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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Salamanca, Guanajuato: Two Beheaded Males Left Behind by CJNG

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

They locate the bodies of two people beheaded in the community of Los Lobos. Minutes after seven in the morning, inhabitants of the aforementioned community reported to the 911 Emergency System, two people found decapitated in plastic boxes and human remains in black plastic bags.

Municipal Police and the National Guard attended the report and when they arrived at the scene they found the bodies of two dismembered people in black bags and in a plastic box, on one side of an access road.

The area was cordoned off by municipal elements awaiting personnel of the Specialized Homicide Unit of the Regional State Prosecutor's Office, for the first investigations and the gathering of evidence, to integrate the respective investigation folder.

So far the identity of both victims is unknown. It was reported that the lower part of one of the bodies wore brown pants and black sports shoes with a red emblem.

It should be noted that with these murders there have been four intentional homicides in the first three days of April.

Manta translation is as follows:

Here lie these thieves from Valle de Santiago. El Radioloco and Javier Infante, nephew of Zanzon. The purge has begun in Valle de Santiago. We’re coming after all the scum. Just as well we’re coming after everyone you sons of bitches. Sincerely, CJNG

Sources: VxT; Salmantino


  1. 4 CJNG stories back to back?
    Obsessed much?

    Wheres the story on operativo MZ tryna go into jalisco through rancho el rosario-- coming from Zacatecas? Only to be fiercely repelled back into Zacatecas by CJNG forces???? They left 6 units abandoned and they scattered like rats.
    Or the story on el cholos lawyer being killed????

    1. If you have links send them to me. My email has been open for some time now. Don’t just complain about it. Show me those links

  2. Doubt they were who they say they are. Everyone knows the tecato tweakers from cjng kidnap, torture and kill innocent people. These douchers prey on unarmed civilians for a living. Limpia has begun? They've been in GTO for years and cant over the plaza still smh


    MZ tryna go into jalisco.

  4. 4 🐓🐓🐓🐓
    Grupo Elite
    Escoltas del Señor
    Michioacano 06

    1. MG42
      Lmao tell these clowns bro

  5. Guanajuato 100% CJNG

  6. My QUESTION is why would these guys go AND fight CJNG?
    It's like a light WEIGHT against a heavy WEIGHT fighter

  7. Amlo it's getting better???????

  8. The truth is CJNG does not fully control Guanajuato 100%.

    I kinda compare it to the Afghanistan war, where Americans are better equipped but Afghans just know the terrain/hide better.


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