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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Juchitepec, Edomex: Los Chapitos Criminal Cell Linked to Ranch

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Female Newscaster: An investigation by the Deputy Attorney General's Office specialized in organized crime acquired hundreds of wiretapped phone calls that led authorities to a ranch very close here in the State of Mexico. This is a ranch with a direct line that comes from Sinaloa. Linked to nothing more and nothing less than the children of the drug trafficker Joaquín Guzmán Loera aka “El Chapo”.

This is a special report for Despierta by Antonio Nieto.

Antonio Nieto: Juchitepec, State of Mexico, 61 kilometers from Mexico City. In an area of ​​hills, where some avocado and wheat orchards cross some trails, this drug warehouse was built.

To get there you have to climb a little over a kilometer across a hillside. The intention was that anyone who wanted to reach it on foot would take up to 20 or even 30 minutes. The narcos traffickers moved about on ATVs. The house is no more than 80 square meters in length. But it’s real estate stretches all the way up the hill. The back of the property leads to a small path that heads toward the highway, it was perfect for a hasty escape.

The farm was baptized as El Avocado Ranch because in its surroundings avocados began to cultivate. But in reality, drugs were stored here that came directly from Sinaloa. The Sinaloa operatives operated here. They have been linked to the children of Joaquín “El Chapo” Loera. 

In June 2020, the Deputy Attorney General's Office specialized in organized crime investigation seized the ranch. They seized 4 kilos of cocaine and half a ton of marijuana.

But the investigation continued. And between January and May of this year, together with the criminal investigation agency, this cell of drug traffickers was dismantled. Their drugs were distributed in the valley of Mexico. It was thanks to wiretaps obtained with a court order that the drug route was discovered.

The following are excerpts where "Pancho", leader of the criminal group, and his operator "Chepe" coordinated a shipment of marijuana with "mangos".

Police Transcript:

Pancho: Hey, how’s everything going?

Chepe: We're here in Tepic. There’s a policeman at the exit of town, he’s beneath the bridge there. And he's pulling motorists over. This cargo truck that we’re in is a prime candidate to get pulled over in because of the license plates it has. So, we're here waiting him out. The driver is also waiting. I can see him clearly from my vantage point. He should be moving away shortly here in a bit.

Pancho: Ok, then. Stay alert.

Antonio Nieto: The shipment arrived. The mangoes ended up at the supply center. And the drugs in Tepito.

Japo: What’s going on boss?

Pancho: Hey, there Japo what are doing?

Japo: Not much. I just finished unloading our cargo.

Pancho: Japo you know what we should do?

Japo: Go ahead boss, tell me.

Pancho: Let's start placing those mangos in order so that we can sell them.

Japo: The load is in small and large sizes. If we send it off as it is it’ll be categorized as a third grade quality.

Pancho: No. This is first grade. It’s all a fresh load.

Japo: We unloaded it in the evening. So, this could be the reason why I didn't see it so well.

Pancho: The thing is that it's all very ripe. This is pure quality.

Japo: The product is in a good state right now.

Pancho: We’ll see how they pay you on the other end.

Japo: What’s the price of a kilo in your neck of the woods?

Pancho: A kilo is currently at 8 pesos here.

Japo: Ok, boss.

Pancho: We’ll have to wait and see how everyone’s going to accommodate themselves to sell it off. Did you guys unload the other cargo already?

Japo: Yes. We've already unloaded everything. But we're currently adjusting the freight. So, that I can see how many kilos pertain to one customer and how many others pertain to the other. I'm currently arranging everything.

Pancho: Very well then.

End of Police Transcript

Antonio Nieto: Everything was stored at the ranch. It was all hidden within its surroundings. And from another hill, spies divided into shifts kept a lookout for any movement. They had electricity for illumination in place and a chair from where they kept tabs on the road.

These are the members of the criminal group headed by Pancho. There are 15 alleged drug traffickers linked to a legal process for organized crime. Among them there’s even a former policeman, Ricardo aka “El Franco” who served as a liaison with the local authorities.

Police Transcript:

El Toston: Well yes I’ll fall into formation. Just tell me what needs to be done.

Ex Policeman: You have to pay a fee here just to get in. And then there’s a weekly payment that has to be made.

El Toston: Tell me then, make my time worthy here. I need to know if I can have a direct line with the person in charge in this area.

Ex Policeman: I can get you in without a problem.

El Toston: Ok then.

End of Police Transcript

Antonio Nieto: While the ranch continues to be secured, the Attorney General's Office is tracking the authorities who were able to collaborate with the Sinaloa operatives and are currently looking into whether there are more accomplices at large.

This is Antonio Nieto for Noticieros Televisa.

Antonio Nieto

Noticieros Televisa


  1. Animo Sicarios!

    CDS Reseach and Development has upgraded all communications networks to 6G using a highly encrypted method developed by NSA as well as security protocls developed with Mossad . All Tier 1 Operators are now required to enter the new sequence when turning on your tactical 6G phones and tactical tablets.
    The new ballistic nylon tactical Huaraches developed by an ex Delta Force CAG operator who served in the Afghan mountains are also ready for use in special mission at la sierra.

    1. Is Corey Feldman still giving your sicarios pep talks?

    2. Is this guy for real ? He’s just trolling right?

    3. He is real. He is a highly trained Sicario. His knowledge of military ,technology, intelligence agencies and special forces is amazing.

    4. akien le inporta tu Porkeria ke dices, get a life

    5. akien le inporta tu Porkeria ke dices, get a life

  2. You know that middle picture isnt even IAG right? That's a different drug cap. I'm trying to find the article about that man. It's been wrongfully said to be IAG so much it's hard to find the article because many outlets use that photo for chapito

    1. Huh yes it is

    2. Isnt the middle one of Ivan when he was banged up?Either way it IS Ivan Guzman,you already know it now

  3. That's a CJNG and FAMILIA michoacana PLAZA..
    Looks like MENCHO is about to snap! Lol

    1. That's for extortion! for moving dope Mexico still belongs to the old school. real gangsters move in silence

    2. Ola caps lock nino.

    3. @3:38 Correct.

    4. 3:38 who SAID CHAPITOS were OLD school?
      And don't give me that $H!T that they DON'T fight for PLAZAS because THEY do..

    5. 3:38 nothing old school about Chaputas

    6. 4:44 Ola is a wave,
      Hola is for "Hello Güey"

    7. 12:10 & 7:03
      keep up your getting left behind! and they do fight for and clean out their drug crossing plazas ahi esta Tijuana de ejemplo. Pura escuela del viejon

    8. 8:06 I will tell you THIS..
      They WON'T date fight for morelos lol
      They HAVE been dealing to Mexico City gang union tepito but CJNG took that PLAZA from CDS too.. They just busted the last cds crew, wich is this chapitos crew. They landed the drugs on morelos from SINALOA and sold them in Mexico City. There was a big investigation and they got DISMANTLED. SNITCHALOAS ran NORTH and plazas taken by CJNG.. Keep up 😆
      I remember cds GROUPIES saying CDS don't fight for PLAZAS but why are they fighting in ZACATECAS and DURANGO?
      They sell a lot of meth to KIDS and flooded the streets of DURANGO with that poison.. You call THAT OLD SCHOOL?

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