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Monday, June 14, 2021

Fresnillo, Zacatecas: Executed Male Found With Narco Message

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* “I haven’t once lowered my guard in my path for strengthening security”: Alejandro Tello

Along with a narco-message written on a cardboard, a man was found shot dead in this municipal capital early this Saturday.

The event took place on a dirt road outside the Hidalgo de Ojuelos community, in Fresnillo.

At around 06:00 hours, the 911 emergency system received reports of the presence of a deceased individual in that town. Elements of the police corporations went to the site.

Upon arrival, on the road parallel to the former Hacienda de Ojuelos, near the area known as La Patera, along some bushes they found the victim, confirmation was made that it was a male corpse.

Upon discovery they realized that he was wearing a black shirt and green pants, in addition to having wounds caused by a firearm.

The body lay on its back, next to it there was a cardboard with a narco message.

On Thursday, May 27, in the same area, the body of another executed man was found, with traces of torture, handcuffed and a bullet in his head.

Subsequently, Investigative police and experts from the Zacatecan Institute of Forensic Sciences went to the site to process the crime scene, secure the evidence and take the body to SEMEFO for the autopsy protocol.

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  1. Trash culture, here's more photographic proof.

  2. Compa , arrabalera y no comprende



    1. Los puercos es la palabra que la tenian los golfos y cjng cuando se unieron. Esa gente de dgo la a usado desde 2010. Quita puercos son. Malditas menchas que mal estan dela mente en decir le alos demas lo que otros les dicen.

    2. @4:06 ya déjate de escribir pendejadas o serás uno más de los enviciados de DGO que se la maman a los Chinaloenses

  4. Chole, david monreal got elected governor, after a campaign of silence that made many like me think he had withdrawn his candidacy, while all reporters did was report crimes and murders all over the state to distract everybody from the BS.
    The state public security has been sold to the highest bidder that helped the monriales come and fuck up zacatecas again, fresnillo has another monrial brother for presidente municipal, but crime goes on and on and on and on.

  5. So which cartel could it be that they have the Mantas prewritten and are pinning it on any human being, happened to be walking by, burracho alert.... don't go out drinking at night, cartels want you dead to put a Manta.

    1. Nohomie, they kill them then dump them somewhere else.


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