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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Tijuana, Baja California: Filiberto Parra Ramos “La Perra” Executed

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Filiberto Parra Ramos ("La Perra") was executed with eight shots when he went to sell a vehicle yesterday afternoon. Originally a member of the Tijuana and/or Arellano Félix Cartel in the 1990s, La Perra left to join the Sinaloa Cartel in 2008. He worked under Teodoro García Simental ("El Teo") and Raydel Lopez Uriarte ("El Muletas").

La Perra was one of the main leaders of the war between the Arellano Felix Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel in Tijuana during that time.

After being seriously injured, he was transferred to Regional Hospital Number 1 of the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS), where he lost his life within minutes of being received.

In 2017, La Perra left the Federal Center for Social Rehabilitation (Cefereso) Number 13, located in Oaxaca, after remaining eight years in prison following his capture by the Mexican Army in the Rio de Tijuana Zone.

A local newspaper was able to confirm that it is indeed Parra Ramos, despite the fact that he was officially identified under another name.

This is due to the comparison that authorities made of his physical characteristics, as well as several versions that public security corporations have corroborated through Intelligence areas.

His murder occurred around 2:20 p.m. on Friday, April 30, on Pino Avenue in the Campos neighborhood, belonging to the Los Pinos delegation, inside a mechanical workshop where Parra Ramos went to sell a maroon GMC Envoy truck with California plates.

Detained in prison and at the time of arrest in 2009.

When he was in front of his vehicle, he was attacked with at least eight shots receiving impacts mainly to the head, as well as one to the right shoulder and another to the abdomen.

In front of Parra Ramos' vehicle, which was parked at the entrance of the workshop, eight 9 millimeter bullet casings were located, as well as an abundant blood stain.

In serious condition, he was taken to the IMSS hospital, where he was declared dead within minutes of being admitted to the Emergency Area as an unknown person.

From there, his body was transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo).

At the time of his arrest, on June 11, 2009, the Ministry of National Defense (Sedena) reported in a press release that La Perra was responsible for dozens of executions that occurred in recent years in Tijuana during the fight between the Sinaloa Cartel and the Arellano Félix Cartel.

The criminal process he faced and from which he managed to be released in 2017, was for organized crime.

Public security authorities linked him as part of the Sinaloa Cartel at the time of his capture.

However, his beginnings in criminal life went back to activities as part of a cell of the Arellano Félix Cartel, according to information released by the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) of an organizational chart of this criminal group dedicated mainly to drug trafficking.

In 2009, Mexican authorities explained that the operation to capture him was based on information provided by Ángel Jácome Gamboa ("El Kaibil"), who had been arrested in March of that same year.

Parra Ramos was directly linked to El Teo and was transferred from Tijuana to the then Deputy Attorney General's Office for Specialized Investigation in Organized Crime (SIEDO) of the Attorney General's Office in Mexico City.

The then head of the corporation, Maricela Morales, reported that La Perra was an extremely violent man and investigated for the murder of two agents of SIEDO, which occurred on April 17, 2008 in Tecate, among other high-impact events.

Sources: Punto Norte; La Jornada


  1. Animo sicarios
    Pura gente del 3 letras El Teo y El Muletas.

    " Para esta va a ser la cuarta
    Que les quede claro
    Casi tres horas de balacera
    Ni en pelicula se había mirado
    En Tijuana se agarraron duro
    Traficantes contra los soldados
    En la cúpula casa de piedra
    Nuevamente quedó comprabado
    El poder de la Perra y su gente
    Célula del cartel Arellano
    Solamente eran tres los sicarios
    Que al gobierno los traían bien juidos
    Era gente del jefe Tres Letras
    Por la Perra estaban dirigidos
    Mis respetos para el Tirabalas
    No dejo de jalar en gatillo
    Pero se complicaron las cosas
    Y el patrón le ordenó darse un tiro
    Por ahí anda con rabia la Perra
    Cuídense wuachos y policías
    Tienen ya declarada la guerra
    Son las ordenes de la familia
    Con nosotros nomás no se juega
    Tienen bien contaditos sus días
    Ya no sigan toreando la perra
    Porque su cuerno destroza vidas
    Ahí se lo encargo compa Cheno
    Y un saludo pa' los perros de Lombo
    No se me agüiten primos
    Fue mecánico un tiempo del jefe
    Luego se convirtió en pistolero
    Trae la escuela también de ocho nueve
    Como el hermanos son él y el Teo
    Ahora trae un comboy a su mando
    Y deseando toparse al gobierno
    Es un hombre que cuando hay misiones
    Se emociana tanto que da miedo
    Trae un cuerno de chivo cortito
    No hay mejor arma pa' la defensa
    Se la rifa macizo y bonito
    Pal que hacer no hay mejor herramienta
    En las manos de un hombre valiente
    Hasta el más poderoso se sienta
    Si alguien tiene duda ya sabe
    En Tijuana se encuentra la Perra
    Nuevo brazo armado del cartel
    Preparados y al grito de guerra
    Endiablados por los gobernantes
    Y cuidando muy bien la frontera
    A balazos van a respetarme
    Es de ahuevo y ahuevo cooperan
    Adelante mi jefe adelante
    A la orden compadre la Perra"

    1. El compa tiro

    2. La perras/teos/muletas/6-1/5-5 corridos are legendary.
      Explosion Norteña was epic.

    3. You straight up machaco status homes

    4. No cabe duda qué hay gente que nomas escribe por escribir. Pura payasada.

    5. Se nota que no tienes nada que hacer pinchi Sicario. Eres un huevon gamer de primera como dicen aqui.
      Ponte a trabajar mejor y deja de escribir tanta mamada.

    6. I dont know if you guus have ever heard the song "la perra" de los tucanes!

    7. 006 is an obese gamer, used to play Fortnite before he came to BB.

  2. Sad to SAY but all those CHAPULINES will end up LIKE that..
    They made TOO much enemies after SWITCHING sides, it's ONLY a matter of time before CJNG or CAF or CDS gets to THEM, depending where they switched too..
    Tijuana full of CHAPULINES..

    1. What you mean when you say "tijuana is full of chapulines"?

  3. I know he was a cold blooded killer, but something about him being alone and trying to sell his a car while being murdered made me kinda feel bad for the guy.

    1. For sure my aching heart weeps for how alone and terrified he must have felt! And he was just innocently trying to sell a car. 😭 It's too bad he didn't get a text when he woke up telling him it was his day to die like everyone else does. You know who else I bet felt alone and scared? All of the people he killed! This fat sack of shit should have died screaming like his victims did. Try shedding a tear for the families and dreams he destroyed. For the children who will grow up without a parent or both. Your compassion is severely misplaced.

    2. Right don't set well he wasn't the off point type from what it seems

    3. Bad shape financially having to sell cars

  4. Well that took a minute, por pendejo regreso a la Tia. El ya sabia que le iban a dar 04.

    1. Where do you think he fled to? Why would anyone go back to a murderous city especially him. Lugar de mala muerte. Mal decisión

    2. He should've played it like some of the Old CAF members and moved to San Luis Rio Colorado. Balas, and Gordo Villareal for some reason seem to like it. Balas actually owned a business or 2 there.

    3. @ bulldog. La perra andaba con el caf. Hace un mes o más el caf y chapitos han echo alianza para sacar al mayo. La gente del mayo esta bien preparada. En proximos meses seguiran cayendo gente del mayo, chapos y caf. Es una guerra. Por cierta la perra tenia nuevo apodo. El vato si se pega el tiro.

    4. 9:39 no mames cabeza! If i was him i would of move to a southern state like oaxaca! Less chances to get wacked! But then again he was trying to get some money to do that maybe?

    5. Why would had he moved to san luis rio colorado? It's always been under sinaloa control and now these days it's gotten worse it used to be calm now the sinaloa's are doing a lot of infighting and have been going hard at the police lately I go there all the time

    6. Heard he went to Jalisco when he got out.

    7. All he did after he got out was kidnapping, Perra and Roque Garcia were/are one of the main reasons kidnappings in Tijuana went high again since 2008/2009. Unlike Muletas who stayed in Guadalajara

    8. If la Perra changed his nickname to El Tiro that would explain why they say la perra mas brava regreso. CAF is well known to change and evolve their methods of operations its pretty confusing and hard to track who is who and who belongs to who.

  5. Who you think behind the hit?

    1. Flakito/sinaloa.

    2. Supposedly El Flakito gave the order. He was one of his men.

    3. My theory is that they are gonna try and take out the people that where loyal the Arellano family because Eduardo Arellano is getting released and they fear with him getting released that he’s gonna start and wanna take over TJ

    4. La perra was loyal to Teo, when Teo took off to Sinaloa after the shootout of El Cañaveral they officially received the backing of CDS and that's how CDS was able to get into Tijuana. If it wasn't for Teo CDS would've never been able to set foot in the city. El Cañaveral happened because El Inge had warned Teo to stop kidnapping operations. The kidnapping business was bringing too much heat and Teo said Nah fam I ain't with that program so then Inge called a meeting and Teo along with his second in command El Muletas pulled a No show instead they sent a representative so 7-7 who was at the time the head executioner felt disrespected because they sent and envoy and was like oh Hell Nahh so he capped the representative from Teo side and then one of Teos guys opened fire killing 7-7 and then a massive shootout took place that escalated throughout the city. It was a horrible shootout which not only killed 7-7 but also El Puma was killed among others. The meeting was going to be an ambush allegedly to kill Teo and Muletas. La Perra was Not AFO when he was captured so he was definitely an enemy of CAF. I heard a rumor but I can't confirm it but the rumor is that either Perra or one of the Teos killed Flakitos father. I honestly don't know who his father was but I do know that he was also CAF and he is I said it is just a rumor can anybody confirm or deny it ?

    5. Man I got no idea if you made all this up or not , if you did , solid skills . If you didn’t, respect

    6. At 7:01 go to YouTube and search Balacera En El Cañaveral tijuana the uploaded should be Eligio/ Stinger

  6. Foreshadowing of Eduardo Arellano Felix’s fate. You heard it here first.

    1. Hahaha that would never happen, the homies se encargen de dale protección remember all the enemy’s in the system that have it for the Arellanos but they are untouchable since the homies run things and they give em protection especially in California.

    2. 8:13 CAF is going be fine CDS is about to crumble

    3. Just like it never happened to Fransisco Arellano?

  7. pues ke pienzan ke esperan ezoz batoz andando enel dezma, un 4 bien planeado y ni zikiera lo capto , otro feztin feliz pa loz guzanoz.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Guero Palma got released from Mexican prison today aswell too.

  10. I’m surprised he lasted this long, his corrido by los tucanes is dope tho


    Basement Management look look CJNG doesn't control anything in Michocan they just go there to get slaughtered look look. Just because they had some setbacks fighting your chocomiles de Tepekes I can add a retarded set back it was clear as day they would get ambushed.

    Sol give the people what they want.

  12. I dont see reason for taking him out honestly? Yeah he switched side like many others but wasnt he loyal... Hell did time cause someone snitched on him ??? Or was he out of bounds

  13. It was bound to happen sooner or later.
    Short life span being a criminal.

  14. TJ has had only 1 owner over the last 30 yrs
    CAF and it will always be that way

    1. No bro CAF turn into a chapulin show! They have been jumping sides like no other cartel! You can even compare them to cds in the snitching department! But CAF are chapulines big time

    2. Let me guess cjng is da in your eyes
      There made up of all the rejects that joined the drug game late Sinaloa has always been there since day 1

    3. WRONG!!
      TIJUANA has had 2 owners until CJNG made it 3.. CDS,CAF and CJNG..
      CAF members ARE despretle and jumping ship in order to SURVIVE
      Basicly it's CDS and CJNG that own Tijuana NOW.. SORRY BULLDOG I know you live cheering for them BUT comeback to REALITY 😆

  15. Killed while selling old used cars in TJ LMFAO These people get used and tossed aside

  16. Dicen que comenzo la limpia de rates, En Incarnation De Diaz, Jalisco

  17. maybe he was selling more then the car Like maybe dope was in it
    Sell the car dope gets to the States ? Ya stpuid thought
    but hey having to sell your own car and get killed for it is not to smart

  18. What’s the point of even trying to save him. The ground is splattered with his brain

  19. En Tijuana no hay tolerancia para los secuestradores o chapulines!

  20. Why is everyone trying to make such a big deal out of this. La Perra was just a hit man that got paid with drugs. He did not have any real connections in the business, so when he went to jail, that was it for him. There are hundreds of people who want him dead and in Tijuana life is cheap. Pelones kill anyone for $1000, sometimes less

    1. Obviously he had some money and power in his time to get a corrido by tucanes. I know that sounds foolish but only top guys get them by them. Also when you said pelones you mean they are cholos right ?

  21. Who does the moderating on here?

    Fuckin Shaggy or Scooby?
    The shit that flies on here

    1. idk, but i remember Chivis said it was hard to moderate comments as hundreds and even thousands come in daily/weekly. as long as you don't insult someone or say some racist shit, it will most likely come through. look, at this point its either this or having people register their gmail like they tried. what don't you like in specific? i think some of the comments are interesting and its good to see the cheerleaders go at it. we just need to forum back...

    2. 12:21 if you don't like the website, thier plenty to go to, sorry if a comment offended you, a refund of your subscription is pending.

    3. We try to monitor them as best as we can but sometimes things slip. Racism, threats, misogyny, hateful comments to our contributors, etc., those are immediately deleted. Zero tolerance for that.

      Other comments in on a case-by-case. We usually have to decide what they are in 3-5 seconds so we can move on to the rest.


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