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Friday, April 2, 2021

Iguala de la Independencia, Guerrero: La Bandera Executes a Male Inside Hotel Premises

"Sol Prendido" for Borderland Beat

A few moments ago a man was executed by gunshot wounds inside the hotel "El Andariego" located at the exit from Iguala to Taxco.

Unofficial reports indicate that armed individuals belonging to the criminal group "La Bandera" / "Guerreros Unidos" executed the civilian who was simply one more guest of the aforementioned hotel.

The victim was found hiring lodging services when he was surprised by heavily armed individuals and was executed on the spot with several gunshot wounds.

Elements of the National Guard and State Police arrived at the scene to protect the place and carry out the legal proceedings.

The crime is attached to the long list of executions carried out by this criminal group against innocent people, a group led by Jesús Martínez Brito "Chucho Brito" or "El Marranero", Héctor Rodríguez "Colin", Ubaldo López Casarrubias alias "El Garrafos" , Moisés Brito “Bandam” and Fersen Alí “El Tarro” or “El Fersen”.

Source: Guerrero Noticias


  1. This was his last beer :(

  2. A lot happens in this area of guerrero that goes unoticed, I got family here and from that whole area of the Morelos/guerrero to teloloapan anyone gets killed since initiations for some of these sicarios is to kill a random person the plaza boss chooses out.

  3. No barriers to catch any criminal near any crime scene.
    --Buy the motherfackers always know who to blame...typical complicity.

  4. Were the suspects mugs obtained before murdering the victim?
    Looks like the real murderers are trying to pin the blame on their compas' fotos.


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