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Monday, July 19, 2021

Ciudad Juárez, The Most Violent Municipality In The State: Ficosec

Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

So far this year, there have been 722 intentional homicides in the municipality.

A few weeks before the end of the administrations of Javier Corral and Armando Cabada, the violence doesn’t look good in Ciudad Juárez and this 2021 our border maintains the first place as the most violent municipality in the entire state of Chihuahua.

This was demonstrated in a study carried out month after month by FICOSEC, where once again the high homicide rates in the city are evident, which is followed in second place by the capital.

According to this study, 99 homicides were committed in Juárez in January, for February there were 112, March closed with 122, April with 126, May had 143 and June 120.

Meanwhile, the city of Chihuahua counted 37 deaths in January, 32 in February, 26 in March, 36 in April, 41 in May and 34 in June.

The third place is occupied by Cuauhtémoc, having 9 murders in January, 12 in February, 12 in March, 6 in April, 16 in May and June closed with 11 cases.

In turn, the fourth municipality with the most homicide cases would be Hidalgo del Parral, with 1 case in February, 4 in March, 6 in April, 2 in May and 1 in June.

Hence, the municipalities that remain in the FICOSEC table would be Camargo and Nuevo Casas Grandes, with a total of 8 homicides each municipality so far this year, while Delicias had 4 and Jiménez only 2.

Therefore, the first four places of violent events so far in 2021 would be as follows:

- Juárez 722 homicides

- Chihuahua 206 homicides

- Cuauhtémoc 69 homicides

- Parral 14 homicides

Ironically, all these municipalities have the surveillance of local, state and federal corporations, such as the National Guard and the Mexican Army, in a joint strategy to combat insecurity.

In the case of Ciudad Juárez, violence continues to be the product of clashes between criminal cells to control drug outlets or the so-called "little shops."

The figures presented by FICOSEC in this study were shared by the Attorney General's Office, however that organization also analysts the journalistic archives for greater precision.

El Heraldo de Chihuahua


  1. como Juaritos no hay dos.

    1. Que bueno que no ay dos de Juarez.
      No les desceo a nadie pasar por lo que mucha gente aya pasa. Y no es mas que por falta de educacion tanto en la escuela como en la familia porke para educar a la juventud es responsabilidad de todos!

    2. Saludos a la Mariano Escobedo cerro de la biblia

    3. 3:29 bien dicho compa, la ignorancia es la principal razon porque mexico esta como esta

  2. TJ and Juarez, right on the top as always. I go to Juarez often and I've been fortunate to never encounter any violent situations. But I know many who have. I don't know what the solution is but this drug war is a lost cause. Juarez has many issues beyond drugs: poverty, worker exploitation, inequality of space, etc. I hope one day I can go out at night in Juarez like the good old days... saludos a los de la antigua colonia Zaragoza.

    1. I hear you but if you legalize drugs this issue of high crime, violence will continue. the pandillas and cartels that do not traffic drugs to US will continue terrorizing the people. Those that sell drugs will still fight for plazas.

      Legalizing drugs will not stop mordidas, piso, prostitution, secuestros, etc.

      I don't know what the solution is either.

    2. If you're interested in reading about spatial inequality in Ciudad Juarez, I recommend this read below:

      It covers socioeconomic segregation and how spatial inequality has limited the poor's options in Ciudad Juarez, among other things.

  3. Dc. Sol
    Will Almo also fire the procecuter of Juarez, because of the high homicides?

  4. I once heard Jose Reyes Ferris say that many of the deaths are the “retirement system” used to get rid of unnecessary sicarios.

  5. I once heard Jose Reyes Ferris say that many of the deaths are the “retirement system” used to get rid of unnecessary sicarios.

  6. More Hugs are needed Amlo . You might want to start throwing in a few Hand Jobs as well . Something has to work eventually .


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