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Monday, June 21, 2021

Puebla "La More", The Heiress of Gamboa's Dirty Businesses in the State Police

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Angelica N., one of the women closest to Saúl Gamboa Condado, recently fired from the Directorate of Police Operations after several accusations of corruption, still takes bribes from criminal gangs in the north of Puebla.

Angelica N., alias "La More," in uniform near Saúl Gamboa Condado, former Director of Operations of the State Preventive Police, continues to operate despite the departure of the official who was accused of his relationship with organized crime in Puebla.

What's more, according to information provided by other State Police, "La More" continues to charge a fee in order to serve criminal gangs in the area of La María, San Aparicio and the Central de Abastos in Puebla Capital.

"La More" is in charge of former commander Gamboa’s position of administering and receiving bribes, such as charging a protection fee from drug dealers and also receiving an economic percentage for allowing the theft of trailers in the northern area of the capital.

As PÁGINA NEGRA reported, Saúl Gamboa Condado served as director of Special Operations until he was accused of acts of corruption, such as illegal detentions, through the planting of drugs, protection of truck thieves and also drug retailers.

The accusations against Gamboa Condado began when on May 26, the Mexican Army arrested Juan Carlos Abraham, alias "El Caballo," head of the State Police team site in Esperanza. This person was arrested with drugs and weapons, and was accused of providing protection to criminal gangs in the region in complicity with Gamboa Condado, who also received a certain amount of money every certain time.

Afterwards, a video circulated on social networks in favor of the group led by Gamboa. In that video, the uniformed appeared as "Mr. Gamboa's mob," fired shots into the air and in the chorus of a rap song they mentioned that they were the terror of all thugs.

On Thursday, June 10, videos were leaked where two criminals who claim to work for drug traffickers such as "El Coreano" and "El Avión", mentioned that their bosses gave between 20,000 and 50,000 pesos a biweekly to Commander Gamboa to "work quietly."

Following the accusations, Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta announced on June 14 that Gamboa was discharged, although it has not yet been reported whether he will be reported to the Attorney General's Office and investigated for all the illegal activities attributed to him.

However, according to uniformed personnel from the State Police, the power concentrated by Gamboa is still present in "La More," who currently still receives the economic perks that they sent to the now overthrown director of Police Operations.

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  1. Scumbaggery all around.

  2. There goes my breakfast, xoxo chest with heads.

  3. This narcoslut will end up in one of the murder photos. Idea: a tab on the blog that just has all the grisly pics


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