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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Genaro García Luna's US Trial Postponed Due to the Complexity of the Case

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Genaro Garcia Luena is believed to be the highest ranking Mexican official charged with drug trafficking in the United States (excluding former Mexican Army General Salvador Cienfuegos Zepeda, who was cleared of US drug charges in January 2021).
Brian Cogan, the US federal judge assigned to the District Court for the Eastern District of New York, accepted the request of the defense and prosecutors to postpone the trial of Genaro Garcia Luna for 60 days.

The judge said that the "complexity" of the case and the new evidences presented merit a date postponement. The initial hearing was scheduled for June 23 and has been pushed to August 25.

Borderland Beat reported last month that US prosecutors had added new evidences to the case, including Google Earth images, prison recordings, and financial and property records from Mexico, Colombia, Barbados, and Panama that framed Garcia Luna.

García Luna was Secretary of Public Security of Mexico from 2006 to 2012, during the presidency of Felipe Calderon. He left Mexico at the end of Calderon's presidency and moved to Miami, where he established permanent residency. In 2018, he filed for US citizenship. However, he was arrested in Texas in December 2019 after being accused by federal authorities in New York of supporting the Sinaloa Cartel.

Investigators say he provided protection to the cartel and received millions of dollars from Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman, once considered Mexico's most-wanted drug lord.

Garcia Luna hid more than US$50 million dollars in tax havens through a network of companies. The places he laundered money included the US, Mexico, Barbados, Hong Kong, Israel, Latvia, Panama, the UK, Cyprus and Curaçao.

Sources: Animal PoliticoLa JornadaProceso; Borderland Beat archives


  1. This guy worked directly for Chapo but Chapo wasnt the boss people still say. 😅🙄 They say MZ is with no proof...MZ is just simply more low profile and never leaves the bush. If MZ was more powerful they wouldnt of ever taken his sons up north period.

    1. I don’t like the chapos y su desmadre q traen en mi querido Sonora, but there as no Guadalajarazo when El Niño was arrested but Culiacan ardió con el menso del Edgar, shows who’s got power

    2. 647
      And that "show" up power got Chapo where? Under a fucken microscope and in ADX MAX for life, while the least "powerful" mayo keeps reigning. You call it "power" I call it "brains".

    3. 6:47. They also arrested Mayito Gordo in Culiacan with no problem.

    4. Mayo isn’t stupid, the chapitos drew too much attention with their stupid rescue op. They’re reckless, it doesn’t mean they have more power. Mayo may be a hermit up in the Sierra but he has the contacts, experience and funds. Chapitos aren’t weak but they’re not as strong as Mayo.

    5. 6:31
      Obviously you know everything right?
      Vincentillo was working with the DEA for a while and used that ticket to get out the life or start over.It seems as if All his sons excluding maybe Mayito Flaco wanted out the life. It's never bee them and MZ knows it according to trusted sources and his own journal. I'm against their actions 100% as it goes against my morals but they play different down in Mexico. What he did was considered smart interms of starting a new life, he's rich and has his family with him. If he chose to get back in the life he wiped his slate clean

    6. True story, Mayo lived in East L.A back in the 70's. Hung out at el Mercadito del este de Los Angeles. Never got arrested but got in trouble with the law on some unrelated to drug charges. Thats when he went back to mexico.

    7. Could you post a link to the 70's mayo arrest. Want to know more on that. Never knew he's been arrested before, especially in the 🇺🇸

    8. That was an estrategic move by MZ, to have his young sons do a lil time, now El Niño is out nowhere to be found, enjoying private life and a lot way more money, (millions). As to the Chaputos, their home town is the beginning of the jail time.... they can’t leave Culiacán... and when they do, they will be busted at an older age, probably gonna end up like El Padrino. “Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo.....

  2. They are also pushing the trial because he is working out a deal with the prosecution. No way he's heading to trial. He'd go to prison forever... he will pull a "Yarrington" and be free in a few. Mark my words.

  3. no one is batting for him now... yet Cienfuegos got a lot of people who supported him and pressured Mexico to get him back. comes to show that this guy had 0 friends, just acquaintances. asi es el negocio...

    1. Curuption every which way you see it. The Mexican military heads controlled/ pressured ALMO to ask the USA to free Cienfugeos. By stating they will put him in court, just after a week, ALMO being a puppet to military told USA, there was no evidence, yet after hundreds of wiretaps and evidence from the DEA. Yet USA pumps millions yearly to Mexico to fight the war on drugs. Totally making Mexico worse. Furthermore has the odasity to say, they will be limiting DEA intervention.

    2. Almo did not rilise cienpedos, OK? The US did, in spite of having all the evidence, said Mike Vigil...
      The US is compromised with their DEA/CIA deals with narcos all over the world.

  4. due to complexity of the face...

    as shown.

    starting with the transforming dimple chin, relaxed at times of low stress or can instantly transform into pucker formation when situation arises, also rumored to have secret compartment and or be used as a floatation device.

    lips may be thin yet are underestimated at ones own peril. when backed into a corner the lips may babble on to distract ones attention. then as ones gaurd is down, the main arsenal is revealed spewing forth big lies faster than a 100 rounds a second mini gun gets invited to an arturo beltran leyva high rise condominium fiesta.

    the nose 'knows' when someone is holding. no sense of hiding it. you have heard es mi casa su casa...well.. "tu drogas, dinero, tu stash es... Genaro stash ahora."

    eyes see all. some say heat seaking infared night vision xray telecopic tracktor beam...most havent thought about it but if given a multiple choice the above was 3rd chosen overall most likely with most assuming lasic eye surgery...this guy has eyes alright there i said it.

    the eye brows say "hey bro your not gonna tell on me right?" ...when in reality congrecture is more than a lito frabricate.

    finanlly the crew cut in silver surfer confirms that no, hes gonna tell on you, sans payment of course. what? thats bizness beach, pay to surf holmes... this guy does not tolerate what he deems "freeloadin paisas" on his surf n' cakewalk beach.

    in all seriousness why do these guys always feel so ccomfortable comimg to the USA owning property and what not after knowing they arnt gona have thst government clout position any longer to protect them? arogance? gotten away with it for so long they get sloppy? think they are that smart? interesting to see it happen over and over again and they keep doing it. didnt know mexican politicians see retiring in the usa as such a promise land..maybe a bit over generalization but interesting non the less.

    1. When there’s so many different angles of who doesn’t like you, who knows you cheated them, who paid bribes but didn’t get a return on investment, & who generally just wants you dead so you don’t tell their secrets... then you make a run for the border...!!! North to the USA...!!! I guess a chance for a trial & investigation is better than a range of outcomes in Mexico where little chance of forgiveness is given...

      -Holden D. Cash

  5. If Mayo has all the cash and the kids only do 5-10 years in Federal camp Snoopy. Kids then walk as a free person with a free pass in the US under Federal protection services. Soon they will enjoy life hiding in plain sight. SDSO

  6. "complexity" of the case translates to "some gringos ended up getting a glimpse of just how far the rabbit hole goes and yet, are still in denial about the fact that their country can actually be invovled in so much chaos.

  7. He deserves life without parole

  8. 11:52

    yes sir.

    'involved' in this context is thee el understatement de understatements. illegal drugs arnt simply another commodity, for the U S A, it is thee commodity, exceeding all else in value by miles, this country doesnt produce like it used to, we've become a 'service economy' whatever the eff that means, to me that says by and large we dont produce products the world is buying, but the shopping mall is open for business, the market regulators in law enforcement keep drugs illegal and thus the prices multipy 10,000 fold and all the 'service economys' in between that cater to that system, from jails and courts to all the strip malls funded by laundered drug money. whats the result? well respect for the liberty of the individual goes out the window, a sizable amount of the population still believes the state should be so hyper involved in the habits of peoples lives its terrifying, and we are just about corona fried chicken shat to becoming the land where half the population polices the other half right? what a blight to behold...

    rabbit hole doubt bud...

    it ends when people collectively say enough is enough and we stop allowing the state to get their nose so overly involved in the personal lives of its citizens. at a base level it stops when people feel its ok cage a human being for simple drug use. the state and its flunkies will fight tooth and nail to hold onto their racket, it cant sustain without it period.

  9. Genaro García Luna,
    El Señor de la Muerte
    BY: Francisco Cruz
    Copyright 2020

    Everyone should read this book, period.
    Talk about rabbit holes, GGL ran the MAZE.......even faked the tunnels. Complexity, an understatement.


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