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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

CJNG's El Chucho Arrested in Morelos

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Left: El Cucho, Right: Comando Tlahuica video from 2018

Jesús 'N' alias “El Cucho” was arrested on Friday. He was the leader of the Guerreros Unidos group Comando Tlahuica that operates on behalf of the Cartel Jalisco New Generation within the state of Morelos. 

A victim of either kidnapping or extortion (unspecified) came forward to make a report to police warning them about El Cucho. Based on this tip, members of the Specialized Unit to Combat Kidnapping and Extortion (UECS) conducted field work and intelligence gathering in order to document enough evidence to be granted an arrest warrant for El Cucho.  

Arrest warrant in hand, UECS members surveilled a home in the Juan Morales neighborhood in the municipality of Yecapixtla, in the state of Morelos. On the morning of Friday, June 4 2021 the UECS members spotted El Cucho leaving the home where he was alleged to be hiding out and they rushed to arrest him. 

Morales’ State Safety Coordination group established in 2018 that the CJNG was operating significantly within the eastern part of Morelos via a Guerrero Unidos group and began looking for a way to bring down their leaders. In 2018, this same Guerreros Unidos group, sometimes called “Comando Tlahuica”, was led by Raymundo Isidro Castro Salgado alias El Ray. 

El Ray was originally from Acapulco, Guerrero but he lived and operated in Cuautla, Morelos. He was investigated in connection to the crimes of kidnapping, extortion, collection of “de piso” (regular fee to do business), and drug trafficking. On May 7 2019, El Ray was arrested while hiding out in La Noira, in Puebla state. El Ray was ordered to stand trial for the crime of “Express Kidnapping”, which is often forcing someone through threat of bodily harm to go to an ATM and withdraw money which they then steal. El Ray was able to continue to lead Comando Tlahuica from inside inside Atlacholoaya state prison until he was murdered by a rival prison gang on October 30 2019. Of note, El Cucho is currently being sent to this same Atlacholoaya prison while he is awaiting trial.

After El Ray was killed, Irving Eduardo Solano Vera alias "El Profe” or “El Gato” took over leadership of the Guerreros Unidos group. Irving Eduardo Solano was a former municipal police officer who worked for three years in the Homicide Investigation group until leaving in 2003. El Profe was a high ranking member within Los Negros, which was an enforcer unit of the Beltrán Leyva Cartel turned independent organization led by Édgar Valdéz Villarreal alias “La Barbie”. El Profe spent time in prison between 2010 - 2015 and after he got out he joined Comando Tlahuica. He was arrested on February 17 2021 in Cuautla, Morelos.

The next day, El Profe’s second-in-command and presumed successor Iván Alfonso was arrested. Iván Alfonso, who also used the name Fernando Rosas Gómez (referred to as Fernando ‘N’ in reports), was another former police officer. 

It is at this point, following the arrest of El Profe and Iván Alfonso, that El Cucho took over control of Comando Tlahuica although it seems based on his arrest that his tenure as leader lasted only four months. With the quick successive losses of three leadership figures since only February, one might assume that Comando Tlahuica is currently unstable. Only time will tell whether this instability will lead to its collapse or an unleashing of violence.

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El Ray Sources: Economia Hoy, El Sol de Mexico, El Txoro Matutino, El TeleDario 

El Profe Sources: Zona Centro Noticias, Sol Yucatan, Diario de Morelos


  1. Chucho look like your typical sinaloense.

    1. I dont think you've ever been to Sinaloa. He looks like he's from michoacan, puebla, guerrero or even jalisco

    2. 11:03
      You're and idiot. You must think William levy is from Sinaloa or something, look at el azul.
      He was literally purple he was so dark.
      Amado Carrillo was dark af too.

      America has damaged you guys mentally, has you thinking lighter skin is some how more pure and clean vs us who are different shades of brown.

    3. Pendejos fighting over looks.

    4. Before the arrival of the Spaniards, Sinaloa was inhabited by six major tribes of hunters and gathers: the Cahita, Tahue, Totorame, Pacaxee, Acaxee and Xixime. The Acaxees lived in rancherías (settlements) dispersed throughout the gorges and canyons of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range.

      IT'S sad that those SINALOA PENDEJOs think they HAVE pure Europeans blood and are quick to call EVERYONE else an Indian. Learn your HISTORY pendejos!!!
      Here's a quick lesson for you 😆
      I'm michoacano and proud of my INDIGENOUS blood, you should do the same instead of BEING ashamed of it.
      I UNDERSTAND your tribes were not as sophisticated as Aztecs, mayas or tarascos but nevertheless, you CAN'T be ashamed of who you are...
      Just SAYING..

    5. And they say there is no more racism in America. Ha!

    6. Told you man,fuckin feminine men arguin over looks and states,pathetic state we are in now

    7. calling politicized to control what we say and think,and a couple of new laws thrown in,and you all fall for this shit

    8. "And they say there is no more racism in America. Ha!"
      Fuck racism and its labels made for sheep like you,racism,fuck outta here

    9. The sinaloa men are such girls 😆
      Now they want to say it's racism but in every michoacano or CJNG post they call them indios. Hilarious lol

  2. For CJNG claiming they keep a low profile, they sure do make a lot of headlines along with videos.

    1. Not to worry after the bribe, he is out the back door to kill again.

  3. spending too much on call of duty videos and cant afford to pay the local policia 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  4. Cucho looks like the midas guy from cds 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. This is Menchos MO, he makes an alliance, gets the contacts he needsa,k begins to place his men in positions , has the leader arrested or killed and then he replaces the head with a man loyal to him. Now he intergrated his men and it's all his.
    Could also be Cuini is cooperating because weren't Los Guerrero's Unidos the ones who made those 43 students disappear?

  6. I guess Mencho lost faith in him cause he got set up.

  7. CJNG is so big they MAKE headlines in MOST states of Mexico...
    CJNG got bigger than the zetas AND TOOK CDS spot as the MOST powerful CARTEL..
    MENCHO is the GOAT of drug dealing even if he gets caught or KILLED soon.
    There was an ATTEMPT to catch MENCHO in GUANAJUATO by MEXICAN SPECIAL FORCES and he managed to escape. MENCHO sicarios and SPECIAL forces got in a shoot OUT. The result was 5 of those soldiers KILLED R.I.P
    This war on DRUGS is costing MANY lives, it got out of CONTROL. government needs to step in and put a STOP to IT..
    In the U.S. there thousands if not millions of young KIDS smoking those blue pills and are homeless..
    In Mexico there is a CARTEL PROBLEM and soon will be a drug PROBLEM. All the state's in the border with Mexico have an addiction PROBLEM and it's making its way DOWN south..
    JUST saying..

    1. Dont gwt close to the boss or you will get dealt woth! Sometimes i wonder if this drug on wars was made up to keep mexico poor and USA on top? Plus also keep the population on check? Cause we mexicans love having big families and would soon have a bigger population than the usa, i dont know maybe im over thinking this shit

    2. @4:30 Mencho ain't even all that. He recruited a bunch of tecatos all over and looked for alliances with other capos.

      His wars haven't been as long and intense as other wars like the ones from La Frontera Chica or Juárez.

      I can't believe your delusion levels.

    3. the “GOAT” of drug dealing? Are you 12 years old?

    4. 4:30 ya already stating a comment delite just saying.

    5. 7:39 so your saying cartel de sapos, cartel de juarez and Z's are worse than cjng?

    6. Some real geniuses on here,where the fuck did they all migrate from,like a fuckin herd of dumbass cows,us dudes are gettin more pathetic and woman like by the day


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