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Sunday, June 27, 2021

Notable Figures: La Línea - Part II: Sonora & Background

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat 

La Línea - Bournes Brothers and Background

The Bournes brothers are not a family with long historical ties to La Línea or the Cártel de Juárez (Carrillo Fuentes Organization). However they became a part of La Línea due to a dispute over the control of the municipality of Yécora, in the state of Sonora.

Because the Bournes' Yécora rivals requested and received the support of Sinaloa Cartel's Los Salzares and Los Paredes, the Bournes had to seek out the support of a larger organization and thus, their adoption into La Línea began. (Source)

Hermosillo, Guaymas, Empalme, Cajeme
These areas are contested by Sinaloa cartel's Los Salazares. Current news reports differ on who controls these areas. However, if the Bournes brothers are hiding out in Moris, Chihuahua, as some report, it is likely their power in these areas is fading. (Source)

Co-leader of Bournes Brother La Línea - Current

Plaza Boss of Guaymas, Empalme, Cajeme, and Hermosillo 

ALIAS: El 500

NAME: Víctor Noé González Bournes


STATUS: Active


PROFILE: He is currently believed to be hiding out in Moris muncipality, Chihuahua under the protection of H2 from La Línea's Los H's.


Co-leader of Bournes Brother La Línea - Current

Plaza Boss of Guaymas, Empalme, Cajeme, and Hermosillo

ALIAS: El Águila 

NAME: Ever José González Bournes


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: He is currently believed to be hiding out in Moris muncipality, Chihuahua under the protection of H2 from La Línea's Los H's.

El Águila’s Second-in-Command

ALIAS: El Fay 

NAME: Rafael Félix Mata 


STATUS: Active

PROFILE: Very little information on him.

Bavispe, Huachinera, Bacerac, Bacadehuachi

The border areas between Sonora and Chihuahua have been contested for a long time. A group of high ranking men within Los Paredes with local ties were kicked out of Agua Prieta over a internal dispute. This banishment caused them switch sides to La Linea's Bournes brothers. With the Bournes brothers' support, they fought to contest this region against Los Paredes. With all three men now out of the game (two arrested, one dead), one might expect Los Paredes to fully retake this region. 

Boss of Sicarios 

Plaza Boss of Huachinera

ALIAS: El Tolteca 

NAME: Freddy Calles Romero


STATUS: Inactive, arrested June 2021

PROFILE: Due to an internal dispute within Los Paredes, El Tolteca was expelled alongside El G3 and El Missa from the municipality of Agua Prieta. El Tolteca's local roots in Huachinera allowed him to contest Los Paredes for control. There are many attacks on Los Paredes attributed to him. (Source)

El Tolteca was arrested on June 23 2021 on charges relates to the LeBaron massacre. (Source) 



NAME: Gildardo Palomino Nieblas 

OTHER ALIASES: José Francisco Cárdenas Meza

STATUS: Inactive, arrested July 2020

PROFILE: El G3 was originally a part of Sinaloa Cartel's Los Paredes. He was a lieutenant working for El Tin Tin however the two men had a falling out over unknown issues and El G3 was expelled out of Agua Prieta municipality. 
Also banished along with him was El Tolteca and El Missa. The three men are believed to have joined up with the Bournes brothers and by using their local roots in Huachinera and Bacadehuachi, they fought to contest Los Paredes' control in the areas south of Agua Prieta, along the Chihuahua border. (Source)  
El G3 was arrested on charges related to the LeBaron massacre on July 22 2020.(Source)


Plaza Boss of Bacadehuachi

ALIAS: El Missa

NAME: Francisco Misael Valencia Villaescusa


STATUS: Inactive, killed October 2019

PROFILE: Expelled alongside El G3 from Agua Prieta. The three banished men are believed to have joined up with the Bournes brothers, they fought to contest Los Paredes' control in the areas south of Agua Prieta. (Source)


El Missa was assassinated on October 26 2019 in Hermosillo, Sonora. Proceso magazine asserts that Los Paredes was behind his assassination. (Source)


In addition to Sonora, the map shows some areas in Chihuahua held by key Bournes allies like H2 and areas that used to be held by their brother Elizardo. For areas controlled by La Linea in general, see "La Linea - Part I" linked in the bottom.

Notable Figures in La Línea History
Notable Figures articles have been trying to focus on contemporary leaders that have had major relevance within the last five years, whereas the following is meant as a very basic overview of just some of the La Línea leaders that pre-date 2016. 

For comprehensive coverage of La Línea figures from before 2016 please see the Borderland Beat archives. Most especially recommended are the articles: 
La Línea and La Linea vs Gente Nueva from Buggs.  

The Financier, and “Owner” of La Línea
ALIAS: El Viceroy
NAME: Vicente Carrillo Fuentes
STATUS: Inactive, arrested 2014

PROFILE: He is the brother of Amado Carrillo Fuentes. He inherited the leadership of the Juarez Cartel from Amado when he died in 1997. El JL was his right hand man. Viceroy financed JL to create Los Linces and Los Condors, two specialized armed wings created to fight against the Sinaloa cartel. He was arrested October 9 2014. (Source)

The Main Founder
NAME: José Luis Ledezma
OTHER ALIASES: El Dos Letras (“The Two Letters”, for “JL”)
STATUS: Inactive, believed to have died between 2009-2010

PROFILE: Was the right hand man for El Viceroy. In order to defend against Sinaloa cartel’s men he was tasked with creating Los Linces and Los Condors, La Linea was later born out of those two organizations. He founded La Línea along with El Pariente. His second in command was El Tigre. (Source)

Another Founder
ALIAS: El Pariente
NAME: Luis Guillermo Castillo Rubio
STATUS: Inactive, arrested in Cancun in 2012 

PROFILE: Founded La Linea alongside El JL. Was a direct boss of El Diego who later went on to lead La Linea for a time. Arrested in Cancun in April 2012. (Source)


Plaza Boss of Villa Ahumada - Former
El JL’s Right Hand Man
ALIAS: El Tigre
NAME: Pedro Sánchez Arras
STATUS: Inactive, arrested 2008. 

PROFILE: Was the second-in-command to El JL. (Source) He took over leading plaza of Villa Ahumada after death of El Borrego. (Source )

Leader - Former
ALIAS: El Mónico
NAME: Juan Pablo Guijarro Fragoza
STATUS: Inactive, arrested Jan 3 2010


Lieutenant - Former
ALIAS: El Royser
NAME: Rogelio Segovia Hernández
STATUS: Inactive, arrested July 2010

Leader - Former
ALIAS: El 20
NAME: Luis Carlos Vázquez Barragán
STATUS: Inactive, Arrested July 2010

Leader - Former
ALIAS: El Brad Pitt
NAME: Marco Antonio Guzman Zuñiga
STATUS: Inactive, arrested June 17 2011


Leader - Former
ALIAS: El Diego
NAME: José Antonio Acosta Hernández
STATUS: Inactive, arrested July 29 2011

Leader - Former
ALIAS: El Tarzán
NAME: Jesús Antonio Rincón Chavero
STATUS: Inactive, arrested August 18 2011
Coming Up Next:

Sunday, July 4 2021 - Notable Figures: Gente Nueva - Sonora and Chihuahua


  1. With all those arrest is the only reason Sinaloa was able to get so deep into the heart of Juarez Cartel.

    1. Middle range bosses, nothing.

  2. Nothing on the Cuauhtémoc side of town ? That small city has thousands missing. It’s always been a breeding ground for La Linea soldiers.

    1. Cuauhtémoc municipality, Chihuahua is covered in La Linea Part I.

      Cuauhtémoc, the town in Naco municipality Sonora is covered in Los Paredes.

  3. Does any Carrillo Fuentes has any pull left in La Linea or NCJ? Amados son operates in Central Mx like many big bosses. Is he completely out of the picture?

    1. Yes Cecelia la C1 Carrillo runs things now

    2. None of the Carrillos is directly involved in the Juarez cartel since "amados death"

  4. Thank you. Looking forward to deep dive on Caborca, including list of RFQ hideouts LOL

  5. What ever happened to el negro ramirez,el gato viejo, santibañez

  6. Replies
    1. Oh, look who showed up in the comment section! Long time no see. :D

  7. El negro opened a bar in Miami Beach. He's out of the game.

  8. I've been looking for a guy named El Toro. Good with a knife. Anybody heard of him?

  9. "Midnight in Mexico" - when La Linea were forbidden words in Juarez at the sake of death if you called them out. Juarez cartel henchmen. Known as the Gatekeepers, Philip Jordan, of Kiki C. associates, called them out. Patron, Juan Jose' Esparragoza Moreno, "El Azul". Artistas Asesinos, rivals to La Linea have been quiet along with Empressa. It's just a matter of time before Juarez blows up. Thanks to HEARST

  10. Does anybody know what happened to armando corral?, hes from durango but very close to viceroy,and at one time was gonna be the leader of la linea (him or JL).But lately hes not mentioned any where.have read some articles about him but not much is known no pictures

    1. Armando corral was probably captured?

  11. La linea also has delicias and camargo now. Those plazas where gente nueva de parral but they started having problems with los 300 so they switched over to lineas

    1. Thanks. I will look into that as part of my Gente Nueva research. Will keep updating the maps as I go.

  12. Wasn't la lines the Cartel that killed labron babies and mother's mo a van, then torched it to hide evidence.

    1. its said, but their connections to cartels are not a new thing for them... Those places are not even safe for sicarios... why would they sent their families (womens/kids) through that territories... brechas in Chihuahua are not safe from Juarez to Ojinaga...


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