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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Grotesque Side of the Mexican Underworld

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Warning - Graphic Beheading Video Below

A video of a beheading from the Mexican underworld popped up on Twitter. It lingered for a bit online before it just as quickly disappeared. Algorithms that dictate what will not be shown on its platform made sure of it. 

Intel on who these men were or what their crimes could’ve been is unknown. Only their executioners carry that knowledge with them. 

There’s a hurried swiftness to what they’re doing while committing murder. One sicario kneels on the first victim. At the same time another sicario with a 6 inch knife quickly cuts away the first victims head. Several feet away the next restrained victim awaits the same fate. 

This is the harsh reality of the Mexican underworld.

Source: Ghost Deviil (Twitter)


  1. Behind Mexico..where alse you have soo manny gangland killings?

  2. Cds and CJNG world top crime syndicates

  3. In the video you can here them they that’s is what is going to happen to los viagras so the beheaders are most likely cjng

  4. I once or twice watched but way too much for me. I'll read the article instead.

  5. The results of the Chocomiles de los Carteles Unidos getting caught with their panties down. They had to call in Papa Silvano because they were getting their ass clapped correction wig split they actually enjoy getting their ass clapped. In Aguillila their are hundreds of Sedena soldiers protecting the Viagras/Templarios in that town after what CJNG did to them. CJNG killed 50 to 80 of them don't be surprised if we sse more videos like these start coming out.

  6. That 2nd gang guy did not want to die He fought hard
    Too bad that he didnt try that hard to STOP BEING IN A FUC@$KING Gang In the begining
    alittle to late to want to live
    shouldve thought about it before ...
    they are all are Monsters they belong in hell

  7. I saw another video a few months back where a group of young guys in a house had two guys on the floor be heading them. They were obviously training the sicarios by the things they were telling the guys to do. After they cut it the heads they kick them around like soccer balls. Im surprised you guys never got a hold of that video.


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