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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Cadereyta Jiménez, Nuevo León: Federal Authorities Discover Another Clandestine Fuel Duct

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Mauro: We go now with my colleague Reymundo Elizalde. He has information about a clandestine fuel duct, yet another one. Go ahead with your report Rey.

Reymundo Elizalde: Greetings Mauro and Elsa. As well as the audience from Monterrey al Día. Federal authorities seized a tractor trailer with a tanker. As well as a clandestine fuel duct.

This took place in Cadereyta Jiménez. The subject of fuel thieves continues here. The discovery was made early this Tuesday morning following a tour they were taking on a dirt road.

This is close to the Cadereyta - Dr. González highway, very near the Cadereyta prison. Physical security personnel from Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) were on site. This cargo vehicle with a fuel load capacity of 33,000 liters was found connected to a hose, and this in turn with the clandestine fuel duct.

They were illegally extracting the fuel. The pipe was connected to an extension. That led to that well where the fuel was already spilling. After the report, the area was secured by the Nuevo León Civil Force personnel. Moreover, by the National Guard. For their part, the criminals ran away when they saw the authorities.

Mauro: There were no detainees then?

Reymundo Elizalde: Unfortunately in this case there were no detainees. The investigation continues. But without a doubt the fuel thieves theme continues to happen almost weekly.

Mauro: Yes. And that is precisely why I say it Rey. Because there hasn’t been a week practically where there isn’t a discovery being made. Whether it’s in Cadereyta, Escobedo, García, or Mina. Federal authorities tend to minimize this type of crime everywhere we see it happen. They claim they’ve almost done away with the fuel thieves. But it seems like they haven’t tackled that problem here in Nuevo León?

Reymundo Elizalde: That's right. And we will continue to monitor this situation, to expose this crime that is being committed against the nation.

Mauro: Exactly.

Reymundo Elizalde: And for the moment this is the report that I present to you. Images from our friends out of Cadereyta.

Mauro: Very good. Thanks Rey. Have a good day.

Image of the clandestine fuel duct made by huachicoleros (oil thefts)

Monterrey al Día


  1. Thank you for keeping us posted with the illegal fuel taps in Cadereyta.

    The pipeline in Cadereyta is 488-kilometer (300 miles) long and 10-inch wide. It connects to one in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas and another in Brownsville, Texas (across from Matamoros). There is a strong Gulf Cartel presence in these two areas.

    The pipeline was created in 2002 and has a capacity for 155,000 barrels per day.

    1. You’re very welcome sir. I’m kind of hoping someday I’ll be as good as you are in your reporting. You’re a very skilled individual. Gracias.

    2. Get a room you two...

      Just kidding ... Both of you have your style and are both appreciated. Keep up the good work

  2. Cdn controls 90% of Nuevo León

    1. Source...? CDG controls Cadereyta and much of the Monterrey area has room for many.

    2. Monterrey has many gangs and most of them if not nearly all of them are aligned with cdn el toris base of operations is in Monterrey and cdn have been wiping out the gulf cartel all over Monterrey they’ve killed a few high ranking members lately and also back when cdg and zetas fought over the city the zetas killed most of them there they wiped out over 50 in the topo Chico massacre although it is a huge wealthy city and top level bosses from different cartels often live there

    3. plaza boss in Cadereyta is el gero/jero, he's 100% CDG.

  3. Talk about Pollution
    Shit its going into the ground
    Sell this story to Hollywood
    the Green climate people
    John Kerry is in charge now
    oh wait he was fast furious also
    what a horriable world we live in
    this makes me sick


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