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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Prominent Writer From Oaxaca Killed by Gunmen Outside His Home

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Several writers and activists in Oaxaca demanded authorities to solve the case and bring his murderers to justice. So far investigators have no leads and the motive for the killing is unknown.

In Oaxaca, activists and family members are protesting for the death of Juan Carlos Díaz Aragón, a Mexican writer, literature teacher, and philanthropist. He was murdered at his home by a group of unknown persons.

"Today we mourn the death of our beloved Juan Carlos, but the pain makes us strong to demand an exhaustive investigation of the events that took the life of a great Oaxacan," reads a public letter released this Monday.

Juan Carlos was known by his nickname or pen name "Dos Vientos de Lluvia" (Two Winds of Rain). He was 42 years old. Born in 1979, he was an interpreter of pre-Columbian manuscripts and recently won an award in Spain for his work “La Fuerza del Cosmos” (2015).

In addition, he promoted the program "México: listillo desde chiquillo", which with the support of his book "Sere extraños", promoted activities for children from Oaxaca and Chiapas. He was also a benefactor of a home for the elderly in Ocotlán de Morelos.

"We want to live in peace, because it is our right to walk through our streets without the fear of being assaulted, robbed and violated in the privacy of our home or our business, at the cost of losing our lives," Juan Carlos family said.

Authorities have not issued a statement for the murder.

Source: SDP Noticias; Oaxaca Quadratin; La Jornada


  1. Most dangerous job in Mexico 🇲🇽 under Amlo, being a journalist, U don't agree your dead. Mexico the new Venezuela 🇻🇪

  2. I bet if they burn the feets of the local Public Security Commissioner,
    He will sing

  3. Awards from Spain are suspect, Spain just wants their pound of meat out of every kill, investments on their companies to stral, dirty money to launder, foreign government contracts for ghost operations worth millions of cash dollars for life from their former colonies, globalization has a price ya know???


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