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Thursday, June 3, 2021

Celaya: Two CJNG vs CSRL Executions with Narco Signs

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Two men are gunned down within minutes of each other in Celaya, Guanajuato. Threatening narco messages are left on both of them. On one sign Cartel de Santa Rosa de Lima (CSRL) threatens Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG), on another sign CJNG threatens CSRL. A third man was killed and left with a sign in the town of San Luis de la Paz the next day.

Celaya - Patria Nueva

At around 9:00 pm on June 1 2021, the emergency line received reports from residents of the Patria Nueva neighborhood on the far western outskirts of Celaya, Guanajuato. Residents told 911 dispatchers that they heard multiple gunshots in the street and they had run inside their homes to take shelter.  Several units of Municipal Police and National Guard were sent to the area the shots were reported in. By the time they arrived the target of the hit, a man known by the alias “El Carpa” had already died from gunshot wounds to the head. He was found lying on Lic. Sabino Vázquez street, near a powerline pole.  The scene was cordoned off from the public.  Initial reports indicate that the man was walking down the street when he was shot by unknown armed men inside a vehicle. After shooting him, criminal elements placed a narco poster next to him and they fled the area.

No publication has reported on the message of the sign. The little that can be seen in the photograph appears to read: 

This happened to me for supporting-

skinny bitches

The narco sign bears the trademark insignia Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima (CSRL). It also bears the name of the leader of the CSRL: M-1. The “skinny bitches” term was used in a similar CSRL narco sign less than a week ago as previously covered by Borderland Beat. In the previous sign, it read in part “the skinny bitches from the Jalisco Cartel”.

Celaya - Barrio de San Juan

Just a few minutes after the Patria Nueva attack, a man known by the alias “El Pachis” was shot while he was riding a bicycle in the Barrio de San Juan neighborhood of Celaya. The Barrio de San Juan neighborhood is located in the very center of Celaya and nearly a 17 minute drive away from Patria Nueva so these are believed to be unrelated incidents.

El Pachis’ body was found in the middle of Tomasa Esteves street by responding personnel. He was lying on top of the bike he was riding at the time of being shot. Paramedics tried to administer medical aid but Pachis died from gunshot wounds on scene despite their best efforts. Initial reporting indicates he was shot by a man who arrived in the area on a motorcycle. The man then placed a sign and fled at full speed on his motorcycle. Criminal Investigation Agents (AIC) from the Specialized Homicide Unit agents were sent to the scene to collect and process the evidence. 

Placed on top of his body was a handwritten narco sign. The message on the sign was also not reported by the press. It appears to read, in part: 

The purge continues against the blue meth sellers, extortionists and all that follow... 

This sign reads very similar to a sign from the Cartel Jalisco New Generation (CJNG) from last month, as covered here, where they threaten the sellers of blue meth, the signature color of the meth distributed by CSRL.

San Luis de la Paz - La Esperanza

Additionally, in the town of San Luis de la Paz which is quite far northeast in Guanajuato, outside of the larger Celaya or Leon areas, a man was found dead accompanied by a narco message sign the day after the Celaya discoveries.

On June 2 2021 at 9:55 am, a call was made to 911 reporting the discovery of a dead body in the La Esperanza neighborhood of Celaya, Guanajuato. Both Municipal Police and members of the National Guard arrived on scene and confirmed the discovery. 

A man who no longer showed vital signs was found lying face up with gunshot wounds. He was wearing a white t-shirt, gray pants, and white tennis shoes. A neon green cardboard sign was found alongside him but all the photos available have the sign blurred out so no part of the message can be discerned. AIC agents from the Specialized Homicide Unit and forensic experts processed the scene and afterwards the body was taken for autopsy. So far the body has not been identified.

Warning: Graphic photos below.
Crime scene from Patria Nueva, Celaya, June 1 2021.

Crime scene from Patria Nueva, Celaya, June 1 2021.

Crime scene from Barrio de San Juan, Celaya, June 1 2021.

Crime scene from Barrio de San Juan, Celaya, June 1 2021.

Crime scene from La Esperanza, San Luis de la Paz, June 2 2021.

Crime scene from La Esperanza, San Luis de la Paz, June 2 2021.

Celaya Sources: El Sol de Bajío, Periódico Correo, Informativo Ágora, Valor Por Tamaulipas, Punto Ya Parte Radio

San Luis de la Paz Sources: El Sol de Bajío, Periódico Tu Voz

Updated 6/3/2021: Added a more complete version of the Patria Nueva narco message. Thank you to the help from a commenter.


  1. Attn: Bycylist and Biracho alert, due to unforeseen circumstances transpiring in Mexico, do not wander outside, many Cartels are using humans to pin Mantas, and then saying the dead person was a criminal.

  2. Can CJNG fight some many battles in so many different fronts and survive. It seems it’s then against the world right now

  3. Now I think they just killin anybody..... sad as hell..

    1. Yes recently they got a bicyclist minding his own business, he gets killed by cjng and a Manta gets put on him.

    2. Mother fuckers are like Z's

  4. First sign says "this happened to me for supporting.....skinny bitches"

    1. Thanks. Makes sense to me. I'll update the story.

    2. "This will happen to those that keep it up" (better than to those that follow)
      But really looks like CSRL heating up the plaza to keep the cuicos and GN after CJNG, same as the miagras crying wolf, by the way, the miagras were already murdering from inside when they were with the Autodefensas posing as members.


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