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Monday, July 5, 2021

Ex-Police Chief Linked to Genaro García Luna Arrested on Torture Charges

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Luis Cardenas Palomino's (pictured above) former boss Genaro Garcia Luna is imprisoned in the US awaiting trial for outstanding drug trafficking charges. 
Luis Cárdenas Palomino, former director of Regional Security of the Federal Police, and the closet advisor to former Mexican Public Security Chief Genaro Garcia Luna, was captured this morning during a joint operation led by the Attorney General's Office (FGR). The operation was carried out in a subdivision of the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

Cardenas Palomino was captured after federal judge Guillermo Francisco Urbina Tanús issued an arrest warrant for torture. Because torture considered a serious crime, he will remain in prison throughout the remainder of the investigation.

The FGR accused that Cárdenas Palomino ordered the torture of four people in 2012: Eduardo Estrada Granados, Ricardo Estrada Granados, Sergio Cortez Vallarta, and Mario Vallarta Cisneros. The last one is the brother of Israel Vallarta, former boyfriend of French national and convicted kidnapper Florence Cassez.

Cassez was arrested in Mexico in 2005 and sentenced to 60 years for kidnapping. Her boyfriend was part of a kidnapping ring known as Los Zodiacos and she was convicted for assisting him. After 7 years of tensions between Mexican and French authorities, she was released for violations in due process since the police staged the filming of her arrest and did not contact consular authorities promptly.

Throughout her imprisonment and after she was released, Cassez was firm on her innocence. But some of the kidnapping victims identified her as one of the abductors and said she was involved in the gang. In 2013, Cassez was allowed to return to France, where she now lives.

In addition to Cardenas Palomino, the judge also issued arrest warrants for the following federal agents: Maricela García Toledo, María Soledad Bonilla Tlaseca, Rafael Mayorga Amador, Ricardo Cuatzo Lozano, Cristhian Arturo Fabila Molina, Alberto Jesús Cano Maldonado, Fernando Valdez Aparicio, Jaime Hazael Gutiérrez Valdez, Julio Ávila Mejía, Maclovio Bárcenas Olmos, Facundo Paul Huerta Pérez, and Horacio Parra Rubio.

"It has been proven that Luis Cárdenas Palomino, in his capacity as hierarchical superior of the aforementioned Federal Police elements, authorized them to inflict serious physical and psychological suffering from a tortured woman in order to obtain a confession," the judge said.

The judge said that the agents tortured victims to confess they were part of Cassez's kidnapping ring Los Zodiacos. 

Sources: Milenio; Borderland Beat archives


  1. I remember that French/Cassez case. What a shit show. When ppl are released under due process violations, what happens next ? Can authorities re-arrest them?

    1. If the person has already been convicted, authorities can only re-arrest on new charges. These releases may happen suddenly, which doesn’t give prosecutors enough time to find new charges (if even possible).

      Cassez was found guilty of kidnapping but was released for due process violations. She wasn’t absolved. She is a convicted kidnapper in Mexico. Guilty as charged. Either way, she will never come back to Mexico.

    2. Question, is any one area of police seen as being worse/more corrupt than the other by most people? Federal, state or local? Or does it vary so much depending on the area you live in? I realize this is inviting over generalization, but is there any type of consensus that one is more (fill in blank) than other.
      Super curious
      Thanks a ton

    3. After some thought, duh, of course the local police would be most corrupt usually

  2. If a Mexican or other foreign nationals get arrested in France will get due process? I don't think so so that french female shouldn't have released she laughed all the way to the airport.

  3. This guy Luis Cardenas Palomino “killed” 3 people when he was 18 years old but his father being a cop/politician he was not jailed. Mexico has evidence of him being at his he center of specific crimes like suspects that were framed for crimes would eventually be murder or wake up dead in jail. This after their faces had been plastered on TV insinuating guilt.

  4. 10:02 proving that there was corruption in the arrest, prosecution and conviction is grounds for immediate release and dropping charges, but a retrial would make victims of corrupt police and military very very happy.
    Anyways, I am happy to inform you that I was (I believe) the first to report to BB cabeza de vaca, cardenas palomino, garcia Luna, trump, Arpaio, federal police, military, alvaro uribe velez, among a few other corrupt motherfackers...of course, there were some sources cited, but at the minimum a referral for investigation by you the more experienced expert reporters

  5. It dont bother me he tortured these aholes
    Next time kill them so you wont get caught
    To me these kidnappers drug pushers etc can all get tortured
    Its torture that this guy was caught trying to do his job
    MEXICO is the only place I know of that the law sides with Criminals .. crazy

  6. 9:42 you are one excellent example of a pendejo madderfacker ignorante hijo de la chingada, real Police Officers do not manufacture crimes and hang them on presumed guilty citizens, they do not extort narcos and criminals or kidnap anybody for ransom as a matter of daily business way of life, they do not have country wide operations as private security corporations full of dismissed corrupt military and police elements, and they do not invest billions of peisos and dollars in foreign countries banks either...

  7. It is nooooooo fun to be a cop in prison. Very dangerous indeed.


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