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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Tepetongo, Zacatecas: Without Police and in the Middle of a Cartel Dispute

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat; TY to "El Zacatecas"

The Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) are competing for control of Zacatecas.

Tepetongo, a municipality located in the southwest of Zacatecas, was considered one of the quietest in the region. But the dispute between two criminal groups and the rise in extortions which the residents are subjected to are turning it into a ghost town.

The wave of violence took hold of Tepetongo since on December 4, 2020, when a criminal group kidnapped the director of the Municipal Police, along with two elements. That same night, seven agents who were in the police force resigned.

On December 7, the two uniformed men who accompanied the director were found dead near Juancho Rey rural community. Their assassins left a written message at the scene.

Tepetongo barely exceeds 7,350 inhabitants according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI). According to the guidelines of the United Nations (UN), there should be 1.8 policemen for every thousand inhabitants.

In other words, the municipality must have at least 14 elements. However, this number was never met, even when the director of the police was present, since there were very few people interested in being part of the police.

Tepetongo has been in the middle of a deadly dispute between rival drug cartels for over 4 months. Cartel gunmen fight day and night because they want to control this municipality.

Since the beginning of 2021, residents say that the criminal confrontations have not stopped and attacks against the few police officers left are frequent. So far this year, the police headquarters has been attacked three times, including one that was recently reported by Borderland Beat.

Among the few residents left, one can hear whispers in the streets saying that the government has abandoned them. 

"Mayor? We don't have a mayor here. The mayor lives somewhere else. Who is going to take care of us? No one. That is why my family wants to leave", one of the residents said.

Residents say that have not seen the mayor, Sinforiano Armenta, in a long time. They also say he is never available to take calls or meet with the townspeople.

Reports of kidnappings, extortions, and vehicle thefts are on the rise, residents say. Many residents of Tepetongo have left, including some that have gone to the United States. Businesses have closed because the extortions fees are too high and they were operating on a loss.

It is only a matter of time before this municipality becomes a ghost town.

Source: Imagen Zacatecas; Borderland Beat archives


  1. Zetas dominated this state for years and we’re consider one of the many safe states a while back now this scumbags are there…..

    1. Same people los Talibanes till they started beefing with z40 back in 2012 zacatecas wasn't the safest nomore

    2. Safe states? You kidding me right?

    3. Ironic it is. The most dangerous cartel kept the peace

  2. El Vicentillo along with El 20 Peña are going to take over Zacatecas.

    Grupo Flecha Grupo Operativo M Z

    1. 4:51 Vicentillo is in protective custody along with El Rey

    2. En serio? Apoyas a una bola de sapos?

    3. @9:45 Te han sapiado a ti o de qué estás mamando verga panochón.

    4. 12:33 no pero al sapo mayor (chapo) si lo sapiaron y esta escrito y ahi audios! Pinche croma vergas!

  3. From what I understand when El Taliban ruled Zacatecas it was relatively calm, supposedly he wasn't like the Trevino zetas and didnt do extortion and all the crimes to the ordinary folk. Once he went down it went to shit a'd zetas started been their usually scummy selves until CDS and Cdg kicked most of em out it was calm for abit until el F1 went dozn then CDG Became the scumbags they are now with all the extortion and kidnapping And now those shitbirds from CJNG have joined the scumm train. People that actually live their want CDS to control it because they know it will be a much calmer life for the ordinary folk. I hope CDS do control and fuck off the CDN ratbags once they no longer need their help

    1. You speak facts, cjng is the same dirtball extorters that use to be cdg with more scum from other states helping them. People from out there want cds to win

  4. ZACATECAS ground ZERO
    Who EVER TAKES that STATE will win that WAR
    MAYO knows if MENCHO takes that PLAZA CDS as a CARTEL are Fμ[K£D.. That's the reason he copied MENCHO tactics and CREADED the SPECIAL team of SICARIOS called flechas..
    THEIR main objective is TO fight CJNG SICARIOS on zacatuercas..
    CDS are on the offensive, CJNG is to CLOSE
    TO SINALOA and DURANGO.. MAYO is sweating bricks and is desperately fighting CJNG trying to PUSH them BACK..
    As LONG as these SICARIOS don't operate like ANTHRAX, if NOT they have no CHANCE..
    ANTHRAX were famous for their good corridos but LACKED TRAINING.. Just SAYING..

    1. Mayo copied mencho tactics???!!!!! Do your homework dude. If you don't remember, Mayo and CDS created los Matazetas to fight los zetas. CDG created los zetas to fight and hunt their rivals. Mencho didn't start it, there are plenty more examples. No one copied mencho, if anything he's the one that copied Mayo. At the vary least.

    2. 6:37 you are correct sir

    3. You know nothing of whats going on in that state nobody wants jaliscas in there not even civilians. Thats why cds is deep in alot of towns, cjng is not advancing any further past all the towns by the state of jalisco. Keep making up fantasies

    4. Lol no mms mencho copied chapo

    5. @6:37

      First of all, CJNG is an international cartel, very wealthy thanks to the Cuinis; the Cuinis are the real power behind it all.

      This wealth, plus the extra aid of certain políticos, allowed for someone like that weird ass looking dude called Mencho to create a very strong group of hitmen.

      His hitmen elite group is so expensive, that indeed, a common ass crew composed of mugrosos like Gallinas Unidas cannot fight them in fair grounds since they could never afford that sort of equipment or prepared individuals.

      CJNG doesn't send any paisa from Michoacán or Jalisco to fight these take overs, they send strictly ex-army personnel, easy to notice from their voice accents in most of their videos (sierra accents from the southern Mexican states of Guerrero, Oaxaca or Chiapas; the most common profile of soldiers/marines in this country. South American accents can also be heard constantly).

      So get it straight again, CJNG does not win shootouts out of Jalisco or Michoacán pistoleros, they use real soldiers with real backgrounds. So the whole which state is better non-sense should stop at this point.

      Any cartel will recruit members from all over the country which shows the ignorance of a lot of readers. These are criminal enterprises.

      So, after the understanding that Mencho’s elite group is like buying the federal forces in a sense (equipment and training wise), what no one seems to analyze is why are the actual Federal Forces clashing with these advanced hit squads?

      The government interferes because CJNG won't be allowed to win and create more narco-terrorism all over the place, simple as that. Mencho is a "persona non grata" right now for the Mexicans. His personal warfare has caused nothing but the worse times ever for Mexican citizens in history. Homicides have been sky rocketing and traditionally quiet and peaceful places like Celaya are now in the top lists of the most violent cities of the world thanks to this war. Nemesio is a "no good" on the bigger picture. He has turned this country into a nightmare because of greed.

      As much as we hate it, crime and drug dealing will always exist, and while people here will call other people names without having anything to do with that lifestyle in real life, they will never understand that at the end of the day the “pax mafiosa” is really the only way for Mexico to be in peace as long as capitalism exists.

      Certain capos are better off alive or free to create the pax mafiosa and Mencho isn’t one of them.

    6. Lol what's up with the weirdo always writing in CAPITAL LETTERS when he WANTS to make a POINT. Lmao seriously though. I don't think he did very well in school because he seems to highlight/emphasize the wrong words. He highlights regular words instead of key terms . Haha I guess everyone to themselves

    7. 5:00 pm and that’s a lie .cjng recruit anybody that’s willing to fight . Y no les pagan . They have fb pages recruiting anybody especially if there from Zacatecas area. There losing so much people . Do your homework . Get it straight . They have some deserted soldiers fighting for them but usually this are the comandantes . They don’t have the time for training others right now . There’s a war going on . Get the rifle and go . That’s what there doing . Att “ El Zacatecas” aquí
      Andamos cerquita muy cerca de fillo !!

    8. When ppl like you say this or that guy copied Mencho, its clear you have just recently started following the drug wars and know nothing about the 2000s or 2010s

    9. 5:00 I never SAID CJNG had people FROM strictly michoacan 😆
      The FACT of the MATTER is CJNG has BETTER SICARIOS period.. You are CORRECT that MENCHO recruits MILITARY and PEOPLE from other COUNTRIES and NOW MAYO is doing the same thing with grupo flechas.
      MAYO is desperate and using MENCHO tactics, he's 😨 he will go to HIS PLAZA in sinaloa and DURANGO..
      MENCHO is just a PUPPET along with MAYO who recieved favors FROM GOVERNMENT
      MAYO kids are INFORMANTS for DEA
      They are just BEING used to DESTABILIZE 🇲🇽 more than what it already is..
      At the end of the DAY the 🇺🇸 will catch or kill MENCHO or CHAPITOS and ACT like the EAR on DRUGS is REAL 😆
      It's DEEPER than just DRUGS son

    10. 10:58 Read again I talked about Grupo Elite, the one that is on the Bajío area fighting Michoacán mainly right now. I know that CJNG is loosing the war and will lose long term.

      @6:07 I did say CJNG has better sicarios than C.U. but Chapo and Mayo have recruited people from other countries since a long time ago when the first Z war began.

      No one is copying anything to Mencho tbh, if anything Mencho has copied the middle east groups media tactics.

      And I know that USA is messing with Mexico since always "son".

    11. 11:27 cds groupies were talking stuff on how mencho used sicarios making videos on how and were they were at and who they were after. Sicarios armed to the teeth in videos, now mayo sicarios are doing the same.. So YES, MAYO copied mencho..

    12. @6:07 stfu kid, also, official sources finally declare about CDS presence in Jalisco.

      You gonna say it's a paid article right.



  6. 🤣 you guys are funny thinking cds had zacatecas on lock! The ones fighting were cdg! Not cds, i swear cds are a bunch of pussies when they make an alliance they always send the other groups to fight their battles! Thats what happened when they formed Mata Zetas now CJNG! CJNG were the first ones to say fuck this pussies! When war started in northern jalisco and nayarit cds pulled back and tryed to send cdg to fight cjng but cdg and cjng had no beef so why should cdg fight cds fight? Thats why cjng and cdg made a truce and started fighting together cds! Now cds are using cdn to fight cjng and cdg! Dont you guys see the same story repeating it self? But cdn is the last cartel that will fight with cds and after they split which wont take long cds are really gonna feel the heat feom all sides and they are gonna end up like the caballeros templarios! Sinaloans who dont like beef will switch sides and yea cds is gonna be history

    1. Sure its only CDN fighting in Zacatecas..... No doubt CDS Has been smart and used other groupsnto fight but atm CDShas alot of its people fighting in Zacatecas and they have a lot of government support...

  7. Homes for sale very cheap $12,000
    2 bedroom 700 square feet. Low population.
    Cons 2 cartels fighting over turf.
    The good...bullet proof steel added around the bedroom.

    1. @7:51 Machine guns not included.

  8. As politicians took over after screwing their best tip giving cartel members, violence increased, municipal, state, or federal level, complicated by military involvement, there is no way any town can sustain extortions from criminals colluded with their new boss politician and polizeta style law enforcement, the worst of the worst have proven it: FECAL, garcia luna and general galvan galvan/ EPN, cienpedos, galindo ceballos, osorio chong/ javier duarte and arturo bermudez, cesar duarte & co./ edgar veytia & co./ mario marin, graco ramirez and el rambo de tijuana, enrique alfaro & co./ moreira sinhue, astudillo, aurioles...all of them are but a few crooks leading state crime like the gangsters they are, it stated when state governors got more "authonomy and budget" and the military too after salinas stole their billion dollar budget and they were "president approved" to do their cartel creation and exploitation to make it up to themselves.
    We need to stop blaming low level illiterate sicarios for the crimes generated by venal corrupt or at best incompetent law enforcement agencies and politicastros.
    Remember shit rolls down the hill.

    1. Interesting comment.

    2. 2:44 Pos a güebo!
      Yo no ando aqui nomás de caliente pasiando mi inoransia...
      Thank you.

  9. To say it's a shame to see what's transpiring in many of Mexico's rural communities is the least of discrepancies.
    A failed state and local government who have failed its citizens on trustworthiness & security.
    Further note; AMLO is making accusations of treason and foreign interference by The US for its financial support of a political party. This party supports the end of corruption and impunity of government officials. Along with accountability.
    Rumors of a coup are complicating vice president Harris and AMLO.

    I foresee reluctance on Mexico's extradition requests by the USA.

  10. Absolutely crazy stuff. These guys sound scared ( who woudn't be!?) and i agree they look like low level guys..


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