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Thursday, July 15, 2021

Cuautla, Morelos: Neighbors Drive Away Criminals With Tarpaulins

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

In recent months, violence and insecurity have increased considerably in various parts of the city

In recent months violence and insecurity have increased in Cuautla.

In neighborhoods north of the city, the warning tarpaulins to criminals reappeared, derived from the tiredness of the population due to the lack of results of the operational security area.

In recent months, violence and insecurity have increased in Cuautla, so neighbors have repeatedly demanded that the municipal authorities generate preventive actions to prevent this from continuing to increase.

Because while they recognize that it is the State Security Commission that is responsible for security in the municipalities, the local authorities also have responsibility.

However, in the absence of actions and indifference of the same authority, people have come out again to warn criminals that if they are caught committing their misdeeds, they will do justice by their own hand.

Such is the case of some streets in the Tierra Larga neighborhood, where due to some criminal acts, neighbors placed tarpaulins with warnings: "Organized Neighbors. Thieves, if we grab you, you're not going to the police station. WE'RE LYNCHING YOU. We don't call the police."

This practice has been done for several years. This was being done mainly to warn thieves that they will not allow them to continue ransacking their homes or committing other crimes, in the absence of vigilance by police corporations.

According to the neighbors themselves, these actions are being carried out because the criminals take advantage of the few police rounds that the authorities carry out in these areas, and the slow response to emergency calls.

However, they hope that the authorities will also do their part, and that greater vigilance will be generated in the areas with the highest crimes. Otherwise, they are determined to do justice by their own hand.

El Sol de Cuernavaca


  1. Just thieves in town, neighborhood needs to get armed, as Cartels will want to claim the town soon.

    1. ...and sadly who will arm them, but another shop (in the country of Mexico)to buy guns and it's on an army base in Mexico City and you need a lot of paper$and paperwork to purchase a single revolver. Remember Mexico has some of the strictest gun laws in the world...(along with South Africa...another murderous country, but I digress)

      So, you want gotta go illegal with connections in the USA with cash and people to transport said guns. Who has access to this...another cartel. Otherwise there are 20 men fighting off CJNG with a rifle.
      I am not saying any of this with criticism, just thought I would point out the complications involved. Good day, H

  2. Na, we have cartelitas on lockdown. They don't pull the shit they pull in other towns out here in cuautla ranch, bitches end up with their head cut off just like El ray, fucking dirty ass acapulqueño muerto de hambre

  3. Cuautla, east of Cuernavaca, south to the magical town of Tepozlan, home of Zapata and the place of history, many stories belong to this town. F**k the criminals, take justice in your hands. Aguillla, Buenavista, Iguala, Uruapan, Irapuato, Caborca, Fresnillo, Miguel Aleman, etc. Always hotspots, over and over. Where is the government? Are we the only ones that read the news. Mexico ignores the citizens, towns, etc. where citizens and priests call out for help in complete disregard, but we get daily updates from AMLO. Enough is enough, citizens arm yourselves and take justice in your own hands. Fuck the National Guard and all the others that are supposed to stand as defenders, they are cowards or taken.

  4. Callesen el hocico perros...
    The people behind the lynchings usually get away with murder and many times the victims of lynchings were innocent, the Jews in Germany the Chinese in Torreon, the blacks in Oklahoma and all over the US, the Mexicans in Tlatlaya, Tanhuato, Canoa, and a thousand other times, it started with dehumanizing comments by animals like you.


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