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Saturday, May 29, 2021

Michoacán: Frenzied Friday of CJNG vs CU Terror

"HEARST" for Borderland Beat

A series of high-powered gun fights, vehicles set on fire to make road blockades, stores burned to the ground, federal forces run out of town with stones and rocks. The terror and chaos of the Carteles Unidos versus Cartel Jalisco New Generation battle spread across at least 6 municipalities in the state of Michoacán on Friday, May 28 2021. Security forces in the area were more often the target of the violence, than able to control it. 

Friday, May 28 2021

Aguililla Municipality

A group of individuals got into a confrontation with members of the National Guard in the town El Terrero. A video of this encounter was published on Twitter. In the video members of the National Guard can be seen defending themselves with riot shields while also slowly backing up while rocks and sticks are being thrown at them. Some news sources report the National Guard tried scaring off the group by firing shots into the air.

The identity of the individuals attacking the National Guard differs by each news publication. El Sol de México reports the group was residents of the town of El Terrero.  Quadratin reports the group as “armed civilians.” Noventa Grados reports it was civilians, no further details given. Periodico Correa and El Universal report the group was members of CJNG. Contramuro reports the group was members of Carteles Unidos. This is just one example of an endemic issue for all the conflicts of this day. Publications rarely agree on who was the perpetrator behind any of the following events.

After this confrontation with the National Guard, a roadblock created from 2 vehicles was constructed blocking entry into the town of Aguililla so that federal forces could not enter and reinforce the National Guard members. The identity of the group that created this roadblock varies according to news publications in a similar fashion. 

At around 10:00 am, the Michoacan Public Security Secretariat (SSP) reported that actions were being taken to remove the cars that were obstructing the road to the municipality of Aguililla.

Apatzingan Municipality

A video on social media gained traction and caused panic for residents of Apatzingan. The clip is audio in which the voice of a man can be heard saying: "We are going to burn everything...Stores, Oxxos, everything in the whole state, you sons of bitches." For reference, Oxxos is the name of a gas station convenience store chain. These were not empty threats as stores in the city of Apatzingan, capital of the municipality of the same name, began burning. Managers and owners of convenience stores reportedly closed shops and tried their best to lock up their establishments due to the online threat and smoke looming in the distance. In total, three Oxxo stores were burned. 

Coppel Canada, a department store, a few steps from the main square of Apatzingan was burned, as well as a branch of Bodega Aurrerá, a discount store. Some news sources allege that explosive devices were used to start the fires in Coppel Canada and Bodega Aurrerá, but most news sources report only a fire. Molotov cocktails can be seen being used to start some of the fires in social media posts. The Coppel Canada fire caused mass panic for guests of a hotel located right next door. 

Later in the afternoon a soft drink truck was set on fire in the Lázaro Cárdenas neighborhood of Apatzingan. Mayor José Luis Cruz Lucatero wrote on social media "The authorities have reacted immediately to the two reported risk situations. They are working with all energy to preserve order."

By 4:00 pm, Michoacan SSP announced a roadblock had been cleared from the highway near Los Hornos.  At 5:00 pm it was reported that a man attempted to set fire to a commercial establishment. 

Buenavista Municipality

Videos on social media reportedly show inhabitants of the ranchería of Pinzándaro attacking elements of the Michoacán Police with stones and eggs. The police reportedly retreated to avoid further confrontation. All personnel from the State Public Security Secretariat, National Guard and Mexican Army left the town of Pizándaro by the afternoon in order to deescalate the situation.

Morelia Municipality

At around 2:00 pm, men on board a motorcycle threw an incendiary device (some sources specify a petrol bomb) at a police unit near the Salamanca exit within the La Soledad neighborhood of Morelia city. The police unit was reportedly a Jeep Patriot van belonging to the Transit and Mobility Department. The incendiary device set fire to the inside of the vehicle. Witnesses to this attack report that one of the men on the motorcycle was wearing a red sweatshirt, the other was wearing blue shorts. 

Minutes later, on Torreon Nuevo Avenue, another attack on another state unit was reported. Another police vehicle was set on fire but no details are given. Officials confirmed that a total of three patrol vehicles were burned in Morelia. 

Around 4:00pm on Luis de Velasco street in the Historic Center of Morelia, a Datsun type car was set on fire in front of two houses whose facades were damaged by the fire. Firemen reportedly did not arrive to put out the fire of the burning car and when media arrived an hour after the fire began the car was still smoking. Another civilian vehicle was set on fire with no details given. Officials confirmed that a total of 2 civilian vehicles were burned in Morelia.

Múgica Municipality

At the crossroads of El Ceñidor, in Múgica municipality, the road was blocked by a narco blockade. A criminal organization had moved cargo trucks into the lanes of the road in order to block passage. The cargo trucks were then set on fire.

Paracuaro Municipality 

Narco blockades were set up on the Apatzingán-Cuatro Caminos highway within the municipality of Parácuaro. Reportedly a  group of armed individuals stopped several vehicles belonging to private companies such as Sabritas and set them on fire. State security elements and the National Guard arrived at the town of Uspero to deactivate the blockades and put out the fire.

According to the Michoacan Public Security Secretariat (SSP), there were 11 road blockades that had been cleared by 4:00 pm  in the state of Michoacan on Friday. Their statement read "After the reinforcement of actions by the Michoacan Police, the Mexican Army and the National Guard in the municipalities of Apatzingan, Buenavista, Paracuaro, Tepalcatepec and Aguililla, circulation was restored at these road points, which were obstructed with vehicles." The total number of road blocks still active in Michoacan is not given.

For a more complete story, please see the events in western Michoacan that led up to Friday, May 28 2021 on this previous story on Borderland Beat.

Update 5/30/2021: Israel Reyes Patron, the head of the Michoacán Ministry of Public Security (SSP) said in a press conference on Saturday, May 29 2021 that Los Viagras, of Carteles Unidos were the perpetrators behind the violence in Morelia on Friday. He also attributed many of Friday’s roadblocks in the Tierra Caliente region of Michoacán to Los Viagras.

In regards to the reports that a Bodega Aurrerá in Apatzingan was set on fire, he clarified that the video that was broadcast in social networks said to depict it was material from years ago. "SSP personnel arrived at the scene and confirmed that it was not real information," he said. For full details please see here.




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  1. Panochas Unidas scared as fuck because they know they'll get smashed on by CJNG so they set fire to vehicles and businesses to get the military and state forces to start patrolling. BITCH MADE MF

    1. Those fires where set by Jaliscas. Except for Aguillia and Buenavista, though they been losing Buenavista, Jaliscas don't have any control in the other places mentioned. They do the only thing Jaliscas know how to do, which is heat the plaza by sneaking in drug addicts to cause havoc.

    2. Everything that goes up... Eventually comes down. Nothing last forever.

  2. In the famous words of la tuta "asia la Victoria mis Michoacanos" y puro 4 letras.

  3. Meanwhile, The President of Mexico does nothing and looks the other way. Corruption all the way to the top.. God bless the Mexican people

  4. All atacks on businesses were don by Los Viagras/Carteles Unidos/Tepalcatepec. There is towns all throughout Michoacan where CJNG HAS TOTAL CONTROL. Soldiers didn’t want to go and HELP out with raids so their sponsors rebelled and set many fires.

    1. "All atacks on businesses were don by Los Viagras/Carteles Unidos/Tepalcatepec. There is towns all throughout Michoacan where CJNG HAS TOTAL CONTROL."

      No it's not you idiot. Morelia and Apatzingan are Templario territory, Jaliscas haven't got anywhere near the position to challenge them in those places, they are stuck in that hamster wheel of Aguililla. Jaliscas just snuck in their drug addicst to torch a few places.

      Jaliscas keep doing this everywhere they are losing. They do the same thing in Tijuana, setting random shit on fire.

    2. CJNG is coordinating attacks on different targets on the same day. There is many people inside Michoacan that know that with these new Elections there will be a price to pay after the smoke clears.

  5. I am glad people know what is going on in Michocan now. I am glad you know the truth. CJNG and Cartles Unidos are criminals that shouldn't be looked up to or admired but their are levels and as far as everyone knows the Carteles Unidos are the lowest scum that has existed in Mexico. All you have to do is listen to the audios that are intercepted on how they act see their actions for what they are a bunch of cowards who got to where they are by being the scum of the earth.

    I am sure El Abuelo Farias and the Tepekes must be regretting their stupidity right about now. One thing we all know is Mencho doesn't give up easily actually the guy is known for not giving up ever it could take 10 years or more but if he wants you he is going to get you. In the end CJNG won the war against everyone they have fought against that is why they are where they are. Important people have died or have been imprisoned but the train keeps on moving.

    The Carteles Unidos have had their chance in Michoacan and they blew it they continued to do what the Templarios did and never stopped. I am glad CJNG is pushing hard and I hope they take full control. If they continue to do what the other shit bags have been doing in Michaocan for the last 20 years they will be easier to take down it isn't like the Mexican state and the DEA/US Fed don't have a hard on for them.

    1. @8:42 CJNG hasn't won the wars they have started with anywhere.

      C.U. is a trashy ass local group and stil Mencho won't take shit.

      Stop thinking he is the Mesias, he is another narco terrorist.

      I highly doubt those are Viagras audios, Mencho is already desperate and trying to do stupid shit like this.

      Similar shit happened a couple years ago around Sahuayo area.

      Fuck CJNG amigo and C.U. as well.

    2. "The Carteles Unidos have had their chance in Michoacan and they blew it they continued to do what the Templarios did and never stopped. I am glad CJNG is pushing hard and I hope they take full control."

      Pushing hard where? They are still fighting in the exact same locations with nothing to show for it. CJNG has been battling over Aguililla for a few years and all they manage to do is turn it into a ghost town. Jaliscas are in the exact same place they were 3 years ago. Bunch of bums.

    3. Damn bust out the pom poms we’ll get you a skirt too

    4. CJNG and Cartles Unidos are criminals that shouldn't be looked up to or admired

      Also writes;

      One thing we all know is Mencho doesn't give up easily actually the guy is known for not giving up ever it could take 10 years or more but if he wants you he is going to get you. In the end CJNG won


    5. Let me just leave this here we all know that many of you that don't like CJNG or any other criminal groups isn't exactly because one of you family members has been affected by their criminal acts.

      Of the people commenting under my post how many of you have some sort of feelings for the snitchaloas? How many of you are pochos who's parents are from Sonora, Durango, Sonora, Guanajuato, Michoacan? The reality is you know what will happen after CJNG takes Michaocan.

    6. 2:10 you were doing alright then the very last word of your bipolar post, first part condemning cartels second part cheerleading, made you look like a fool. Won is past tense. Or did your cheerleader skirt distract you from typing?

    7. @11:23 tell us wise guy .. what will happen ???
      What exactly will happen when your padrotes take over that piece of dirt called michoacan ...menchita will commence to extort and steal limes and avocados and become richer by extorting just like la Tuta, el abuelo, Nazario and every other “capo” from michoacan that all they do is fuck the tarascas up the shit whistle porque pal narcotrafico no la arman .. pura lacra fanfarrona sale de ese pinche estado aquí en la Tía no más fama de indios pendejos tienen los michoacanos a nadie espantan esa raza inferior

      El Tijuanero

    8. 9:04 jajajajaja raza inferior! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 perdon tu europeo! No ahi duda que en mexico somos mas racistas que en estados unidos

  6. FER MX, the people resisting GN are pueblo, are you expecting GN to shoot them all up? I did not see GN giving them hugs or kisses either, but i smell Miagras, CU, and aurioles ordering the pueblo to riot in hopes of stealing voters from AMLO/MORENA for themselves, they are addicted to power and impunity bs they won't have if they lose the state...
    --FER MX who pays you your chayote?
    Or do you work your spin for free?

  7. There’s been very little cabecillas that I’ve known that has caused such an anger from the plaza than Chirrios Revuelta and El Cenizo from Michoacán. For the last two weeks or so Ive seen trucks headed to Apatzingán and Tepalcatepec leaving from Teca and the surrounding areas on the Jilotlan highway.

    1. What do you mean cenizo is cjng? Isn’t he in jail

    2. @9:10
      El Cenizo was an old school boss of LFM later turned into a Templario during the early 2000s and maybe up until 2013-14 he was very hated in the Teca/CDGuzman/Tamazula area specifically Teca because he would send hitmen to the area to heat up the plaza. He was the one responsible for the big shootout with El Zopilote of Teca during the fiestas in December. He was also responsible for killing el zopilotes best friend and his father at their Potrero. That day during the vigil, el Zopilote went full psycho trying to find the people responsible, they found some of them lost in the hills and others trying to hide in abandoned houses. That week Teca was a no go zone, they were shooting at cops and military it was insane. He was also responsible for a lot of extortion in the area during the early 2000s. A lot of people lost their lands because they picked LFM over the owners of the plaza and when they got kicked out they lost everything. There’s a lot of stories I would like to post on here that I know of because of some close connections but I don’t want to post anything without sources and stuff like that.

  8. I hope both cartels wipe each other out. One can hope..


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