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Friday, June 4, 2021

Misantla, Veracruz: Mayoral Candidate, Director of Police, and Police Commander, All Found Dead in the Last 4 Months

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

The killing of political candidate José Alfredo Gaspar Gutiérrez was the lastest high-profile murder in Misantla, Veracruz. Several victims were found dead in the same road, which may suggest the killings are related.

In the first half of 2021, the Mexican coastal state of Veracruz has been plagued by bloodshed – on the streets, inside bars and restaurants, and even in private homes. Political candidates and local police chiefs have also been targeted.

In January 2021, the commander of the Misantla municipal police was found dead at the same location with signs of torture. In April 2021, the former director of the Misantla municipal police was found dead on a state highway. He had resigned after his colleague was killed in January.

On May 16, 2021, the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) pre-candidate for municipal president of Misantla, Veracruz was found dead with visible signs of torture and strangulation after going missing three days earlier.

Freddy Gaspar - Misantla Mayoral Candidate
On May 13, 2021, José Alfredo Gaspar Gutiérrez, known more commonly as Freddy Gaspar, was reported as missing by his relatives who filed a missing persons report with the Veracruz State Attorney General's Office (FGE).

Freddy Gaspar had disappeared in his hometown of Arroyo Hondo, Misantla, Veracruz. The corresponding report was made to the State Search Commission but the State search committee did not release his file until May 15, 2021, when a bulletin was issued.

On the morning of May 16 2021, residents of the area and workers from the Department of Public Cleaning found the body of a deceased male on the dirt road that leads to the municipal garbage dump in Martínez de la Torre municipality. This road is a few meters away from the state highway at the point known as "La Curva". The emergency services line was called around 7:00am; SSP officers arrived and cordoned off the area.

Freddy Gaspar's body (photo credit: Golpe Politico)

Personnel from the General Directorate of Forensic Services, Regional Prosecutor's Office, and ministerial police were called to the scene. Vehicle circulation on the nearby state highway was restricted for two hours while the scene was being processed.

The deceased male was found lying face up and appeared to be of approximately 30 to 35 years old. He was wearing a green shirt, blue jeans and dark socks. The body allegedly showed no signs of gunshot wounds, however, there were visible marks of torture, including apparent strangulation. The body was taken to the Forensic Medical Service for an autopsy and was entered into the morgue as unidentified.

Hours later Gaspar’s relatives arrived at the Forensic Medical Service building and identified the deceased male as Freddy Gaspar, the well-known 33 years old Morena pre-candidate. At 3:00pm authorities confirmed that the man found that morning was Freddy Gaspar Gutiérrez. In a press conference, Governor Cuitláhuac García confirmed that political activity could be one of the reasons for the crime.

Gasgar was the founder of the Morena party in Misantla municipality. When Municipal president of Misantla, Gustavo Moreno Ramos, died of COVID-19 on May 6 2021, Freddy Gaspar was selected as the pre-candidate for Morena party selected to run in the Misantla election. However, the Morena party later entered into an alliance with the Green Ecologist and the Labor party. As part of this alliance, Freddy was displaced from being the party candidate by Javier Hernández Candanedo.

September 15, 2020
On September 15, 2020, three dead men were found at this same location of the dirt road leading to the Martínez de la Torre garbage dump. Primer Parrafo report the men were identified as Benjamín Álvarez, Víctor Morales Salas, and Hansel Martínez. They had visible signs of torture.

January 29, 2021
Baruch Pérez León - Misantla Municipal Police Commander
On January 29, 2021, the body of the commander of the Misantla Municipal Police, Baruch Pérez León was found executed on the same road that leads to the Martínez de la Torre garbage dump. In a similar fashion, Baruch Pérez León’s body showed visible signs of torture. Shortly after Baruch Pérez León’s body was found, the director of the Misantla municipal police Filiberto Sangabriel Lozada resigned from his position.

Filiberto Sangabriel Lozada

April 15 2021
Filiberto Sangabriel Lozada - Misantla Municipal Police Director
On April 15, 2021, police director Filiberto Sangabriel Lozada was found dead on the Nautla-Coapeche state highway. His body was handcuffed and face down with visible gunshot wounds.

April 28, 2021
A taxi driver was killed and found in the morning on the side of the Martínez de la Torre highway. He was a collaborator and driver of Morena's candidate for mayor of Misantla, Javier Hernández Candanedo. According to authorities, the driver, Bricio "N", was 35 years old and his relatives reported him missing for eight days.

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  1. Welcome to politics

  2. Making deals con el Diablo is a no no

  3. It is so sad to see what has happened to Mexico. A place I traveled to in the 1970's and we were as free as bird. Wonderful people, wonderful culture. The good people who try to make a difference don't have an ice cubes chance in this Hell.

  4. It is so sad to see what has happened to Mexico. A place I traveled to in the 1970's and we were as free as a bird. Wonderful people, wonderful culture. The good people who try to make a difference don't have an ice cubes chance in this Hell.

  5. 8:04 Thank the US, in the 1985 about 35 police officers (federales mainly, with some local municipales) got murdered by felix ismael rodriguez mendigutia contras in Sanchez Taboada Veracruz, they had been using RCQ and miguel angel felix gallardo rancho Camino Real "to train contras" but their main business line was traffick cocaine, mariguana, weapons and billions of dollars to and from the US, Nicaragua, el Salvador, Colombia, Honduras, CostaRica, Panama, Peru, Bolivia...those cuicos were not innocent, they were trying to steal millions of dollars in Mariguana, but they did not know they were getting into the wolf's mouth there.
    That rancho Camino Real was sold to RCQ and felix gallardo by the murdering drug trafficking brothers Izquierdo Ebrard, AMLO was like 12 years old...

  6. R.i.p. officers! True warriors! I am sure most of them knew they would be killed when they took the job...


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