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Friday, June 25, 2021

Thieves Rob 40 Drivers With Roadblock on Highway in Tlaxcala

"Anonymous" for Borderland Beat

Drivers saw the armed thieves coming but had no means of escape from the line of traffic
Around 40 drivers were assaulted and robbed on the Arco Norte highway near Mexico City on Wednesday morning after thieves brought traffic to a standstill by placing rocks on the road.

At least 15 people with high-caliber weapons passed from one stationary vehicle to the next, taking the belongings from those inside. An earlier collision had slowed traffic, enabling the criminals to block the road. The mass robbery took place at kilometer 215 of the highway between Texmelucan, Puebla, and Sanctórum, Tlaxcala, close to the Puebla state border.

Some drivers saw the assailants coming, but were trapped in the traffic and had to accept their fate. The thieves smashed the windows of other drivers who locked their vehicles or raised their windows.

Vehicles transporting goods were ransacked and the loot was loaded onto pickup trucks.

After the robbery, drivers arrived at a nearby toll plaza with no money to pay and reported the incident. National Guard officers arrived at the scene, but the criminals fled on foot and none was caught.

Puebla Governor Luis Miguel Barbosa said he would look to set up a commission with federal authorities and the government of neighboring Tlaxcala to avoid theft on the highway.

Robberies on the Arco Norte have occurred before. On March 15, at kilometer 205, in a strikingly similar incident, around 15 armed and hooded men robbed motorists after traffic was halted by a crash.


  1. There is a video of CDN leaving people stranded on the laredo Mty highway

    1. Quick to blame the cartel you don't like. They have not yet posted, which criminal group did it. Your quick to jump the gun.

    2. Sol posted it

  2. They had good day

  3. Why don't group of police put up a plan to pretend like normal public in highways to catch these scumbag criminals vandalizing people's properties. Do police fear to plan creatively or they get a share of robberies ?


    1. police are working with them, either by keeping stolen goods or by just charging these criminals some "piso" fees to operate. its a wild game down in Mexico.

    2. The police in most cases are working FOR the criminals. not like they have much of a choice to begin with. if they don't work alongside the drug pushers they will be killed. no room for mavericks either, anybody goes off the reservation the chief of police will make sure to turn them in to the local crime gang.

    3. Those were the police you moron !

  4. Question. A Mexican politician aiming for higher office who campaigns on a promise to let ordinary citizens own guns. What are his chances of rising high enough to at t

  5. That’s fucked up. Fuck them


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