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Monday, June 21, 2021

Juanacatlán, Jalisco: Currently 227 Corpses Recovered from Clandestine Graves

 Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

So far this year, 227 people have been found in 12 clandestine graves located in various parts of the area. In the previous year, 244 people were found for the month of June in 11 clandestine burial points.

The most recent grave that was located and which is the largest so far, is the one found in the community of El Saucillo, in the municipality of Juanacatlán, in which the week closed out with 88 people being exhumed.

The prosecutor Specialized in Missing Persons, Blanca Jaqueline Trujillo Cuevas, reported that, of the 88 victims, 34 have already been identified. Work on that place began in March of last year.

Likewise, the work of searching for remains in the grave of the Alamedas de Zalatitán neighborhood, in the municipality of Tonalá, where 22 victims were located, has already finished.

"It's a case that’s already finished. From this course of action 22 victims have already been recovered, of which six of them are already identified and their relatives are currently in the process of recovering their bodies. 

We are moving forward to work on the corresponding assessments by the Institute and by the Prosecutor's Office to continue advancing in the identification of people," Trujillo Cuevas said.

As for the case of Juanacatlán, the work is about to be completed.

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  1. cjng has mass graves all over jalisco..dumbass cheerleaders lets hear you dick riders on this..😬

    1. Young men that dont want to join them, independent drug dealers that are not selling their products. Kidnapped people that dont pay ransoms.

  2. Replies
    1. Nah this scale must BE cjng.

    2. @11:32 I always cringe when Billy shows his real pathetic cheerleading self.

  3. Can't even begin to think of the true figures of bodies that have been mutilated & dumped in such.
    A graveyard of mass proportions is what Mexico has succumb to.

  4. 1:18 compare this scattered mass grave with La Macarena mass grave right outside of the colombian military base more than 2 000 bodies...the colombian armed forces and government insist they are all enemy combatants degraded on the battlefield.
    --no US journalists are on the case...


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