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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tecate, Baja California: Criminals Used a Drone For Delivery of Drugs

 "Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

Video translation is as follows:

The State Commission of the Penitentiary System reported on the seizure of narcotics that allegedly intended to enter the El Hongo Social Reintegration Center.

Criminals tried using a drone that was immediately intercepted by security police and prison custodians. The events were recorded when the security and prison custodian elements detected the overflight of an electronic device in the vicinity of the complexes airspace located in the municipality of Tecate.

Specifically in the area of ​​special measures, the drone visibly brought about an unidentified object. Consequently, the security alerts were activated. Undertaking an operation in order to contain any action that could put the facilities of the center at risk. As well as the staff and the incarcerated inmates. 

In compliance with their functions and in accordance with the protocol established for this type of event, the agents assigned to this reintegration center managed to neutralize the object. And with this, the confiscation of illicit substances that were presumably intended to be introduced into the prison complex. During the operation, a package containing 5 bags was recovered. 3 of them were green colored sacks.

And a purple colored plastic bag that contained a green and dry herb with the characteristics of marijuana. As evidenced in the failed police report presented to the corresponding authorities to integrate into the investigative folder.

A black wrapper was also found that contained a pasty substance of the same color with characteristics typical of heroin. Accordingly, everything seized was made available to the competent authority for legal investigations.

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