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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Rafael Caro Quintero, the State of Guerrero, and Local Politics

"Parro" for Borderland Beat

Note: This article was originally published by investigative journalist Sandra Romandia. This is a translated and edited version. The original version is linked below.

Rafael Caro Quintero's (right) operator in Acapulco, Guerrero, Fernando Delgadillo Hermosillo ("El Milko"), was killed inside his green mini cooper (left) earlier this year.

The green mini cooper with black stripes crossed the Costera Las Palmas avenue, behind the luxurious La Isla shopping center, in Acapulco, Guerrero. The car had left the Mayan luxury housing complex. Inside the expensive sports car, the body of Fernando Delgadillo Hermosillo, alias "El Milko", was bleeding uncontrollably. A woman, his companion, was transferred minutes before by ambulance after receiving a bullet impact that went through one of her legs.

Delgadillo Hermosillo did not survive the attack by armed men who shot him from another car in broad daylight and in the middle of the street. They killed him right in the heart of Acapulco's main tourist area, the Diamante Zone, which is supposed to be the safest area of the city.

The authorities reported that the victim was a drug trafficker and part of the Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, group headed by drug kingpin Rafael Caro Quintero.

But "El Milko" was not just any drug dealer.

He was in Acapulco to coordinate a part of the new structure of Caro Quintero’s group, which inherits part of what was left by the Beltran Leyva Organization (BLO) in the area. The port of Acapulco is an area of ​​relevance because it is a “strategic stop” for drugs arriving to Mexico by sea.

The drugs are then distributed from Acapulco to the distributed to warehouses in the Central Supply Market (Central de Abastos) of Mexico City. The drugs are hidden inside shipments of coconut and mango, as well as shipments of fish and in double-bottomed trailer boxes.

For more than a decade, one of the criminal groups with greatest influence in Acapulco was the one left after the capture of Héctor Beltrán Leyva, "El H", the last of the siblings who headed the BLO. 

The remaining group has now been taken over by Caro Quintero and his nephews. Caro Quintero's group has taken control of unexploited land in some areas of the port, especially in the Diamante Zone. Some of the properties have been managed by the Alonso Piedra family, who officially present themselves as real estate entrepreneurs.

Joaquín Alonso Piedra was arrested by federal authorities in 2016 for his links with criminal groups and money laundering. He is the father of Iván Alonso Bustamante, husband of Evelyn Salgado, the candidate for Governor of Guerrero. She is representing the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) Party under Mexico's President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO). Evelyn is the daughter of Félix Salgado Macedonio, a former senator who was pulled out of the governor race amid a massive rape scandal.

“Alonso Piedra and his son Alonso Bustamante have been under investigation for laundering large amounts of money from criminal groups which have been used to buy real estate. Ivan, Evelyn’s husband, has already been detained. Everyone in Acapulco knows of their ties with organized crime, it is not a secret”, a source from the Guerrero Prosecutor's Office confirmed.

But the Alonso family has had protection within the Guerrero state government over the years. The former President of the Superior Court of Justice in Guerrero, Robespierre Robles Hurtado, who owns a luxurious resort in Las Vegas, has been the head notary of the family.

Evelyn Salgado is not well known in the local political arena. But she already carries the ties of her in-laws who are very close to her father, Felix Salgado Macedonio.

Guerrero faces a crossroads: on one hand, its Evelyn Salgado and her family's dark past; on the other, the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) contender, Mario Moreno Arcos, who is also related to one of the most violent drug lords in the region, Onesimo "El Necho" Marquina, leader of the Tlacotepec Cartel.

Perhaps time will shed more light on the scope of these links between politics and drug trafficking organizations, but what is certain is that the people of Guerrero are facing difficult times in the next six-year term.

Sources: Milenio


  1. Political career criminals have been implemented long before this. A sad truth to Mexico's government.
    Choosing of which crooks to vote for can be complex.

    Interesting post

  2. The fox or the wolf. The sheep must decide..

    1. "The fox or the wolf. The sheep must decide" Classic
      And even more pertinent in todays world"the sheep are malleable" and not just in Mexico,although Mexico takes it to unheard of levels.The herd needs direction and being told what to do and how to think

  3. Well there is that new “Cartel” called Cartel Nueva Línea

  4. So now alas AMLO's ties to organized crime is beginning to surface

    1. Ever since the Iguala student disappearance I started to wonder about that... Abarca and the whole municipality group was in bed with cartels. They were supported by AMLO's party. AMLO knew. Now that the party has grown it comes to show that perhaps corruption is inevitable.

    2. His name is MALO, not AMLO..

    3. AMLO gave Abarca his nomination when he was part of PRD. AMLO´s circle is full of crooks, nothing different from other polititians save the fact that he keeps denying he is a crook.

      Salgado Macedonio(Rapist)
      Manuel Bartlett(Former PRI and believed to be involved in Camarena´s case)
      Durazo(Sonora´s Morena nominee and related to CDS on so many levels)
      Bonilla(close friend of many AFO people, linked to people close to Edgardo Leyva Escandon)
      Ebrard(responsible for the CDMX Metro accident)
      Batres(close to the serial rapist of La Luz Del Mundo)
      Sheinbaum(her husband was videotaped gambling states money in las vegas)

      And way too many to write about here.

    4. Whts the story on AMLOS brother and taking packets of money on video ?
      Swept off the news agenda ? Surely theres a perfectly reasonable explanation ?

    5. 7:37. I don't agree Ebrard is responsible for the metro accident. He's not an engineer nor did he design or has the technical knowledge to approve such project. His role in it was merely ceremonial.

    6. @11:55 Ebrard was the Jefe de Gobierno in CDMX when the linea 12 was built, it was full of corruption under his term, hell, he even fled to France as soon as his term ended. Look up the news from those days, since day 1 people in Tlahuac said there would be an accident.

      BTW, Ebrard was also Security Chief under AMLO´s CDMX term, when his local police refused to help a group of federal agents and let the people burn them alive after being wrongly accused of "child kidnappers" by a group of local drug retailers.

      As I said, these people are full of crap, but somehow people still believe in them even when they keep doing things worst than even EPN.

    7. 1:02 - That still doesn't prove he was responsible for the accident.

      (A) Corruption happening in his term, and (B) Linea 12 being poorly built in his term does not prove (C) complicity or responsibility.

      Again, it will be whoever approved the project from a technical side and/or whoever agreed to construct it. I work in structural engineering across the US and this is what I think will happen.

      It will mark his legacy, but he will not be charged with gross negligence or manslaughter (whatever the charges end up being).

  5. This is not necessarily a Rafael Caro Quintero operation, this is more Kikil's Caro operation. El pelo chino

  6. Mini is now a "Expensive car"? Ha ha ha


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