old Ensenada scenic route just past the lagoon. I never really trusted that area, it's very poor.

  4. Was just there on Saturday. Cool lil town.

  5. La Salina Cantina right down the toll , great place to get trashed and surf


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