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Monday, July 12, 2021

Delta Command Leaves Two Teenagers Dismembered in Puebla

"Sol Prendido" and "HEARST" for  Borderland Beat

On Thursday, July 8 2021, two teenagers, who lived in the town of Lázaro Cárdenas (known more commonly as La Uno) in Venustiano Carranza municipality of Puebla state, were officially reported as missing by their families to police. The two missing teenagers named Arturo and Xochitl (known as Gisela by her friends and family) were age 14 and 15 years old respectively. They had just begun dating each other a few months earlier. 

On early Saturday morning, July 10, residents walking on a road noticed a narcomanta (or narco message sign) had been left during the night in the middle of the street alongside scattered human remains. The residents called the emergency services line and reported their discovery. Police arrived at the scene which was located on Laureles Street in the El Huasteco neighborhood of the town of La Uno and they were able to confirm the reported discovery.

The area was cordoned off by Municipal and State police, who erected large white screens to shield the grim display from the prying eyes of the public. State Investigating agents forensic experts were called to the scene to process and record the evidence. 

While the surrounding area was being secured by police, a second discovery was made. Gisela’s motorcycle, which had previously been detailed as part of her missing persons report, was discovered on Gardenias street. Gisela and Arturo reportedly regularly traveled around town on her motorcycle together. 

A few blocks down Gardenias street from the motorcycle location, a shoe with blood stains was discovered. It was later reported that this shoe belonged to one of the two teenagers. 

Back at the scene of the human remains, forensic experts collected the detached limbs and torso of the deceased. One of the bodies was still clothed in a torn red blouse with white polka dots, which was later identified as a blouse belonging to Gisela. Some of the remains were covered by black plastic garbage bags which presumably were used to carry the human remains to the placement location.   

Alongside the remains was a narcomanta, which was held down at both ends by the heads of the deceased. The narcomanta read as follows:

This was my fate for being a thief and thinking I was slick. For all the gentlemen who are involved in this type of shit. Turncoats, deserters, thieves, and kidnappers: cut your your shit out and calm the fuck down already. 

Because you’re all the next individuals whose fate will end like this. Casco, Erick, Luis, El Meme and Escuela Municipal de Música. Do your jobs to take care of my town instead of these filthy fools. We are currently located throughout all of the Sierra Norte.  
Delta Command

The families of both Arturo and Gisela reportedly traveled to the Laureles Street crime scene, wanting to see if it was their missing loved ones after they were told by friends that human remains had been discovered. Due to the state of the remains, police did not allow the families to view or access the crime scene. Instead the remains were sent to the local forensic medical center where the families were able to view them. They were able to identify that the remains belonged to Arturo and Gisela.

Diario Cambio reports the two teenagers may have been targeted by a cartel group for either being halcones (or falcons, a name for low level lookouts employed by cartels) or being mistaken for halcones.

La Jornada newspaper reports that the remains were placed near the house of the Valencia brothers, Just last February, State police arrested Sabino ‘E’  alias El Sabino who allegedly acted as the head of hitmen for the Los Valencia criminal group. 

Thirty three year old Hugo 'HG' who was arrested July 10, 2021 by state police.

Just a few hours after the discovery of the remains, State police officers managed to arrest alleged drug dealer, 33 year old Hugo ‘HG’ in the town of Agua Fría, Venustiano Carranza municipality. Puebla Roja reports that it is presumed that Hugo ‘HG’ could have valuable information that could help identify the criminals who executed and dismembered the two teenagers.

Hugo was arrested in possession of 29 packages of meth. The subject said he was originally from Agua Fría, in the state of Puebla, but he has his residence in Reynosa, in the state of Tamaulipas.

Hugo claimed he did not know what happened to the two teenagers however law enforcement authorities presume that due to his drug dealing and his links with local criminal groups, he may have valuable information on the case. 

Location of Villa Lázaro Cárdenas, also known as La Uno, within Puebla state.

In March, Borderland Beat reported that Lantia Intelligence, a research group based in Mexico City, detailed four major criminal groups and one local gang operating in the state of Puebla. The criminal groups are the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG), the Zetas Nueva Sangre faction, the Beltran Leyva Organization (BLO), and an oil theft gang once headed by Omar Garcia Tellez ('El Loco'). According to their data, the criminal group with the largest presence in Puebla is the CJNG. 

Whether Los Valencias and Delta Command are known to be aligned to these larger cartel organizations is not reported by news outlets at this time.

WARNING: Graphic photos below this point. 


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