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Monday, June 21, 2021

Cajeme, Sonora: Female Executed by Gunmen, 29 Murders Registered for Month of June

Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A woman is executed in Cajeme; 29 intentional murders have been registered for the month of June; hitmen killed her inside her home.

A woman was shot on Sunday afternoon, in the middle of Father's Day, in events that occurred in a house on José Rafael Campoy Street, in the Los Pioneers neighborhood.

Hitmen broke into the house in question, located their victim and shot her.

They ended her life with gunfire, leaving her body lying on the floor.

Elements of the Red Cross came to the place, certifying at the same crime scene, that unfortunately the woman no longer had vital signs. At the moment she has not been identified.

She has not been identified; with this new execution there have been 29 intentional murders perpetrated so far in June.

Radar Sonora


  1. Sol Dr. what did the lady do to get killed?

  2. These half blackened out partial news help perps escape.
    29 incidents with no arrests added to tens of thousands of quasi-investigations for previous murders and disappearances can't be coincidence but look like a way of life for a corrupt police corp. that should be defunded and disbanded and replaced with civilian brigades...
    It worked with MAO TSE TUNG's Red Brigades in China with Billions of Chinese, and their main weapon was The Chairman's Little Red Book quotes.

  3. I have read about other murders in Cajeme. What is happening in that town? We used to pass through there on the way to Alamos years ago. It was a quiet area back in the day.


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