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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Wife of Mexican-Chinese Precursor Drug Supplier Zhenli Ye Gon Sentenced to 15 Years in Mexico

"MX" for Borderland Beat

Tomoiyi Marx Yu (left) and her husband Zhenli Ye Gon (right)

Tomoiyi Marx Yu, the wife of Zhenli Ye Gon, a Chinese-Mexican businessman suspected of providing Chinese chemicals to Mexican drug cartels and being involved in money laundering, was sentenced to 15 years in prison a few weeks ago.

She was found guilty of organized crime involvement and money laundering, and was also ordered to pay MXN$65,741 in fines.

A judge determined that she was criminally guilty since she knew the resources owned by her husband at his mansion in Mexico City came from drug proceeds. In 2007, Mexican authorities seized US$205.6M dollars in cash that Ye Gon was hiding.

In addition, the judge determined that she had knowledge of Ye Gon's operations in the ephedrine and pseudoephedrine trafficking, and that she structured financial activities to hide the illegal nature of his earnings.

The court also sentenced Ye Yon Qing, Ye Gon's cousin, to 25 years in prison. He was found guilty of drug trafficking. As part of his sentencing, he was ordered to pay MXN$64,260 in fines.


Ye Gon was born in China in January 31, 1963 and became a naturalized citizen in 2002 under the presidency of Vicente Fox. The President himself awarded him his citizenship status; at that time, the Mexican government thought that Ye Gon was a promising pharmaceutical investor and entrepreneur.

But Ye Gon was reportedly working as a chemical provider for Mexican drug cartels. He was suspected of importing chemicals from a Chinese firm and selling them to gangsters in Mexico to create crystal meth.

In 2007, Mexican federales busted his mansion in Lomas de Chapultepec, one of the most-exclusive neighborhoods in Mexico City. In his mansion they found US$205.6M dollars in cash pilled in several rooms. At the time, DEA agents stated that the money seized at Ye Gon’s mansion was the "biggest cash bust" seen anywhere in the world.

Part of the currency seized in Ye Gon's mansion (2007)

"I was not in Mexico when the events of this operation happened. At home I had cash, dollars, Mexican pesos, euros and other foreign currency," Ye Gon said in his defense.

He argued that all his assets were legal and that he had invoices with their corresponding import taxes to prove it. Ye Gon said that he kept his money in his house because he did not trust banks and because at that time he was not allowed to open a bank account using U.S. dollars. In the past, he told reporters that the money was going to be used to finance political campaigns in Mexico.

Ye Gon was in Las Vegas when his house was raided and denied any wrongdoing. Authorities found it suspicious that he spent millions of dollars in Las Vegas casinos, often in a single night. American prosecutors tried to frame him for importing crystal meth, but his charges were later dropped.

He remained in U.S. custody until 2016, when he was extradited to Mexico. He is currently imprisoned at the Federal Social Readaptation Center No. 1 ("Altiplano"), Mexico's maximum-security facility.

Charges in Mexico

After his extradition to Mexico, Ye Gon sent a letter to a journalist stating that there were US$275 million in his house when it was seized in 2007. However, he argued that the Attorney General's Office only declared that there were US$205.6 million dollars.

Ye Gon said that Mexican authorities also seized more assets, included works of art, piano collections, exclusive wines and gold bars, which he claims were never reported.

The court stated that from February 16 to September 19, 2005, Ye Gon (as legal representative and shareholder of Unimed Pharm Chem México) received a US$9.4 million dollar transfer that he knew came from illegal origins. At least US$900,000 of this total amount came from a source that has not been identified yet.

Mexican prosecutors stated that the US$9.4 million dollars in question are different than the US$205.6 seized in his mansion.

Ye Gon is currently imprisoned in Mexico despite his multiple attempts to regain freedom through legal motions. He claims that the crimes he is imprisoned for have prescribed, but the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation determined that they are still in full effect.

Sources: Infobae; Excelsior; Reporte Indigo; Borderland Beat archives


  1. Did Calderon or Garcia pocket this money ?

  2. Excellent post “Mx”. The diversity of the news you and Sol produce has been great lately. Thank you, Sol, Buggs and others for this. May BB be around for many years... wish everyone the best.

    Chivis. I know you may still lurk around here so hope to read you in the future. Enjoy your break or whatever it is you are up to, we miss you as well.

    1. We hope Chivis is doing fine, possibly on a super duper vacation, with all the hoopla going on. There was a time Sol Prendido was MIA, for many months, word was going around that his was kidnapped while in Tijuana, I used to go to the bars there, but that was like 8 years ago, now the chances of something happening there are 90%.

      El Perin de Tamp

    2. Dr.Sol has been churning articles 24/7,that you barely get a chance to comment as they vanish from the screen. I am glad Sacario 006, and his elite troops rescued him. Sol you are #1.
      Two Tacos de carne asada along with a Pepsi.
      Luna Apagada

  3. No egg flour soup or Chow mein in prison. 🍜

    1. Bruh, noodles are fine dining in prison. He will be just fine.

    2. No bird's nest soup, "egg flour" soup para los pobres.

  4. The fact that he hasnt been officially charged and sentenced after so many years, just makes me wonder if he's just being help because they wanted all his money, now that they divided the $, keep him in prison till he understands he was just used as a political donator

  5. Gon was born in China in January 31, 1963 and became a naturalized citizen in 2002 under the presidency of Vicente Fox. The President himself
    FOX was doing WHAT AMLO did to CHAPITOS grandma and step mother..
    PRESIDENTS in 🇲🇽 are a piece if SH!T
    They help out the capos abd CARTELS and DON'T care about the average citizen..

    1. Just like in the US, where the government helps out the corporations but could give a rats ass about the average citizen

    2. Is she goin,i dont know,is she goin,i dont know,is she goin,she a freak ass hoe

  6. well they can catch this guy and keep him in prison and take his money
    but they cant do the same for the Mexican cartels Strange lol

  7. Excelente historia! China no es amiga de México ni de Estados Unidos. A estas personas no les importa cuántas vidas se arruinan y se pierden en su búsqueda de la "riqueza". Todos deberían gastar vida en prisión sin contacto con el mundo exterior.

  8. What i would have give to see everyday Mexicans somehow find out what was lying on the floor in his mansion?
    That money could have financed how many Mexican lives for schools,children,healthcare,homes,whatever.Why couldnt someone burgled it and spread the word,fuck yelonggon,spread the money around to everyday Mexicans.What a bitch arse world,that dope money was lying round in some mansion in Mexico


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