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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Azcapotzalco, CDMX: Warehouse Used by Fuel Thieves Seized

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Inside the property, agents from the capital prosecutor's office found oil drums and several hoses connected to a cistern, where it is presumed that the fuel was stored.

Inside the property, six people were found along with several drums, two of them apparently containing gasoline, as well as a tank with hoses possibly connected to the PEMEX pipelines.

Due to this fact, the intervention of specialized personnel from the State owned and Civil Protection company was requested. In their initial reports it was indicated that they made a seizure of a clandestine fuel duct inside the property.

The ministerial agent requested the intervention of the General Coordination of Forensic Investigation and Expert Services so that specialists in civil engineering, criminology, photography and chemistry could gather evidence at the site.

Police officers stood in front of the two green hallways that are in the home. It was guarded for several minutes while waiting for Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) personnel, in order to prevent neighbors and onlookers in the area from approaching the site.

After several minutes of security, PEMEX workers, staff of the Prosecutor's Office, came to carry out the corresponding procedures.

With the help of picks and shovels, they carried out excavation work on Calle Salónica, which is a few meters from a local winery.

Neighbors in the area announced that this property had already been seized once, public records indicated it had been unclaimed, but that when things were clarified, the seals were removed.

But in recent days they had seen that trucks frequently entered and left during the afternoons.

The six subjects were placed at the disposal of the social representative, attached to the General Coordination of Territorial Investigation, where their legal situation will be determined.

La Prensa


  1. Can you blame them Oil at $70 a barrel. Thank you President Biden I live in Texas, the Economy will boom

    1. Ah Texas. Where a man can legally carry any size knife he wants out in public. Up to and including swords and machetes. I’ve been carrying the Esee Junglas for some time here in the outer Houston area.

    2. are you from houston @Sol? some OG Gulf Cartel bosses live there. con cuidado compa

    3. @11:01 No I’m not from Texas. But I’ve been in Texas off and on for some time now. There’s many individuals involved in the drug trade here. A quiet Zeta lives down the road from my girlfriend house. These small town cops still haven’t figured that shit out.

    4. I can't see anyone being that pissed at you bro for being a very good translator, you're not making this shit up.

    5. Higher oil prices is a drag on the economy you moron.

  2. huachicol, the biggest problem in Mexico yet no one wants to go after Pemex and some of its members, who are complicit with cartels.

    1. Of course no one wants to go bother, because cartel will kill the Pemex employees. Plata o plomo.

  3. isn't the oil that they extract not even fully processed yet? i've heard that it fucks up your car in the long run since it still needs certain stages before they can be sold to the public.

    1. A los muertos de hambre les vale madre que se chingue tu yonke mientras ellos se llevan las pacas de billetes


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