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Thursday, April 15, 2021

US Court Orders Forfeiture of 5 Real Estate Properties Purchased By Rafael Caro Quintero in Guadalajara

"MX" for Borderland Beat

Some of the properties have Rafael Caro Quintero and his wife Maria Elizabeth Elenes Lerma listed as beneficiaries (usufruct rights), which grants them the ability to use the property or enjoy the fruits of the property without having to legally own them. 

In a federal court in Brooklyn, New York, US District Judge Eric N. Vitaliano authorized the seizure and forfeiture of five pieces of real property located in and around Guadalajara, Mexico, that were purchased by Rafael Caro Quintero. These properties were reportedly bought with drug proceeds, and the US will seek to enforce this order through diplomatic channels with Mexico.

“Today’s order is another step forward in our relentless pursuit of justice for the victims of Caro Quintero’s brutal drug trafficking organization and especially for DEA Special Agent Enrique Camarena, who was tragically murdered at the hands of Caro Quintero’s crime syndicate,” stated Acting United States Attorney Lesko. 

“In forfeiting these drug-tainted properties, we join with the Mexican government and our law enforcement partners at the DEA to commemorate Special Agent Camarena’s life and remember his ultimate sacrifice.”

According to the forfeiture complaint, between January 1980 and March 2015, the Caro Quintero was involved in a large scale drug trafficking operation involving multi-ton quantities of marijuana, multi-kilogram quantities of methamphetamine and multi-kilogram quantities of cocaine from Mexico to the United States.

US investigators say that Caro Quintero used these drug earnings to purchase real estate properties in or around the Guadalajara area. Caro Quintero allegedly placed the properties in the names of family members to conceal his ownership of the properties and use of illegal proceeds to purchase them, and to prevent Mexican authorities from seizing them.

Properties in Guadalajara

Entrance to the private neighborhood of Property (i) in Calle Paseo de los Virreyes, in Zapopan, Jalisco (Photo: Google Maps)

(i) The real property in Calle Paseo de los Virreyes, 4283, Lot 21, Mza 41, Fraccionamiento Villa Universitaria, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. It was under the name of Hector Rafael Caro Elenes, with a usufruct granted for life to Rafael Caro Quintero and Elizabeth Elenes de Caro

(ii) The real property in Avenida Melchor Ocampo, 468 Bodega (Local) 21, Fraccionamiento Mercado de Abastos Norte, Guadalajara. It was held in the names of Hector Rafael, Roxana Elizabeth, Henoch Emilio and Mario Yibran, all with the surnames Caro Elenes, with a usufruct granted for life to Rafael Caro Quintero and Elizabeth Elenes de Caro.

Exterior view of Property (iii and iv) in Calle Sagitario, in Zapopan Jalisco. Two condos were owned by Caro Quintero's network (Photo: Google Maps).

(iii) The real property in Calle Sagitario 5289-8, Condominio Sagitario, Fraccionamiento Residencial Arboldeas, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; held in the name of Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes.

(iv) The real property in Calle Sagitaro 5289-9, Condominio Sagitario, Fraccionamiento Residencial Arboldeas, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; held in the name of Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes.

Property (v) owned by Caro Quintero's network (Photo: Google Maps)

(v) The real property in Calle Luigi Pirandello 5397, Lote 29B, Mza 145, Fraccionamiento Vallarta Univerisdad, Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico; held in the name of Roxana Elizabeth Caro Elenes.

Sources: USDOJ; Google Maps

Rafael Caro Quintero - Partial Forfeiture Decree and Default Judgement by MX on Scribd


  1. Like Rafa Caro one said "that 20 million bounty give it to the poor in the USA and if you take my money or propertys shared equally with the most poor in mexico" JEFASO El Senor Rafa Caro de Sinaloa para el mundo

  2. RCQ is everywhere.

    1. RCQ is like the wind, all over the place.
      But the wind does not have accomplices protected and presidential pardonned by anybody powerful in the US government...RCQ does.

  3. What’s up with those shitty apartments. Well, I guess they were just real estate investments and none of his family members actually lived there. RCQ probably doesn’t even know what to do with all his money and he will pull through with any real estate investment presented to him that can help him lay low.

  4. Does this mean that other countries could claim USA properties that were bought with illicit funds according to their courts? Does the ball not bounce both ways?

    1. It does bounce both ways but US won’t accept it. Mexico also give a rat ass about those orders. Just wasting US tax$ and fueling the WoD.

    2. Court can rule whatever they want, ability to enforce it is another story. The US can only force what they have jurisdiction over. They can only seize what they can seize.

    3. This court order means NOTHING unless Mexico acts on it. But AMLO has been overusing the UIF to freeze bank accounts of anyone he doesn’t like. So there’s a chance.

    4. Good luck with that- the “ball” only bounces 1 way

    5. 7:04 AMLO does not use the Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera, UIF.
      they are completely independent from interference.
      9:46 let the precedent establish precedent, chingadamadre!
      Then it is fair game for "we the peepol",
      Then the deep state establishment will affirm those luxuries do not apply to the rabble in the bleachers,
      and they have packed SCOTUS to prove it

    6. With 200 billion dollars hidden in Swiss banks, RCQ does not need any mexican properties or shanty cardboard houses.

    7. 9:47 you’re dumb 200 billion lol!!!

    8. Beautiful point. I was just thinking something along those lines. The U.S has no power to enforce this. It's just a statement on the U.S's behalf I assume. If otherwise,the U.S should not resist or complain when other countries do like wise

  5. Posted about him owning several properties in Guadalajara about a year ago. They should also come down to Tamazula to see the massive terrenos he has under his presta nombres. Aquí no pasa nada!

  6. @9:46 for Mexico, U.K., Japan and countries like that, probably yes. For North Korea, Syria, Russia, Chad or Eritrea probably not.

  7. RCQ oldest son loves horse racing in GDL
    I see him all the time.

  8. It clear that the USA department of justice are smoking drugs. Mexico will not give those properties to them in any way. I’m sure USA will keep properties bought in US with drug proceeds from Mexican nationals. How about Elva Ester properties in San Diego?

  9. I saw Elvis recently, but I can't remember where. Does anyone know? Has anyone else seen him lately?

    1. 6:27 must have been you fart.
      Puro pinchi pedo ese!!!


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