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Saturday, May 1, 2021

Iguala, Guerrero: Los Tlacos and Grupo Sombra Unite to Fight Against La Bandera / Guerreros Unidos

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Citizens began to report narco banners placed in various parts of the city during the early hours of this Friday. The banners were signed by "Los Tlacos" and "El Grupo Sombra". They are directed against the criminal group "La Bandera", which has kept the northern part of the State under violence.

Manta reads as follows:

To all citizens of Iguala, in the most respectful manner, we ask for your collaboration to be able to reach a peace for all of you and put an end to this war. Which we have already won, considering that the cheap fucks known as La Bandera are finished. We ask that you not fall for their threats and extortions any more.

We are here to support all citizens. And to take care of the townspeople from this fucking group of faggots that only fight on social networks. There will no longer be anymore taxation’s against tortilla shops, Thursday swap meets, jewelry stores, hospitals, markets or commerce in general, kidnappings, disappearances of women or the murdering of innocent civilians. Zagal, Charly, Conejo, Dubalín, Pájaro, and Percui. Come on out to the confrontation you fucking fake ass lying sicarios. 

The same goes for you shit heads Jesus Martinez aka El Marranero. Who live off the extortions from the work of citizens employed at Rastro and Mercado. You were always claiming like a bitch that you had nothing to do with what was happening.

And yet you had a peculiar small group of dumb asses led by that moronic bastard Fersen Ali aka El Tarro, the faggot rapist of women. Along with being a murderer of innocents. The same goes for those pieces shit Garrafos, the collector of fees and extortionist. He allowed for his son to be killed off like a damn dog. 

As well as that bitch Borrega, you pig, stop going around asking to suck off someone’s tit. As for you Hector Rodriguez Urióstegui aka Colin, you fucking servant son of a bitch. Come out of hiding you turd, so that you can defend this drug corridor. Instead of just hiding in the hotel with your black lover Luis Calderon aka La Cachetona. 

And that ignorant abandoned child known as Jael Delgado aka La Moneda. The same goes for that worm infested group of fools that were controlled by Moises Brito Bautista aka Bandame / El Moi. Their world has already gone to shit. Also this goes out to the two individuals Luis Adan Alvarez aka Wicho de Las Flores and Alexander Palacios Benitez aka El Cholo Palacios or El Cornudo. 

You pair of morons who like to kill innocent civilians. Your means of transportation consist of a cow and a donkey for you two jerkoffs. Just the same you’re both known for eating tuna out of long stale bread, you hungry fuck faggots.

Everyone who is supporting these dumb asses will be killed. The purge continues. We already have everyone located. This plaza belongs to us and it already has an owner. To all citizens in general we hereby inform everybody that no one is allowed to be out after 10 p.m. so as not to hinder our work. We will continue to purge this city of its remaining garbage.  Sincerely, Los Tlacos and Grupo Sombra. 

Source: Guerrero Noticias


  1. Nice translation sol. As always.

    Is the Tlacos the same Mexico City area gang that has been mentioned here ? Or maybe I’m confusing the name.

  2. Grupo Sombra is Cartel Of Golfo!

  3. Didn't "Colin" get captured a few days ago??

  4. Job has been done. Well done for cleaning these fools off the face of the earth. Caught and killed these extorting turds. 😁


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