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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Tabasco: US$1.6 Million Seized Along With 75 Packages of Cocaine

"Yaqui" for Borderland Beat

Authorities found more than a million dollars were hidden in a vehicle in the municipality of Paraíso, Tabasco.

The Attorney General's Office (FGR) and Federal Ministerial Police (PFM) in Tabasco seized US$1,609,200 in the municipality of Paraiso, as well as three luxury trucks, cartridges, and weapon accessories of various calibers.

The seizure took place on April 19, when personnel from this Administrative Unit of the Federal Ministerial Police based in Cardenas municipality, and the FGR's Expert Services, carried out a search on premises located in the Puerto Ceiba neighborhood.

The search warrant was based on the discovery of 75 packages of cocaine hidden in a fishing vessel days prior.

On Twitter, authorities shared pictures of the seizure. They said that the drugs were seized following a house warrant.

Upon entering the premises, they seized five useful cartridges, all in gold. In addition, they seized a metal material magazine in black with the legend 9MM X 19; three vehicles: one, a Chevrolet brand in white with license plates from the state of Veracruz; another from the Hyundai brand, Santa Fe Sport 2.07, in gray with license plates from the state of Chiapas; and a white Chevrolet Silverado with license plates from the state of Chiapas.

The 75 packets of cocaine located were located in a fishing vessel. Total weight was not mentioned.

According to the authorities' report, this fishing boat was seized days prior. It had 75 packages of cocaine was hidden in its compartments. Several intelligence works were carried out in that municipality following the seizure, which led to a search of the property where the three vehicles and the money was found.

The property, the vehicles, the cash and other secured objects, were placed at the disposal of the FGR in Tabasco, who continues with the integration of the investigation folder. They will determine who will face charges and other measures as required by law.

Sources: DiarioUniversalExcelsiorMXPolitico


  1. Isn't that town or municipio run by CDS? Well at the moment ? It's been disputed by both CDS CJNG right? At the beggining of CJNG incursion further into Veracruz I remember they posted a video of a convoy in the main plaza here or am I wrong? Correct me if I'm wrong please

    1. 6:08 PM They flipped on CJNG these people now work for Gallinas Unidas their regional boss in Tabasco is El Aubelo Farias brother. Massive loss for the gallinas Unidas they cant seem to catch a break they keep on lossing load after load. Those massive load loses a few years back were dedasos frim El Abuelo on CJNG loads they though they cleared the route only to be caught in the same trap.

    2. @8:14 LMFAO "massive loss" if you only knew how regular crews in Mexico move a week. C.U. has way deeper pockets than 1.6 mill USD.

      I don't support C.U. but CJNG fanboys are just on clown level rn at BB officially, like Mencho in my beloved Mex.

    3. They don’t have deeper pockets, look at those guys.

    4. If they have deeper pockets why do they resort to petty car thefts? 1.6 mil is a lot of money and definitely a loss. “Regular crews” Might bring in a couple mill PESOS foh @9:26

    5. 1.6m in liquid I doubt is shrugged off by any criminal group

    6. 9:26 PM They are bums they have lots of expenses for example they have to pay off the Governor, State Police, Sedena, GN, Marina, Muncipal Police, SSP, and all the other agencies that protect them it isn't cheap. They have to pay the Media and last but not least they have to pay their tecatos. The extortion they do isn't enough they are having raffles and selling tickets that are forced because they are struggling.

      CJNG just pays for the state not to mess with them it is far cheaper than paying them to do the fighting for you.

      They have lost massive loads of cocaine its so bad the suppliers are not fronting them anything. CJNG doesn't allow them to Cook the Meth they need to send up north the loads they have managed to send have been caught. The buyers that they had stopped taking their product for various reasons. They have lost entire crews in the states.

      The route El Abuelo took from CJNG isn't working how it was before he flipped. Mencho has another route that is currently working at full potential product that would be sent down that route is being sent to other routes. Nazario Moreno Gonzalez is back in Michocan he took Lazaro Cardenas and the suppliers know he is good on his word. El Abuelo and the Gallinas are having issues with El Tena the Templarios. Tena has always been loyal to Nazario.

    7. That 1.6 wasn't 1.6 it was 2 million 394,000 went into someones pocket. They have that million to buy a ton of cocaine those 75 kilos wasn't 75 kilos it was a ton what was left of that tone went to CJNG. The Gallinas lost their cash and Cocaine. They only has that much that is why they are doing their raffles.

    8. @3:58 JLLG has spoken about that so who really knows. Also says RNOC let him go just like the time JDJMV let RNOC go. If I remember correctly not too long ago LV killed his accountant so this might be a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend but they will have to leave the lacra tendencies in the past.

  2. Tell me do thet have auctions of seized stuff like cars ?? boats cocaine? does highest bidder get it back
    no really do they auction off the cars

  3. A boat holding 75 kgs is poquito. While this one gets busted another boat carrying 2 tones probably made it in lol.. this "bust" sounds alot more like a bribe or a distraction

  4. So the police find, than sell back to the original owner. This is not mordida, just good business for law enforcement


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