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Friday, May 21, 2021

General Escobedo, Nuevo León: Authorities Locate an Illegal Fuel Duct

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

Newscaster: Today on Monterrey al Día, Reymundo Elizalde is going to tell us about a discovery of a clandestine fuel duct. Rey, go ahead with your report.

Reymundo Elizalde: Good afternoon, friends from Monterrey al Día, we are on a deployment with the Escobedo Municipal Police. Security personnel from Petroleros Mexicanos are also here. 

The discovery of a clandestine fuel pipe has been made. This is a pipeline that starts from this point.

Let's take a look at the images being filmed by my partner Javier González. Initial images show the discovery was made in coordination with the authorities who found this pipe that was next to this duct. Which has been determined was used here recently.  

We are going to show you the area where this matter was located. A well was found, and within this excavation there is a fuel valve where the fuel was being extracted.

It can still be seen here on location, as we can see in these images being filmed my colleague Javier González. The damp earth, moist from this fuel. They have given us some figures that are interesting to comment on. At this point where we are practically one kilometer from the northwest bypass.

At least 5 different stream lines are located here. Two of them run or transport fuel. Two more are for gas. And the other fuel line is out of order at this point.

As we can see it was fuel that was being stolen here recently. Fortunately the authorities managed to locate this clandestine fuel duct. These illegal operations that some people are doing.

This has brought major financial losses to the government of this country, the federal government. We’re talking about an estimate of two hundred thousand liters of gasoline lost. Well, for the time being the fight against fuel thieves continues.

This seizure was made this morning. The necessary work here is already expected to cover this pipeline. That had been illegally tapped by criminals. This concludes my report. Have a very good afternoon.

Newscaster: Reymundo, thank you very much. This is a very concerning matter. Not only with what’s happening in Nuevo León. But just as well with what’s happening throughout the country. Did you all hear what Reymundo said? More than two hundred thousand liters of fuel have been lost. 

Therefore, if someone tries to tell you that the government has done away with the famous fuel thieves or illegal extractors of fuel. Well, the truth is that here in the state of Nuevo León something else entirely is happening. 

The discovery was made at 2:20 a.m. on Wednesday

Sources: Monterrey Al Dia; El Norte


  1. Cool, free gasoline ⛽. Service Station en the Monte. Bring ur 5 gallon can

    1. Ahh don't forget the local cartel will charge tax bring cash or they will cut your head.

  2. AMLO keeps denying these illegal ducts exist. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. Of course he does he is for the criminals$$$$$, forget the citizens of Mexico, they continue getting wiped out everyday

    2. 7:59 tás más güey!!!
      As long as he is Presidente, AMLO owns all the oil in México and federalist narco-governors steal it in the form of Huachicol, also governor candidates and their suegros like La Samuelita Garcia MC.
      Ahh! pero ahi andas de caliente abriendo la mamadora a lo pendejo,


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