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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Former Mayor from Guanajuato Killed in Drive-By Shooting

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat
David Sánchez Malagón served as mayor (municipal president) of Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuato, from 2009 to 2012.
The former mayor of Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuato, under the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), David Sánchez Malagón, was killed on Wednesday when he was driving his truck on the road that leads to Tarimoro municipality.

The PRI politician was kidnapped last year. He was released on August 2, the same day that José Antonio Yépez Ortiz, alias "El Marro", the former leader of the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel (CSRL), was captured. It is unknown how long Sanchez Malagon was in captivity and if El Marro's capture was related to his kidnapping or release.

According to information from the Municipal Police, the man was driving a black pick-up truck with a trailer at around 7:30 AM on the Apaseo-Tarimoro highway when he was intercepted by armed men at La Luisiada Bypass, close to a gas station. The cartel members collided with his vehicle to push him off the road before opening fire.

The killers then got off their vehicle and shot him at least six times from point-blank range. Sánchez Malagón was left lifeless in the driver's seat.

Relatives of Sánchez Malagón arrived at the crime scene and spoke with the authorities. Investigators did not provide additional details about the investigation. The politician's body was taken to the morgue in the city of Celaya for a legal autopsy before it was handed over to his relatives for burial. 

Alejandro Arias Ávila, general secretary of the PRI state committee, confirmed the murder and recalled that Sánchez Malagón had already been the victim of another serious crime, a kidnapping.

“[Sanchez Malagon] had already gone through a kidnapping. His release coincided when they caught El Marro. This was a traumatic event for him”, said Arias on social media.

He also explained that Sanchez Malagon was still an active PRI member and that he wanted to run for office. Although he was unsuccessful in getting elected, he continued to show his support for the party.

The municipality of Apaseo el Alto has become the most dangerous municipality in Mexico for politicians. With the murder of Sanchez Malagon, there have been 12 public officials and politicians assassinated in recent months.


  1. So who's taking over the plaza in Altar since no more noveno.. any juice out of Sonora?

    1. Good question 7:28 only good thing shootings and burning of house dropped drastically. Seems like los Rumas are back at the main screen. Confrontations on the ejidos they operate are taking place in the last coupe days. Let’s see what happens

  2. Political hit or mafioso shit? It’s all the same

    1. personal vendetta could be, or business. doesn't matter b/c this will never get solved.

  3. Not to worry Almo and his government will do nothing, put blame on the last president.

  4. Cjngg had him kidnapped so he could have Marro captured wow that’s some mastermind shit now he got killed my marros people. Makes sense.

    1. and in return for the killing the gob reinstated the murder charges against el marro.

    2. Weren't some kidnapped people found when Marro was captured? Was this murdered politician one of them?

    3. Didnt almo have marro arrested?

  5. politicians in Mexico are always living on borrowed time. heads start rolling as soon as different DTO moves in, its like a game of hot potato. can't hold on too long cause eventually theyll get burned. gotta know when to bounce.

  6. Politicians and GOVERNMENT officials keep getting KILLED..
    I think THAT is good news..
    That WILL be the ONLY way 🇲🇽 will go AGAINST cartels..
    THOSE people in office will realize THEY need to keep the CARTELS in check or get KILLED..
    In 🇺🇸 the GOVERNMENT keeps ORGANIZED crime in check
    In 🇲🇽 ORGANIZED crime KEEPS GOVERNMENT in check.. Even that AMLO PENDEJO is in bed with SINALOA CARTEL and proven many TIMES..
    His motto is "abrazos no balasos"
    He claims there is NO CARTEL problems in Mexico but Mexico is A WAR zone!!!!! SMH
    Tgen AGAIN.. It's DEEPER than just DRUGS and CARTELS.. Just SAYING

    1. Hey it's the guy that has underwear with the Mexican flag.

  7. Please forgive me, as I am a black American who is 100% ignorant of the realities of living in Mexico. Even if I did live in Mexico, the fear of being gunned down would overide any fear of running afoul of the law. I would arm myself by pistol or long arm and let the fucking chips fall. The dog-fuckers might get me, but hopefully I can go down swinging. So that my mother wouldn't be the only mother who is left in tears.
    Brave words, I know. Words often fall short in the nitty gritty of reality. But's that's how I feel.


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