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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Mexico City: The Hernández Brothers, Drug Distributors for El Chori of La Unión Tepito

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Through social networks they disseminated photographs of a family that belongs to La Unión Tepito known as the Hernandez brothers.

According to information released, they form part of the mob of individuals who belong to El Chori, current head of that criminal group.

This matter concerns the brothers who are dedicated in the distribution of drugs in the areas of the Morelos colony along with the Historic Center.

They supposedly have their drug den in a building located on Heroes Street of Nacozari #10, in the Venustiano Carranza district.

According to an anonymous source, this is the meeting point, where they plan to go out to extort and kill people who don’t pay "the fee."

The alleged person in charge of the place is identified as Ángel Manuel Pulido Hernández aka El Güero along with his brother Rul Pulido Hernández.

Both are responsible for the sale and distribution of drugs for La Unión Tepito.

They assure that El Güero is under the orders of Felipe Escobar Pineda, the alleged plaza boss.

In addition to the crime of drug trafficking, they have also been linked to several homicides, extortion collection and corruption of minors.

Other extortionists

David Omar alias El Piwi along with his accomplice El Tío are dedicated to the collection of extortion in the streets of San Antonio Tomatlán, Héroes de Nacazor, Alarcón, Miscalco and the Historic Center.

Ricardo Quiroz alias El Chilis or 'the one with cleft lip', is dedicated to kidnapping and homicide, in addition to the distribution of drugs.

Pol Rey Cornejo Cuin, kidnapper and murderer, is the right hand of El Chilis.

Felipe Escobar Pineda, is the plaza boss for Héroes de Nacazor, in charge of kidnappings and homicides. He reports directly to El Chori, because he is under his orders.

Letra Roja


  1. Wait, selling their drugs and extorting in their local neighborhoods? But I thought the U.S. was the cause of all Mexico's problems, this just doesn't make sense.

    1. 2:41 The U.S. is the cause as Mexicans now copied them in selling drugs in their own neighborhoods.

    2. Not all... Just 94.76%

    3. no the cause of all problems in the comment section is ignorant people like you who demonstrate their ignorance with stupid remarks as yours above

    4. 2:41 you're a dork.

    5. Supply and demand theory: US is the biggest drug users with money and Latin American, South Americans are willing to die to supply it.

    6. 4:31 and 7:40 I agree why ask an ignorant question, when all the facts are in articles.

    7. At the end of the day - how can Mexico not be responsible for Mexico??

    8. Never mexicans fault. ALWAYS EVERYONE else. Commiting crime in mexico and the US. You stupid asses are fucking dorks.

    9. @2:41 It’s greed & economics. Years back cartels just pushed the drugs north but as they diversified into large scale extortion, kidnapping, fuel theft, etc it only makes sense to create a local drug user population to make MORE money & if needed cheap labor -lookouts that don’t sleep for days, who need breakfast when you can just get high 1 more time.

  2. Are you snitching or you trying to have them kill
    Are you working for a cartel

    1. Hummm me is working for a cartel.

  3. Yes, put their faces and names out for everyone to see, if they are known even the crooked cops have to back off.

  4. There’s a lot of dumbasses on here. The point of journalism is to put info out there

  5. There’s a lot of dumbasses on here. The point of journalism is to put info out there

  6. The comment section has changed so much since BB came back online.


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