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Friday, April 9, 2021

La Linea Regional Boss 'El Coman' Arrested in Aldama, Chihuahua; Sicarios Tried To Rescue Him

"MX" for Borderland Beat

Agents of the Chihuahua Anti-Kidnapping Unit detained a subject identified as Jesús Alberto OG, alias “El Coman”, the suspected plaza boss of La Linea in Aldama Municipality. El Coman had an arrest warrant issued by a federal judge for several kidnappings conducted in Aldama and Chihuahua city.

Authorities revealed that when El Coman was arrested, his sicarios carried out an attack to try to rescue him. A shootout broke out in the outskirts of Aldama while the agents were taking El Coman to a prison in Chihuahua city.

However, the anti-kidnapping unit called for reinforcements and was able to neutralize the attack. There is an ongoing investigation to identify and capture those responsible for attempting to free El Coman.

Investigators say that El Coman was involved in several kidnappings in May 2019. In one of the incidents, El Coman was involved in a violent abduction in Aldama where a firearm was used. The victim was retrieved from a home at gunpoint and his whereabouts are unknown.

El Coman, 21, was assigned to a Chihuahua judge and will have his initial hearing this week. The Chihuahua Public Ministry will charge him for kidnapping and a trial is likely to be underway.

The municipality of Aldama within Chihuahua, Mexico. Mexican Federal Highway 16 connects Aldama to Presidio, Texas, making this route an attractive corridor for drug cartels.

Borderland Beat analysis

Aldama, just north of Chihuahua city, has a highway that connects to Ojinaga, a town just across the US-Mexico border from Presidio, Texas. Historically, Aldama has been under the control of La Linea, the former armed wing of the old Juarez Cartel.

Clashes between La Linea and the rival Gente Nueva drug cartel increased in 2020 in this part of rural Chihuahua. Reporters say that La Linea is "cleansing" rival gang members in Aldama because they are competing for control of the highways between Chihuahua city and the border at Presidio-Ojinaga.

In Chihuahua city, the cartel clashes have a slightly different dynamic. In early 2021, a Ciudad Juarez newspaper reported that much of the violence in this city was driven by a gangland dispute between Gente Nueva on one front and La Empresa and Los Aztecas on the other. Gente Nueva gets support and reinforcements from Parral, a municipality close to the border with the state of Durango.

"[Gente Nueva] is trying to dismantle La Empresa and Los Aztecas. They are fighting for the local drug dealing market", Chihuahua State Attorney General César Peniche Espejel confirmed.

As previously reported by Borderland Beat, most of the homicides in Ciudad Juarez are also driven by gangs competing over street corners to sell heroin, cocaine, and meth.

Sources: Diario de Juarez (1); (2)Omnia; La Parada Digital; El Heraldo de Juarez; Borderland Beat archives


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    3. Wtf does this have to do with El Cholo and CJNG bro? It doesn't mention either and it's in Chihuahua . Smh

    4. Everybody is scared of cjng when it hits close to home

  3. Les djgo. Si La Linea trabajara junto con los Aztecas de El Paso no la Empresa ya tuvieran Juarez y todo Chihuahua bajo control. Pero como se creen muy vergas los de La Linea les esta saliendo elntiro por la culata y Sinaloa les va a dar en la madre!
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  4. Replies
    1. People been saying that since the early 2000s and they still here. CDS needs to just give it up they will never take Juarez

    2. Nah la linea just aint social media crazy they still have A good half of Chihuahua on lock and if you look at a map is more than most criminal groups

  5. They need to kill them all and no not cartel Leaders but all the corrupt politicians who give the impunity watch back at mexico's history all these presidents retire with a whole shitload of money nobody knows where the fuck it came from

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      Better check some history videos to understand how Mexico has always been a land that has been stolen from different European cultures, eventually getting a lot of its land stolen as well from U.S.A.

      Did you know California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas were ours?

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      You need to understand a lot of the socio-economic factors for these things to happen, with the U.S. taking the blame in a lot of shit.

  6. Thanks for the article “Mx”. Very informative on the analysis / background side of things.

    1. Thanks my dear reader. Tamaulipas and Chihuahua are my two favorite regions to cover as well. :)

    2. @Mx how do I send you links for videos and pictures


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