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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Mexicali, Baja California: Armed Criminal Cell Unleashes Gunfire Against Home

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

The calm of the Silva neighborhood, a community located in the Mexicali valley, was interrupted by an armed attack perpetrated during the early hours of Thursday, June 24, when criminals with assault rifles unloaded more than 300 rounds against a home where a family was staying overnight.

Despite the aggressiveness of the attack, a 25-year old man was injured, but without the need for medical attention, according to the authorities.

The events occurred around 3 in the morning in that rural community, where crew members of two recent model pick-ups, arrived and unloaded their firearms from outside the home.

The criminals carried long weapons, apparently G3, AK47 and R15, which they shot indiscriminately at the house, causing damage to the structure and to a car parked inside the courtyard.

Municipal agents were alerted and mobilized to the scene, but they failed to find those responsible, they limited themselves to interviewing the residents of the home, three minors and two adults, of whom one named Daniel Ruiz Campos, 25, was injured by gunfire that hit his stomach.

While working at the crime scene they discovered that the attack was perpetrated by several shooters, who unloaded their weapons without contemplation, leaving on the floor more than 300 shell casings, damaging the exterior of the house.

So far, the identity of the aggressors and the reasons why the crime was perpetrated are unknown.

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  1. Doesn't seem like it was a random attack if i was one of those two adults i would grab the children and leave has fast has i could to the USA border for asylum

  2. House dont hit back. Poor house got shot up for no reasons.

    1. The house is now deemed unsafe, with all the bullet holes, it can come down.

  3. What a waste of ammo!! Whoever was in the house they must have really feared!!

    1. imagine leaving there. i would be scared for life.


    Interesting article. Talks about how AMLO and MORENA are looking to pact with DTO to reduce crimes.

    1. Almo did at pact with priests to meet with Cartels bosses to reduce violence, as you see that did not work.

    2. So you got the most corrupt goverment making a pact with the united pedofile alliance of the world . Everyone is going to get raped . If you value your ability to fart right Id get the fuck out there because your pitch is about to get a lot lower and sloppier sounding then it already is . Good Luck with that.

  5. All those rounds shot and barely injured a person.yea they were scared to do that shit the right way.must be their first job first time.shit idk, maybe they wasnt tryin to hit no one,just light up the pad and cars real good..rompiendo silencio


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