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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Tepetongo, Zacatecas: Armed Attack Leads to Discovery of Narco Camp

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

State Preventative Police (PEP) elements located and destroyed a camp belonging to a crime group.

Elements of the State Preventive Police (PEP) who were deployed in Tepetongo, Zacatecas, while attending an armed attack report on municipal police, located and destroyed a camp used by a criminal group.

The aggression against the local troops occurred when they went to the community El Salitral. After receiving a report on this matter, a policewoman was injured.

Following the attack, the troops immediately traveled in an ambulance to provide care to their companion. Unfortunately on their way they suffered a car accident, resulting in an injured Municipal Policeman.

Likewise, after learning of the aggression, elements of the PEP went to the crime scene, where they located the wrecked ambulance. And while carrying out reconnaissance, operational and tactical actions, they located a site that due to its characteristics and the objects found, was being used as a camp by an unknown crime mob.

For this reason the camp was destroyed to prevent its subsequent reuse. They took operational actions to locate those responsible for the aggression.

It should be noted that the state of health of both municipal police officers is reported stable.

Source: Express Zacatecas


  1. Ha ha haaa, the militarized state PEPOS in their cammo destroyed the rock fireplaces where the dangerous invisible armies cook their maruchan...
    The ambulance got in an accident not an enemy attack, even the original cops requesting for help must have been doing it because they were drunk and late to work. But thanks for making me waste my time, arturo lopez bazan is just trying to show shit for his Shit Show, he learned to stage shit since his times in the mexican police and gendarmeria "in France".

    1. Arturo lopez bazan is also an intelligence expert and anti-kidnapping specialist trained with luis cardenas palomino, tamonneduardo pequeño, la comandante Loren, omar hamid garcia harfuch and genarco garcia luna that do nothing but kidnappings for ransom, tortures murders Falsos Positivos and cover-ups when they are not murdering their own comrades to silence witnesses, like edgar millan or Niño Marti.
      Crime all over Zacatecas has increased exponentially since Bazan came to spread his brand of BS all over the state, he need his ass wrapped on crime scene yellow tape before he gets his pinchis tablazos por las nalgas por pendejo.

  2. Salieron corriendo los culos del cjng 😂🤣

    1. Puro tweeker de a gramo. Culos

  3. They're going after CJNG. Tepetongo is one of their bastion.

    1. Tepetongo Zacatecas is little more than a pinche rancho.

    GOING to be HARD to take that PLAZA
    Just LIKE in michoacan with GALLINAS unidas

  5. Theirs a reason why the government is going after cjng scum in Zacatecas, they know to many innocents have died for not paying extortion money in fresnillo area, they can hide like rats and run like cockroaches but they will struggle to get the state. They have been chased all the way down there now

  6. Dam CJNG is at total war with everyone. Sooner than later they’ll be the ruling party.


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