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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Major Blow Against the Familia Michoacana: 'Boris' Fell, A Priority Target in Edomex

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

This subject, supposedly, was in charge of providing stolen luxury cars to the leaders of the criminal group in the entity

Iván René “N”, El Boris, was detained by agents of the State of Mexico Prosecutor's Office, as he is an alleged high-profile member of the Familia Michoacána, a group that generates violence in the state and accused of executing 13 police officers in recent weeks.

According to the authorities' report, Boris was a priority target for his probable crimes of extortion against residents of Valle de Bravo. The order against him was carried out in the municipality of Villa Victoria.

Agents of the Operational Tactical Groups arrived at that place, after obtaining a court order to secure the probable offender for the collection of illegal fees. Presumably, Iván René "N" was in charge of ordering the theft of high-end vehicles, which he handed over to leaders of the Familia Michoacána.

"The capture of this individual was made as part of an investigation initiated by the State Prosecutor's Office after receiving complaints of theft of luxury vehicles, as well as extortion of residents of Valle de Bravo and neighboring municipalities," highlighted the agency headed by Alejandro Gómez Sanchez.

After his arrest, Boris was admitted to the Valle de Bravo Penitentiary and Social Reintegration Center, where he was at the disposal of a judge who will determine his legal situation.

Last February, agents of the Security Secretariat arrested Antonio “N”, who allegedly stole a Jeep truck. According to the investigations, this subject was an operator subordinate to Boris. Since then, the criminal group has been tracked in terms of its supply of vehicles.

“The State Attorney General's Office calls on the public so that in the event that it recognizes this individual as a probable participant in some other crime, he / she be reported through the email, at the telephone number 800 7028770 ″

It is worth mentioning that with Boris there are at least 33 people arrested in the last three weeks by agents of the State of Mexico and who would be likely members of the Michoacan Family.

On April 3, a look out was apprehended that would operate for Commander Mala and Silverio Martínez Hernández, alias Fierros, one of those allegedly responsible for the massacre of the 13 officers. This subject identified as Ángel “N” followed policemen on a motorcycle to report their movements to leaders of the criminal group that operate in the municipalities of Zacualpan, Almoloya de Alquisiras, Sultepec, Coatepec Harinas, Ixtapan de la Sal, Tonatico, among others.

On March 24, for example, seven alleged kidnappers from the criminal group fell at a home in the municipality of San Mateo Atenco. The five women and the two subjects would be responsible for three kidnappings in the entity. At the time of their seizure they were in possession of 925 thousand pesos in cash, supposedly obtained from the illicit amounts.

The day before, the officers arrested 25 probable criminals who carried out various tasks of acting as look outs, drug dealing and other crimes for La Familia Michoacana.

Local authorities have deployed an operation against the cartel, after alleged members of this criminal group carried out an ambush on March 18 where they executed 13 agents in Coatepec de Harinas.

On the drug trafficking map, the Michoacan Family, which attacks with guerrilla tactics taking advantage of the rugged Mexican territory, dominates the southern part of the state under the leadership of Jhony AKA El Mojarro and José AKA La Fresa, the Hurtado Olascoaga brothers, who are leaders of the criminal group.

Sources: Infobae


  1. You were up early today, Sol. ☕️ Thanks for the articles!

  2. Still no confirmation from what I know that cjng killed his boss "el pez" anyone got info on that?

    1. That video of El Pez supposedly being burned alive. Reminds me of another video that came out about a year ago where another guy was also being burned alive. Both are similar in nature. With that being said keep in mind that El Pez could’ve faked his death. There’s still no official confirmation on him having died. I believe blog del narco has those videos of a guy being burned alive. Maybe both videos can be compared to see if they’re not one and the same.

    2. That guy is long dead and that video isn’t him.. suppedly some time ago he was surrounded by the marina and killed and killed marines too some time ago..they just keep useing his name for fear just like mz

  3. I'm no cartel supporter but as someone who frequently visits the towns from Cuernavaca to teloloapan I hope either cjng or beltran leyva wipe out la familia michoacana, 7/10 crimes torwards innocents you hear about in the area are done by lfm. I named those two groups cause they also have a big presence here.

  4. Family MICHOACAN is a TARGET for the government NOW...
    There is ONLY TWO CARTELS in 🇲🇽 who can get away WITH those type of KILLINGS..
    Eventhough LA FAMILIA michoacana has killed more cops than ANY OTHER CARTEL in mass KILLINGS besides CJNG..

  5. Cheers to you both! 🤟🏻🤩🍻


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