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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Michoacán: Butchered Bodies and Blockades in Zamora and Uruapan Cause Concerns of Growing Violence

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Warning: All pictures of the corpses in this article are blurred but some may find them disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Violence in the state of Michoacan is not only high but often merciless. Over the weekend, authorities discovered 5 dismembered bodies inside plastic bags in Zamora municipality, close to the border with Jalisco.

The events occurred at approximately 7:00 am this Saturday when the residents of Tierras Blancas rural community located the bags with the remains and notified authorities. The police arrived at the scene and requested the support of forensic specialists to help identify the bodies.

The remains were transferred to the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) and remained unidentified by press time.

In a separate incident in Uruapan municipality, sicarios hijacked several transport vehicles and burned them in at least five different points of the city. The attacks were reported at around 11:00 a.m. on Saturday in a highway leading to Paracho municipality. These incidents caused traffic to worsen and a large mobilization from security forces.

The National Guard (GN) and the Michoacan State Police were deployed and arrested two suspects who participated in the attacks.

Cartel members carry out car hijackings and block roads for a number of reasons, including to prevent authorities from arresting a high-profile figures, to prevent them from mobilizing across the city comfortably, and/or to stop an operation in its tracks by distracting them with these attacks, among other reasons. No authority has issued a statement as to why these attacks occurred.

In the last few months, violence in Michoacan has increased with the dispute between the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) and Carteles Unidos (CU). Most of the violence has been in or around Aguililla municipality.

The narcobloqueos were reported in several parts of the highways connecting Uruapan with Paracho

The victims killed in Zamora were also beheaded (source: Informativo Zamora)

The bodies were left inside plastic bags

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Sources for Uruapan: Milenio; El Sol de Mexico; Infobae; Politico



    Los Correa got brutalized by CJNG ..........

    1. 3:32 calm down dude it's not like cjng won it all,it was just a shootout or AMBUSH they only way those putos from cjng can get to contras

    2. CJNG has won almost all shootouts it’s had with Michoacán based groups besides the failed attempt on abuelo besides that they’re pretty much undefeated in Michoacán

    3. 5:42 jajaja calmate secret_management pero como si te reias cuando los tepeques hisieron lo mismo, cjng is a real cartel no mamadas

    4. Mijo send it to BB via thier Gmail account. Have a great day.

  2. Nothing about cartel activity in trafficking people across the border in bigger numbers than ever, nothing about cartel control of everything of any value in mexico, nothing about cartels moving larger quantities of fentanyl, heroin and cocaine across the border than ever before. Just body counts and whether the body (ies) was in pieces. Could we have an article about what means to be arrested in mexico? thanks BB
    still a reader...

    1. I agree. A report on the general state of organized crime in Mexico would be good.

    2. Why don’t you go and write your own article about all that stuff have to balls to go interview the authorities and ask them why they don’t investigate anything and why they are in all the cartels pockets and why they let tons of fentynal tons of coke tons of heroin pass the borders.Then BB can publish your article,but I’m sure BB would probably publish the article of a wana be reporter who went to ask authorities all this stuff but instead he got beheaded.complaining ass to people that do this for free to keep your lame ass informed

    3. Don’t you understand there is a war in Michoacán there ain’t no drugs moving CU try to produce or land planes with coke but CJNG don’t let them they attack the kitchens they stop planes from landing so this is what going on in Michoacán if you wan read about tons of drugs don’t reward an article in Michoacán

  3. Is a war zone. The area in zamora is the last stand of some of the Viagras templarios left overs against the CJNG the armed push from jalisco is leaving a lot of innocent people death on the process some areas in the hills around zamora area is a war zone with narco camps of teams of hitman that camp in the caves and bushes in the mountains. I honestly hope cartel jalisco wins and the war could come to an end

  4. @11:22 I hope they all die CJNG is no better than viagras, CJNG are the ones in control In Ecuandureo, dudes are sacking empty homes of people living in US, stealing all kinds of shit, kicking people out of their homes and takin them over, kidnapping people, stealing people’s cars. People be saying 08, Laco and all the Guerreros are great dudes, if that was the case why are they letting their fucking lackeys mess with innocent townsfolk. Sheep getting brainwashed by corridos. Honestly we were better of when El Gordo AV (Templario) was running that area. Don’t get me wrong guy did some bad shit too. But innocent people weren’t really getting fucked with.

    1. @1030am. You have it backwards. The Viagras are the ones stealing and killing innocent people. I know for a fact that most of the jaliscos don't kill innocent people unless approved from higher up. And when it comes to ecuandureo and the surrounding areas of Moreno up on the hills is a straight up war zone. Dead bodies piled up and up to 6 trucks burned to shit on atacheo the small town in between. Hey who is charge of zamora at this point?? El fresa or el pescado. Cause tinaja de Vargas is coming out swinging with los guerreros and javitos team .

  5. What's going on in the war for Zacatecas hopefully CJNG getting their ass beat back to Jalisco


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