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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Prison Director in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán, Killed Along With Security Chief and Guard

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

Andrés Mederos Sánchez, the director of the penitentiary in Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán was killed along with Gonzalo Mendoza Jiménez, the head of security, and Abel Bejar Calderon, a guard. Two other guards were injured in the attack.

The director of the Lázaro Cárdenas Social Reinsertion Center (more commonly referred to as CERESO), Andrés Mederos Sánchez was leaving the penitentiary at roughly 8:00 pm on May 19, 2021. He was riding inside a gray prison security pickup truck accompanied by Gonzalo Mendoza Jiménez, the prison’s head of security and Abel Bejar Calderon, a prison guard who was acting as their driver for the night.

Notivideo reports two additional unnamed guards were also present in the vehicle. The prison is located just north of the small town of El Bordonal, in the south east corner of Michoacán, close to the border of Guerrero.

Shortly after leaving the vicinity of the prison, while they were travelling north east towards the Lázaro Cárdenas - La Mira highway they were ambushed by heavily armed men. Very little details on the manner of the attack have been officially released so far.

However, photo evidence of what is alleged to be the crime scene by local news outlets shows a gray prison pickup truck semi submerged in a shallow body of water, possibly a retention pond. The pickup truck’s side windows appear to be shot out and the front windshield appears to show bullet impacts as well. The arm and torso of a man  can be seen in the rear seat of the submerged vehicle.

El Universal reports that Sánchez, Jiménez and Calderon were killed immediately and two other unnamed prison guards were injured with gunshot wounds. Police authorities were alerted to the attack and rushed to the scene but the perpetrators had already fled by the time they arrived. Paramedics then arrived at the vehicle. They were able to quickly determine three of the men showed no vital signs and they administered medical aid to the two injured guards. The guards were then taken to a port hospital for special medical treatment, likely due to the severity of their wounds.

A multidisciplinary team of investigators and forensic experts were sent to the scene and after it was processed, the three bodies were sent for autopsy. So far the cause of the attack is unknown.

Photo of what is alleged to be the vehicle that was attacked, as reported by El Siglo

Paramedics and police officers at the scene

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Photo Credits: El Dia de MichoacánEl Siglo, La Prensa de Coahuila


  1. >Choose to not work with the cartels/criminals
    Get killed…
    >Choose to work with the cartels and criminals
    Get killed…
    >Try to escape from the situation
    Get killed…

    I have been following this ungodly mess since 2007, and while I had little faith in the government forces back then, I would have never imagined things escalate to where they are today.

    At this point I am convinced this is all a calculated genocide and overall rape of the Mexican peoples..

    My heart goes out to the many, your voices will be heard.

    1. It's big business, money unaccounted and without strings attached, no way for the ABCs to know what moves, funds operations to fight "extremist" that go against national interests, keeps government employees with a check and many consumers feeling the effects of the products they consume. No demand, little or no supply? To me prohibition proved that you cannot keep people away from the substances they chose to consume. It's their free will and I accept it as I don't care what anybody else does, es tu pedo y tú vas a pagar tu propia factura.

    2. @3:18 is correct.

    3. 12:03 addicting the customers is job #1, it is a very small investment and they will keep coming back for more with new prospects all the time.
      11:49 nobody gets a choice, everybody gets commands and gets fucked up if caught chapuliniando, the comandantes have to keep up with their own cuotas

  2. Is this the prison z40 was transferred too?


  3. Who can do this shit?

  4. Im remember the escape of el macaco and his friend! Hollywood style shit!

  5. I hope the medics read the prison director and accomplices their Miranda rights, that would help them more than the last rites, but whaa the hell, no yello crime scene tape?

  6. They would not work in cullusion with the criminals, look what happens.

    1. Or maybe he was (a criminal) and that's what got him killed?

    2. @6:42 @2:19 Some other times the director just pissed off the wrong individual.

  7. sigue la limpia


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