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Monday, April 26, 2021

Veracruz: State Police Arrests Murder Suspects, Only to Have the Municipal Police Try to Free Them

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Six municipal police officers from Texcatepec, Veracruz, were taken into custody this weekend for attempting to free several murder suspects who had just been arrested by the state police.

Elements of the Veracruz State Police arrested Lucas Nicolas Licona, Nicolas Desiderio, and Hilariano Lechuga for the murder of two female teachers, an evangelical pastor, a local councilwoman, and a businessman. They were also wanted for attempted robbery of a local treasurer. 

When the suspects were taken into custody, municipal police officers arrived at the scene and tried to free the suspects without any legal justification. Veracruz Governor Cuitlahuac Garcia Jimenez said that the municipal police officers "violently opposed" the suspects' arrests. The state police proceeded to disarm and arrest the municipal police officers.  

A couple of weeks ago, 12 policemen from the city of San Andrés Tuxtla were also arrested for freeing a criminal who had been captured by the state police. The suspect was Elias Marcelo Carvallo Martinez ("Lito Carvallo"), one of the most-wanted men in Veracruz.

The Veracruz Attorney General's Office ordered the entire municipal police force of San Andres Tuxla, which counted with 264 elements, to be completely disarmed.

Photo credit: Milenio

Sources: El Imparcial; Milenio; Cronica de Xalapa; Al Calor Politico


  1. Freedom at last in old Mexico

  2. What the city municipal police don't want us to see, they work in cahoots with the criminals. I have always said they work together, thanks that the state police officers are still clean. You even ca the police to report a crime as they will turn you in to the criminals you reported and may you disappear.

    1. Glad you think they're still clean

    2. So, you always said they work together? Powerful insights there Nostradamus.

    3. 9:50 where have been, you are blind as a bat, many police work with Cartels. As a matter of fact police moonlight after work with the criminals, wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. Thats why every person south of the border wants to come to the US where there is law and order.

  4. How much time do these municipal police get for doing this in jail? The state police officer on the left is HUGE.

  5. Oh they only killed a few persons, they raped, they kidnapped, no problem State Police, we take care of them, by setting them Free. Curuption and inpunity to it's it's fullest extent.
    Dios Mio

  6. Sounds more like City Hall mayor mad hired the criminals to do the dirty work, which of course the Municipal Police was told to stand down look the other way, when the murders occurred.
    Nevertheless the State Police was around, otherwise the plan would have gone smooth. Imagine the Carnage other towns are experiencing.

  7. These cops risked their own freedom to rescue women and preacher murders. Their really is no hope for the innocent people to live decent peaceful lives. The narco culture and corruption is to embedded. Tack on poverty and you have an endless pool of recruits

  8. Municipal polices run by city political.
    State Police arrest curupt municipal police.
    Federal police arrest curupt State police.
    I don't know who arrest when Federal police do wrong?

  9. Now that state police got a bounty on his head!!!

  10. Keystone cops Police arresting Police lolūüėā


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