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Friday, May 7, 2021

6 Bodies Found By Missing Persons Search Group in Guerrero

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

The bodies were found in the sierra de Chichicualco, a mountainous region in Guerrero. The search group in Guerrero has been able to find over 100 bodies since the group was formed in September 2019.

A missing persons search group in the state of Guerrero reported the discovery of six bodies in the municipality of Leonardo Bravo. Investigators say that some of the bodies were dumped off a cliff known as La Barranca de la Virgen.

The search group's spokesperson, Maria Guadalupe Rodriguez Narciso, explained that they started their searches in this area on May 4 and located the bodies two days later. They will continue searches in this area until May 15, and then proceed to other locations.

Rodriguez-Narciso said that none of the bodies found corresponded to any family member in their database. She has been looking for her son since 2013, the year he went missing.

For the families of the disappeared, these findings represent a hope that at some point they will be able to find their loved ones.

The representative of the group said that had already identified another search point, but they would not reveal it until they were in the area, for security and discretion of the search group.


Several weeks ago, this same search group found 2 bodies in an area known as El Carrizal, also in Leonardo Bravo municipality. 

This missing search group is composed of relatives and friends of people who have gone missing in Guerrero since the start of Mexico's drug war.

Family members are an important part of missing persons investigations because their DNA and testimonies can help investigators identify a person. Relatives usually have a recollect of clothes the victims were wearing before they went missing, as well as any physical characteristics that can help their identification.

According to official figures from the Mexican government, at least 82,000 people have gone missing across Mexico since 2006, when the drug war began. Many  of these people have never been found alive or confirmed dead.

Guerrero is one of the states with the highest number of clandestine mass graves discovered. The municipality of Acapulco, Guerrero, ranks second in Mexico with 77 mass graves found, just behind Tecoman, Colima, with 97.

Some of the bodies were dumped off the cliff, which is 1,500 m (4,921 ft) high

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  1. 2013 and still haven't found her son... how sad.

  2. I remember that incident in after the 43 students went missing that the government started looking and had found a mass grave. All the international media rallied for the news, only for the Mex government to embarrass itself bc all the bodies were not of the students. What a mess. Mexico is a mass grave

  3. General Salvador Cienpedos was in guerrero along with omar hamid garcia harfuch and angel aguirre, puppet of former governor ruben figueroa taking trips and cruises on yatches with arturo beltran leyva, while FECAL was presidente, and became EPN secretary of defense to make up to himself the loses he suffered when FECAL and garcia luna marinas murdered el barbas and he and garcia harfuch disappeared themselves from the crime scene after Ayotzinapa.
    Disappearing "guerrilas" is an art the mexican kilitary has been pracricing since MEXICO 68 battle of Tlatelolco, when Cienpedos graduated military college whith defense "secretary" marcelino garcia barragan, grampas of harfuch.


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