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Saturday, June 19, 2021

Celaya, Guanajuato: Man Murdered in Progreso Neighborhood by CSRL

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

It was during the morning hours that they found the body of a man in the Herminio Martínez community

Herminio Martínez community, near the Progreso-Solidaridad colony.

The officers cordoned off the area with the support of the National Guard. Hours later personnel of experts and Criminal Investigation Agents carried out the collection of evidence and the body. 

They transferred the corpse to the forensic medical service to perform the autopsy of law and obtain their identification.

The victim presented several bullet wounds, next to him they left a canvas with a written message. In the following hours the Regional Prosecutor's Office C, will provide official information about the crime. 

Narco message reads as follows:

This will be the fate of everyone who brings white colored crystal meth here. Just as well for whoever is collaborating with those skinny Jalisca bitches. Cartel Santa Rosa de Lima.

Info Roja Mx

El Sol del Bajío


  1. CSRL should just give up they done theres like what 20 people left?

    1. SRL will never go away it's going to turn into the new cgd with diffrent factions just on a smaller level at this point theyre more like a street gang and a pain in cjng ass

    2. They're no pain in the ass for CJNG? CSRDL wont even confront them directly? No more CSRDL convoys, no more hitsquads, just low level meth heads killing innocent and sending messages to its father CJNG.

    3. 10:03
      Los marros ya ni patrullan su estado natal del miedo que se topen con las 4 letras

    4. @11:08 Como hablan a lo pendejo, la raza de ellos sigue firme.

  2. CSRL are grimy mfs but damn are their balls bigger than their brains

  3. Who says USA is the largest cunsumer of Meth ?
    Mexico Gangs makes Millions on their own people

    1. North America is the world's biggest drug market. U.S loves their drugs

  4. 5:38 how big the balls need to be to murder somebody on the street?
    It is not known if the victim was armed or sold white jale, but you sure know the size, color, smell and taste of their "balls"...

  5. Wasn't that guy torched?


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