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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz: Armed Confrontation Between Criminal Cells Over Protection Fee

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Two criminal groups faced each other with gunfire this Sunday at dawn, allegedly due to a protection fee issue, for these events 3 criminals were arrested and one died. The subjects are allegedly part of a local gang with a history of assaulting taxi passengers.

This took place in the vicinity of the Charlie Brown taco shop located at the end of a bridge on Avenida Uno, near the corner of Tuxpan Street, in the Progreso y Paz neighborhood.

It was announced that around 2 in the morning the criminals arrived at the site due to a protection fee, minutes later the other armed group arrived aboard a truck and began the confrontation. The occupants of the vehicle managed to escape when the police elements arrived to the place. However, the detainees didn’t manage to leave the place.

After the events, authorities arrived at the crime scene to cordon off and carry out their duties.

In the area they located more than 20 shell casings, neighbors heard almost 5 minutes of gunfire.

So far the Public Security Secretariat has not provided an official statement.

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  1. Musta been some bad-ass tacos. Tacos to die for.

    1. Ther tacos El pastor are to die for.

  2. Cab drivers union,
    divided, they stand defeated, extorting and killing each other after paying for the Plasa exclusive monopoly.

  3. Pendejos, jueron por lana y salieron trasquilados.
    Went to shear some protection fees and could notnprotect themselves from getting shorn, got set up pretty good and will get further screwed in jail.


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