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Friday, April 23, 2021

Gulf Cartel Members Set Up Checkpoint to Hijack Vehicles Near US Border Crossing in Reynosa

"Morogris" for Borderland Beat

Alleged members of the Gulf Cartel set up a checkpoint at the entrance of the international border crossing that connects Reynosa, Tamaulipas, with Pharr, Texas. Drivers reported that the cartel was hijacking vehicles.

Citizen journalist page Código Rojo Reynosa (Red Code Reynosa) uploaded a video where vehicles are observed braking and returning in reverse before reaching the checkpoint. From a distance one can observe vehicles from the cartel blocking the street and masked men dressed in black stopping vehicles at gunpoint.

It was also revealed that in most cases, these criminals strip drivers of their vehicles so that they can use them in their illicit activities. A report said that the Gulf Cartel was short of cars and trucks.

The Pharr–Reynosa International Bridge, located at the exit to Reynosa, is one of the busiest ports of entry from Mexico to the US. Many people from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, that want to drive to McAllen area use this border crossing.

Rumors on social media suggest that there is a dispute between rival groups of the Gulf Cartel after the capture of Evaristo Cruz Sanchez, alias "El Vaquero", who the boss of a faction based in Matamoros. His group, headed by Jose Alfredo Cardenas Martinez, alias "El Contador", is reportedly trying to take Reynosa from Los Metros, a Gulf Cartel based there.

As reported by Borderland Beat, El Vaquero was arrested earlier this month in Nuevo Leon. Prior to his arrest, his faction tried to make a push into Reynosa.

Reports say that some members of the Tamaulipas State Police and its elite unit, the Special Operations Group (Grupo de Operaciones Especiales, GOPES), are reportedly working with various factions of the Gulf Cartel and even with the rival Northeast Cartel (CDN).

The video exposed on Twitter shows a convoy of criminals blocking the road with their vehicles, where they intercepted travelers to strip them of their belongings.

Sources: Proceso; La Verdad Noticias; MSN Noticias; Valor Tamaulipeco; Borderland Beat


  1. Dear MexicN citizens time to rise arms !

    1. So who are they going to fight?
      The cartels (who pay bribes to the government)?
      The government (who is backed by Uncle Sam and gets rich from the cartels)?

    2. The US doesn’t need cartel chump change.

    3. The CIA sure needs it

    4. Cia needs it to fund black ops. Operations that congress won't approve funds for. Example is the mena connection.

  2. Pues no que mucha feria los del Golfo? Pobres idiotas pobretones muertos de hambre, ni para un coche tienen.

  3. business is slow in reynosa with covid. only a few people can cross and lines are slow. the jefes de plaza are telling their subordinates to figure it out on their own so that they can pay their bills. this is a sign of weakness that maybe other cartels (cdn, cjng, whatever) could capitalize.

  4. Problem solved Stop Burning the ones you do Steal ! Ya Idiots

  5. i wouldve never thought metros would fall this low, this is something cdn does. if toro was still alive none of this wouldve been allowed. toro fed metros thru genuine drug trafficking due to his deep ties with tampico and slp, rip

    1. Ahí esta el detalle, el grupo que maneja droga no se asocia con todos y bueno ahi esta lo que pasa cuando los dejas morir de hambre

    2. Despues del metro 3 valio madre todo Reynosa

  6. They control mexico, and mexican politicians don't care about their people or country just want $$$$$$

  7. I thought Americans were not welcomed by Mexican Government that's what I was told, well after this stay in U.S.


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