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Monday, April 26, 2021

Narco-Police: Chronicles of Robberies, Persecutions, and Arrests in Mexico City

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Note: This is an interview of Raymundo (real name omitted), a police officer in Mexico City who arrested a colleague of his for drug dealing. This publication includes details of the arrest, Raymundo's personal reflections, and his thoughts on police officers who go rogue.

Mauricio 'N', alias "El Compadre", was an investigative police officer who worked for Los Maceros, a Mexico City gang involved in drug dealing, arms trafficking, and money laudering.

The authorities knew that the suspect was not a run-off-the-mill criminal and detaining him had to be a surgical task. The target was Mauricio 'N' ("El Compadre"), an agent of the Investigative Police of the Attorney General's Office of Mexico City. He had ties to Agustín 'N', Don Agus, alleged leader of Los Maceros, a group dedicated to the distribution of drugs, arms trafficking, and money laundering in Mexico City.

On March 18, personnel from the Special Immediate Reaction Group (GERI) located Mauricio in a building in Santiago Tepalcatlalpan neighborhood in Xochimilco borough. Agent Raymundo, whom we will refer to as such for security reasons, was assigned to the operation to stop him.

Raymundo remembers that that day, his team implemented a protocol so that the search was successful and the mission was achieved without any injuries or deaths. Some GERI agents were deployed around the neighborhood to prevent any violent reaction from Mauricio's gang.

Without knowing what was inside the property or the risks involved in raiding it, Raymundo and his companions proceeded cautiously, observing that there were no snipers on the roof or windows.

In 16-seconds, they entered the rooms and discarded any threat in them. Confident in the work of his team, Raymundo reached an area of ​​the building where there was a patio that connected to another house. But as he approached it, a man came out with a firearm "that was already loaded, stocked, and ready to shoot."

Raymundo's team entered the property because they had information that Mauricio lived there (illustration: Juan Carlos Fleicer)

“We were conducting a search at the place. We moved forward, taking rooms, corridors and we reached a point where there was an intermediate patio. The property had a house it connected to (…). When we left the first part of the property and entered the other house, an individual came out with a long weapon, it was like a rifle", Raymundo told Milenio newspaper.

He told us to leave

The armed subject was Mauricio, who Raymundo said possibly leaked information to Don Agus's criminal group.

Agent Raymundo commented that Mauricio, upon seeing all the police officers present, pointed his gun and said: "Who are you?"

“He aimed at all of us. He didn't specifically aim at any single one of us and was just pointing his firearm around at everyone. He was telling us to leave. This is where the preparation of our team came in. Despite the threat we faced, we did not take a step back", Raymundo said.

Mauricio pointed his firearm at Raymundo and his team, but he quickly surrendered. Once in custody, Mauricio said he was sorry (illustration: Juan Carlos Fleicer).

As indicated by the protocol for the use of police force, Raymundo implemented voice commands and asked him to lower his weapon. At that moment, the number of GERI agents surprised Mauricio, causing him to surrender.

Raymundo said that Mauricio was surprised at the police's efforts.

"I went out, I saw you and it was really both the visual impact that you gave and the speed at which you are moving that surprised me", the suspect said.

Raymundo explained that the person was blocked and that was what caused him not to fire the weapon.

"He saw how we move and how looked at each other; that's what made him realize he was surrounded and did not know who to point his gun to. I ordered him to put his weapon down and the officers read him his rights as he was taking into custody", Raymundo said.

Raymundo approached him and wanted to ask him why he had decided to work for a criminal group since he was a police officer. But he knew that this was not his role, and proceeded to take him to the Public Ministry Department.

"I also had to remain silent and not ask him any questions", Raymundo said.

While Mauricio was taken into custody, Raymundo's colleagues continued to search through the property to rule out any other threats.

In just 16 seconds, police officers raided the entire property (including 4 rooms) and took over the patio area where Mauricio surrendered. Raymundo said that this was a reflection of the capacity of the Mexico City police force in combating drug dealing, kidnapping, and other crimes.

Mauricio is currently imprisoned and will face trial for his crimes

During the operation, the police secured 24 bags containing marijuana, 101 bags containing cocaine, 96 bags containing methamphetamines, and another bag containing firearms and ammunition. The property was placed under federal jurisdiction and the items seized were sent to the Public Ministry Department for Mauricio's criminal case.

On 20 March 2021, federal authorities suspended Mauricio indefinitely from holding any public office position. He was charged with drug dealing, bribery, and illegal possession of military-exclusive firearms.

Raymundo acknowledged that some police officers are in the "wrong path" and that they should be arrested if they are committing criminal acts.

"It is a mixture of emotions. Personally speaking, I feel terrible when a colleague is arrested for criminal activity. But at the same time, I do not want to work with officers who do these things and are unjust", Raymundo said.

"You cannot be a police officer and use your role to commit criminal acts. Being a police officer means you are serving the public. Nobody wants to have a colleague who is doing bad things and who may get you into trouble. Some of us are honest and clear with our objectives to serve the public".

Source: Milenio


  1. People forget that some officers are clean and just. I've had good encounters with Mexican police officers in the past. They are very helpful and educated (those in Mexico City or some federales). Bad apples are everywhere.

    1. So true there are good ones, here on the Frontera it's Cartel dressed has cops. Greatest people I have meet are in Mexico most are good people

  2. The training schools for police and federal forces are full of people already on cartel payroll.


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